A Snapshot of the Worldwide Freedom Demo in London

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A report by Left Lockdown Sceptics supporter Emily Garcia.

May 15th marked the second Worldwide Demonstration For Freedom with UK events taking place in Birmingham, Bristol, Canterbury, Cardiff, Dublin, Reading, Eastbourne, Glasgow, Glastonbury, Hayling Island-Hampshire, Hull, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Northern Island, Plymouth, Sheffield, as well as the capital. Beyond the UK borders, hundreds of cities participated from as far away as Honolulu, Hawaii, Sydney, Australia and Toyko, Japan.

Myself and several friends rocked up around 14:30ish and followed the ‘White Rose’ sticker trail to the tail end of the march, which was by then converging outside the BBC headquarters at Portland Place.

Although difficult to ascertain, numbers seemed somewhat down on the previous 24th April Pro-Freedom March possibly due to a combination of the showery weather, imminent anti-vaccine passport protest on the 29th and people opting to stay local and attending alternative demos. 

The defacing of the creepy ‘adult-and-naked-child’ sculpture, creation of outed incest abuse-pedopath, the late Eric Gill, heading up the facade of the BBC building immediately caught my eye. I, of course, in no way endorse that particular inspired and boldly executed act of criminal damage. 

Whilst ITV/Yahoo and Manchester Evening News coughed up a terse paragraph on the demos (before quickly changing the subject to suggest the restrictions will soon be an artefact of memory), the BBC failed to cover a protest against its failure to cover previous anti-Covid-fascism protests. What can be said about that? Well, I’d better think of something, since the BBC evidently won’t. Even their Specialist Disinformation Reporter Marianna Spring, aptly titled as she seemingly specialises in making stuff up about anyone/thing that threatens the proscribed narrative on Covid, tweeted out nary a peep.

Although the BBC couldn’t quite bring themselves to stick a camera out of their headquarters window to perform their public broadcasting duty for this one, the simultaneous Free Palestine London demonstration, did make the lead story on the front page of its website.

With the BBC having attracted robust criticism over the years for its Zionist biased coverage of the Palestinian situation, it is perhaps telling that an anti-Covid restrictions march is considered the one that necessitated censorship.

Continuing on down Portland Place, I scurried round trying to snap a few of the many arresting and creative signage examples I spotted.

A notable characteristic of any of the anti-Covid restriction protests that have taken place, given that this is one of the only political issues I can think of so marginalised/derided by all pillars of the establishment including the Trade Unions, main political Parties and organisations, is that every placard or banner is (and has to be) ‘homemade.’

The atmosphere was peaceful, celebratory, and musical. Enough so for me to reflect that even if the revolution won’t be televised, it will probably will have a soundtrack. Despite the gravitas of the issues attendees were marching against (i.e: a global lockstep descent into dystopian biosecurity dictatorships & all related issues), the rare and now subversive event of gathering in a large crowd of unmasked and unsuccessfully brainwashed folk could not avoid being an uplifting experience for those present.

Handing out Lockdown Sceptics ‘calling cards’ initiated a good sprinkling of interesting convos. I spoke to Ovi a tiny British-Afghani Sikh self-proclaimed Ascension Guru bearing a ‘free hugs and kisses’ about the healing power of touch, who concluded our convo with a hug (naturally). A group of Christians,  who were organising independently from their churches, were handing out pamphlets about the Mark of The Beast and natural health and immunity info. A respectable-looking middle-aged gentleman showed me his (convincing) photographic evidence, rendered into meme form, of David Starkey’s presence at April’s march. At an impromptu ‘Tree Canopy Party’ in Regent’s Park I was kindly invited to ‘woman’ an African drum by a member of the reggae-sound-system-bearing-and-drumming band, so I gave it my most rhythmical shot!

I also bumped into Piers Corbyn at the Park gates who approved of the ‘Left Lockdown Sceptics’ mission he read off the card I handed him, lambasting the Socialist Workers Party for following in the footsteps of socialists in 1930s Germany who supported and collaborated in the Nazi party’s political ascent. He also bemoaned the money now owed in lost deposits from the London Mayoral campaign that he and team had contested.  Unfortunately a small vote share seemed inevitable since the anti-lockdowns vote had been split between a handful of candidates with even joke contestor Count Binface registering higher on the results list at 24,775 first votes to Pier’s 20,604. I forgot to ask Piers when was the last time he got arrested but, happily, I’m pretty sure he evaded The Bill yesterday.

I closed the afternoon in style in enthralling conversation with a gregarious bloke named Collin, who informed me he started every day with 1000 chin-ups and a 10-minute plank in training for the Q Anon Call Up up to Trump’s Army once the Alien Invasion Psy Op gets rolling (for which the Covid Psy Op has been really only a practice run, he opined confidently). I congratulated him on his Apocalypse preparedness, sharing my own strategy of stockpiling tin foil and cling film in advance of hyperinflation, since I had taken to foil wrapping myself, my rabbit, cat, gecko and houseplants when vaccinated friends/family visited due to their 5G conductor properties. I cleared up Collin’s slight puzzlement over the cling film element by explaining I had added the friction-reducing cling film layer to my personalised Personal Protective Equipment after receiving the feedback that the violent rustling of my ambulatory motions was frightening to young children.  Also, in the event of Stage 2 of societal breakdown, my contingency plans involved speed walking in my PPE the 7 miles to my Outer Suburbs Bug Out location with my pet menagerie on leads, for which I needed to be as inconspicuous as possible, and therefore ‘the silent-er the better.’ We parted in a spirit of mutual respect and conviviality. 

Only one of the above anecdotes about social encounters on the march is a work entirely of imaginative fiction. If you, discerning reader, can ferret out the ‘fake news’ item, please do forward on to our friend Marianna for debunking purposes. Meanwhile, down with the defunct and hopefully soon defunded BBC & the Flu World Order, up with international Great Reset refuser solidarity, and I look forward to perhaps seeing some of you at a future rally!

10 thoughts on “A Snapshot of the Worldwide Freedom Demo in London

    1. You’re not. A pity that the Labour Party, now the cadet branch of the Tory Party, cannot muster an opposition to the thing that is doing the most harm to its putative supporters and its future prospects.

  1. I enjoyed reading this. It is so heartening to read -Shame on the BBC. I was at the April 15th Freedom March – It was simply fantastic to meet so many people wanting Freedom over Totalitarianism.

  2. Very illuminating and dry Emily. I look forward to seeing you in your clingfilm & foil whole body suit, but please leave my cat alone!

  3. Unfortunately, due to engineering works on the rail network over the whole of the bank holiday weekend people in the North West will not be able to attend the anti covid passport protest on the 29th May. Not sure if it’s the same situation in other regions.

  4. Thank you for this wonderfully written account of the day. You’ve captured the spirit of the gathering. I look forward to reading write ups for future protests!

  5. Interesting to note that there was no huge spike in cases after the last march, which should have been a superspreader event, and I would be prepared to bet there will be no spike after this last set of marches

  6. Is anyone from LLS arranging to meet up tomorrow ?
    I normally get to Marble Arch end of Hyde Park as only short bus ride.
    As a RMT Branch Official ( attending in private capacity), it would be especially good to see other union members, and to know the experiences they are having within their union.

  7. Its not just mainstream media such as BBC that are not reporting or mis reporting these demonstrations.
    Has anyone here noticed what can only be described as the complete censorship / news blackouts of these huge demonstrations in the Morning Star.?
    For example the massive one in April nor the one in this article never even got a mention.
    Probably be the same tomorrow.

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