Our principles

1. Real Left is a forum for critiques of ‘new normal’ societal changes from anarchist, feminist, Marxist and socialist perspectives. We stand for an informed, open debate and discussion about everything relevant to the Covid phenomenon and its related issues. A legitimate socialist response must provide a platform for marginalised voices. It must voice criticisms which highlight societal harm and the disenfranchisement of those with the least access to power and resources. We oppose all legislation that would weaken existing free speech rights. 

2. We condemn the censorship that social media technology companies have engaged in – along with the UK government, Ofcom regulators and much of the television and print media. We believe tolerance of dissenting political, scientific and other voices of expertise is a bedrock of any healthy society and we will work to facilitate this.

3. We stand for the bodily autonomy of the individual and right to fully informed consent for medical treatments. We stand against Covid passes, vaccine mandates and testing and making access to employment, education, social activities, and state benefits contingent on receiving any medical interventions. 

4. We oppose coercion of any kind, social shaming and the application of Gillick competency for children which the risk-benefit assessment does not support injecting and whose parents do not consent. 

5. We will fight the scapegoating and dehumanisation of those who refuse to comply with these mandates. We see a dangerous precedent for the consequences of this kind of scapegoating in historic totalitarian states – as well as many countries across the world today where medical apartheid societies are now underway.

6. We stand for non-conditional inalienable rights for all human beings including the right to freedom of travel, freedom of assembly, freedom to do business, freedom of religion, freedom to carry out a family life and freedom of speech.

7. We believe any period of societal upheaval and breakdown of pre-existing structures like the present creates opportunity for radical social change. We stand for social change that takes on the inequalities of our monopoly capitalist system, the gap between labouring and capital owning classes in developed countries and the wealth and opportunity gap between the global south and north. 

8. We oppose the destruction and pollution of the natural environment and the elite control of the earth’s resources in pursuit of infinite economic growth. 

9. We oppose all forms of social inequality borne out of the concentration of power and resources in the hands of a concentrated few, including classism, sexism, racism, and ableism. 

10. We support and seek social change which is grassroots, democratic, local community solutions focused, and inclusive of the most marginalised and disenfranchised in the current unjust system. 

11. We oppose all current social & political changes generated by elite capitalist stakeholder demands for a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” or “Great Reset” and technocratic or transhumanist ideologies of the human being as biohazard and potential vector for disease. 

12. We are fighting against the collapse of individual freedoms, the violation of rights that should be inalienable to individuals, increased economic inequality, increased state and corporate authoritarianism and increased social demands for ideological conformity to narratives and policies which benefit powerful interests. We stand for human dignity and approaches that bring together the material, psycho-social and spiritual needs of the human being.

13. We oppose the increased surveillance and data gathering of citizens by state and corporate institutions and racist and imperialistic imperatives such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

14. We support a genuine pluralism among our supporters and the existence of multiple viewpoints within the broad outlines above. Our unity lies in action rather than in the unity of our political beliefs. 

15. We will make important decisions through a participatory democracy, at meetings either held in person or through regular calls which are open to any supporter. We will agree and uphold certain standards of democratic participation so that we stay in line with these principles. We will develop and hold to participatory democratic structures as we grow and evolve.

Last updated in October 2021.

All guest articles express solely the views of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Real Left editorial board.