Announcement: Thetford Town Councillor Mark Taylor Joins Panel at Upcoming ‘Rollout of SMART Infrastructure’ Meeting, Plus Workshop Topics Confirmed

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For more info on event on Saturday 13 may in Stockport, click here. You can reserve your ticket here or by emailing:

We are pleased to announce anti WEF Town Councillor in Thetford, Norfolk, Mark Taylor will be joining the panel lineup to discuss his 8 year experience ‘causing trouble’ in local politics, as well as his recent decision to stand as an independent as part of the ‘Thomas Paine Thetford Independents’ group. Group member Bob Seys has recently featured on the UK Column, and video footage of a recent Thetford council meeting, where the local community turned out in force to hold the council to account for their 20 minute neighbourhood plans, made an impression on social media. The complete lineup then will be as follows.

Jonathon Tilt: founder of the Vote Freedom Project.

Temora Yuile: independent Agenda 2030 researcher with a background in academia.

Emily Garcia: Real Left member/contributor.

Mark Taylor: Thetford Town councillor.

The 2nd part of the meeting will consist of breakout groups/workshops on the following themes.


  • Taking back our power in local politics with Jonathon Tilt
  • Resisting ULEZ and ‘Clean Air Zone’ policies with Piers Corbyn
  • Building a healthcare system that works for us (Part 2) with Emily Garcia


1-3 Panel & Q & A

3-3.30 Break for hot/cold drinks & snacks

3.30-4.15 Workshops

4.15-5 Feedback action points to main group & closing remarks

From 5.20 Pub social

We look forward to seeing as many Real Left supporters as possible there.

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