Believe Nothing – Instalment #1: Kicking Bishop Brennan up the Arse

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Today we reproduce the first instalment of a new essay series by Rusere Shoniwa, who writes at

The title of this essay seems, on the face of it, nihilistic. But it’s not. The message is the advised starting point for how to treat any narrative generated by powerful institutions that determine public policy and shape society – the Government, mainstream media, the medical establishment, the UN, the WHO, and the EU, to name a few, not to mention all their hangers-on lower down the food chain.

Far from being nihilistic, there is a hidden promise in this simple message. It is the first step in the rebirth of the mind. But there is a painful corollary to rebirth – if a new mind is to be born, then an old one must die.

That is what the past two years have felt like – the death of the mind, but not the menticide that has been imposed on the majority by way of induction into a death cult. In a piece I co-authored with Amy Willows, we argued that the vast majority who have done the Covid zombie dance did not have much of a mind left to kill. By ‘mind’ I mean the mind as observer, not the brain as machine. For many, the machine is in pristine condition. There’s just no observer to guide it.

We woke up one day and realised we didn’t know anything – Bob Moran

For those to whom covid was revealed as the most complex deception in the history of mass deceptions, there has been a painful letting of go of an old mind, a falling of the scales from the eyes and the destruction of false paradigms to make way for harsh revelations about how the world really works. It has been mind boggling to realise that old friends have morphed into new enemies and old enemies have the potential to be new friends; to find yourself understanding some of the things you once hated, and hating some of the things you once loved.

This process is not a eureka moment. It is slow, painful and confusing. If the past is not what you thought it was, if it can’t be trusted, then how do you find the bridge to the future? Bob Moran articulates what being awake really means in this interview with Geopolitics and Empire:

When you talk about being awake…a lot of people on the other side [those who subscribe to the official covid narrative] misinterpret that as if we woke up one day and knew the answers to everything. And it’s the exact opposite. It’s as if we woke up one day and realised we didn’t know anything. That’s the point. And so we embark on this journey to work out what the hell is actually going on. And through that, you gradually gain an impression that it’s not just about the past couple of years. There’s a whole history of deception and humanity having truth withheld from the common people.

In addition to trying to keep up with the whirlwind of deception in the present, I think it’s important to revisit the past to explore whether truths once thought to be concrete may turn out to be as tenuous as a shadow touching a shadow’s hand. This essay, the first in a series titled “Believe Nothing”, explains why.

A key reason why it’s so hard for people to acknowledge that things once accepted as truth may be lies is because it feels, at some level, like staring death in the face. We are hard-wired to fear deception because we have evolved to interpret it as an existential threat. That’s why deception can elicit the same emotional response as the miscalculation of a serious physical threat.

Of course, lies told to us don’t always bear the same cost as a misjudged red light, but the brain often can’t make this distinction. And actually, some whoppers (“safe and effective”) have cost lives and will continue to do so.

A choice is presented to you at the point a lie is revealed: acknowledge that you were fooled, get angry and deal with it, or; suppress this death-like experience and put up mental defences to deny it is happening. The propensity for the latter choice was understood only too well by the first director of the FBI, an institution that trades in the currency of lies. These words are attributed to J Edgar Hoover:

The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous that he cannot believe it exists.

And this is precisely why we should make time to rummage through the closet of historical lies, even while there is so much deception and criminality to wrap our minds around in the present. Revealing past lies is an essential aid to seeing the present for what it really is – an ocean of deception fed by the rivers and streams of lies past.

The war being waged on humanity did not begin in March 2020. It has been a long time in the making. But the deceivers’ masks are finally off and the illusion of democracy is being laid bare for those who dare to acknowledge that we have indeed been fooled on a grand scale. Revealing historical fabrications is akin to experiencing a glitch in the matrix or noticing a continuity error in a movie scene. A glitch once seen must be acknowledged and so offers a pathway for overcoming the handicap of denying the present bombardment.

Daily life takes on a surreal quality if you’ve chosen to be red-pilled in the matrix. The most outlandish, indeed nightmarish things are unfolding in front of our eyes, and screaming about them does not make them stop. We are living through a phantasmagorical Indie car pile-up. Up until 2020, we watched these car crashes in some other part of the world on TV, from the safety of our armchairs. But now we’re being ‘invited’ to participate in a crash specially designed for us. And perhaps weirdest of all is that most people either don’t know it (the covid cult) or know it but can’t bring themselves to confront it. Plenty astute explanations exist to explain the former. What about the latter?

Global Capital, The System, whatever you want to call it, is now at the pinnacle of its power and, by definition, also the point at which it is collapsing. In recognition of the latter, it has embarked on its boldest and most desperate project yet – the neo-feudal subjugation of humanity to its oligarchic overlords. It is of course a highly abnormal proposition to put to societies that have called themselves ‘liberal’ and ‘democratic’, which is why, in baring its teeth to reveal this proposition, it must succeed in normalising the abnormal.

This abnormality, in the form of manufactured crises responded to with horrendous absurdity, was sold as the ‘New Normal’ until that phrase lost its PR appeal. In any event, we are just coming out of the first phase of this project in which shocks are delivered to pave the way for total control – the removal of bodily autonomy and the introduction of medical dictatorship; the scrapping of human rights; cancelling free speech; the control and censorship of information; digital ID systems and digital currencies to enable social credit systems, behavioural control and financial enslavement.

The one thing the controllers cannot be accused of is lacking ambition. All told, these manufactured crises and their bold aims signify that we’re in that phase of the project which I refer to as the Kicking-Bishop-Brennan-up-the-Arse phase.

We’re all Bishop Brennan now

In what is arguably the funniest of all the Father Ted episodes, Ted loses a bet with his nemesis, Father Dick Byrne. Under the “forfeit system” they use for settling bets, the loser must perform some ridiculously humiliating act dictated by the winner. In the most dastardly of forfeits ever handed to Ted by his rival, Ted finds himself committing to the career-ending act of kicking his boss, Bishop Brennan, up the arse.

The solution to the conundrum of how Ted can kick Bishop Brennan up the arse and live to tell the tale is solved, counterintuitively, by his simple-minded sidekick, Father Dougal, who, in one of his extremely rare moments of genius, comes to the rescue with a truth so devastatingly simple that it could only be conjured by someone as simple as Dougal.

Dougal’s reasoning goes like this: Both Bishop Brennan and Ted know that Ted is “very scared” of Bishop Brennan. The probability that Ted would suddenly find the courage to kick him up the arse is slim to none. Dougal’s concluding stratagem?

So when you kick him up the arse, just carry on like nothing happened. He’d never believe that you’d be brave enough to kick him up the arse. He’d think he’d just imagined it.

The priceless look of bewilderment on Bishop Brennan’s face following the spirited placement of Ted’s boot on the bishop’s arse is testimony to Dougal’s psyops genius. Ted’s poker-faced persistence with banal conversation – as if nothing had happened – is enough to keep Bishop Brennan stupefied and unable to process, in the words of J Edgar Hoover, ‘a conspiracy so monstrous’.

A dazed Bishop Brennan post kick up the arse: Dailymotion.

Having escorted the dazed Bishop out of the parish house, Ted himself cannot believe he has pulled it off and begins to question whether he really did kick Bishop Brennan up the arse. Dougal assures him that, oh yes, it happened alright, and provides the evidence to prove that the forfeit has been honoured – a photo of the very act. Drunk on the sheer scale and implausibility of his success, Ted instructs Dougal to order a 10-foot cardboard blow-up of the photo to celebrate his ingeniously deceitful exoneration from the crime of the century.

In the nail-biting final scene, Bishop Brennan can’t deny it any longer and returns to confront Ted in a fit of rage. Remaining steadfast, a terrified Ted points out that he may be many things, but suicidal is not one of them: “Why would I do that?! You’d kill me…Are you sure you’re not making a terrible, terrible mistake?”

Beaten again by Ted’s psyops, Bishop Brennan falls back on the logic that it couldn’t have happened because it is just “too unbelievable”.

But, as is always the case for the hapless Father Ted, the idiot savant Dougal snatches defeat from the jaws of victory by innocently leaving the 10-foot cardboard blow-up of the photo for Bishop Brennan to see on his way out. Bishop Brennan wastes no time in celebrating his awakening by giving Ted an even bigger kick up the arse than Ted gave him.

How do they hate thee? Let me count the ways

Here are just a few of the numerous metaphorical kicks up the arse that have been delivered to us over the last 26 months:

Big Pharma, in a civilian peacetime medical operation mysteriously led by the US military, took a mere six months to develop and roll out to the entire planet an experimental vaccine that, in a normal world, would take 5-10 years to deliver safely to a defined population group in a single country. On the other hand, they asked for 75 years to release the already existing paperwork documenting the trials for the same experimental injections. So, they needed a mere six months for the hard part and 75 years for the easy part that would theoretically take, in today’s digital world, a few clicks of the mouse.

Most public health authorities in the West have advised against or banned the use of ivermectin to treat covid. This is a medication that has an unbeatable safety profile and whose astounding efficacy has been proven in scientific studies and by doctors in the field[1]. The same authorities continue to push covid ‘vaccines’ that have racked up more adverse reactions in a single year than all previous vaccines (for all pathogens) combined over the past 20 years. The official, and underreported, associated ‘vaccine’ deaths are in the tens of thousands. Compare this with a 1976 US vaccine campaign being halted in nine states following three linked deaths and a nationwide halt being called following 51 cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome. Today, they’re pushing the covid ‘vaccines’ on children, the group whose risk is so low it can’t be measured – a group for which the vaccines offer zero benefits and plenty of risk.

Back in April 2020, CJ Hopkins tweeted a meme depicting an imaginary crazed government bureaucrat vowing to eradicate covid, even if it meant killing all the citizenry. Satire works because there is a gap between actual events and the ridiculously exaggerated end-point conjured up for humour. That gap is fast disappearing and in some places it has gone. Hopkins’ meme now appears to be the official, straight-faced policy of the Chinese government in Shanghai as it starves the population to death in a brutal lockdown supposedly intended to achieve zero cases outside of its covid concentration camps, euphemistically called ‘quarantine centres’. China in theory already has total control of its population so the question to ask is: what is really behind the pretext for this brutality?

The WHO aided and abetted the criminality of global lockdowns, mandated masking, suppression of early treatments and vaccine mandates. But rather than withering away from embarrassment, it is doubling down on its criminality by strong-arming the global populace, through its bought and paid-for World Economic Forum puppets in governments the world over, to surrender local autonomy in the handling of future ‘pandemics’. If that isn’t One World Government in action, then what is?

Boris Johnson, not satisfied with seeing the WHO’s right foot up your arse, has decided to add his left foot for good measure. How so? Johnson, who was elected in 2019 to deliver on the Brexit referendum result to take Britain out of the EU as part of the project to ‘Take Back Control’, is quite keen on the idea of surrendering British sovereignty to the WHO, and has made statements in support of this.

Then of course there’s the Ukraine kick up the arse, which has seen the covid fascists at The Guardian declare that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has transformed the image of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov battalion into one in which “many now view them as heroes”. In case that hasn’t sunk in, let me repeat: The Guardian says that the neo-Nazis of the Azov battalion are heroes. You should ignore The Guardian’s underhanded, disingenuous attempt to distance itself from this statement by claiming that it’s some amorphous grouping of “many” who hold this view – it’s really The Guardian, not “many”, that views neo-Nazis as heroes. I challenge you to find large swathes of people in the UK, the “many”, who would agree that neo-Nazis are heroes.

But wait, there’s more

While both sides of the US political system compete with each other to burn ever larger sacks of taxpayer money to fund the neo-Nazis in a proxy war against Russia ($40 billion at the latest count, and rising), US citizens are struggling to find baby formula on supermarket shelves. In case that hasn’t sunk in, let me put it this way: why is the US prioritising financial support to defend a non-NATO country of no geopolitical strategic significance to the US, over the health of US newborn babies? And how much baby formula could $40 billion buy?

German politicians are actively creating pandemonium by telling their citizens to hoard foodstuffs. In the space of a couple of months, the sociopaths at the helm have gone from applying forced lockdowns, masking and injections in the name of health and safety to telling citizens to look to their own defences as Rome, Berlin and Paris collapse, supposedly under the weight of a US/NATO proxy war for which the bloodthirsty narcissists in the US, EU and UK establishments are content to use Ukrainians as cannon fodder.

Not to mention the slight contradiction between pushing for a nuclear confrontation and spending the last two years trashing lives, economies and civil liberty to enforce a health and safety regimen to combat an illness approximating seasonal flu. Nuclear war? We can handle that! But seasonal flu with a new name? Press pause on civilisation, lock down the entire world, force mask, force jab, cancel free speech. No doubt when it comes to nuclear war, their duties under the applicable health and safety legislation will be fulfilled by resurrecting the four-minute warning.

The covid ‘pandemic’ began shortly after a coronavirus pandemic simulation, Event 201, held in September 2019. The first ever global monkeypox outbreak being whipped up in the media has kicked off in the exact week predicted in another one of those prophetic biosecurity simulations held last year. For those who have eyes to see, it is blindingly obvious that the goal of the pandemic industry’s monkey business is to pump the entire planet on a weekly basis with ‘vaccines’ for every imaginable ailment from flatulence to necrotising fasciitis.

Make no mistake – we are all Bishop Brennan now, and global capital and its carefully installed puppet politicians all over the world are going to need to replace their worn-out boots fairly frequently given the ferocity and frequency of the kicks being delivered. And with each kick, they’re carrying on, poker-faced, like nothing ever happened, confident that the sheer monstrosity of the kick will paradoxically induce us to accept that it couldn’t have happened because it is just too unbelievable.

‘Pandemics’, ‘vaccines’, proxy wars, manufactured food crises, government censorship under Orwellian names such as ‘The Online Safety Bill’ and ‘Disinformation Governance Board’, digital ID programs that will restrict essential services unless you agree to have your behaviour and health status recorded and tracked like livestock. We did not arrive at this point overnight. If it feels as though we arrived here without warning, it’s because we have not been paying enough attention to what came before. The question is: what will it take for humanity to wake up and reciprocate the ruling cabal’s kick up the arse?

[1] Robert F. Kennedy Jr., The Real Anthony Fauci, Skyhorse Publishing, 2021, Ch 1, Part III – Ivermectin

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