Lockdown Zealotry on the Liberal Left: A Virtue Signalling Crusade

As a lockdown sceptic, over the last few months I have experienced the kind of treatment at the hands of my lockdown lefty ‘friends’ they previously reserved for online rants at the alt-right Twitterati. As I shared these upsetting experiences it became clear that others had suffered the same kind of abuse from people they had previously considered ‘comrades’. This led to my interest in the psychology driving the left lockdowners’ bullying of socialist lockdown sceptics and widespread denial of debate.

My Journey out of Lockdown (part 1)

In late December 2019 I travelled to Mexico from my adopted home in India to visit my ex-research student who had since become a professor. The idea was to catch up over the holiday season and then discuss collaborating on some research with a focus on indigenous mental health. By March 2020, those plans had to be abandoned as COVID held the world hostage and Mexico entered lockdown.