Contributions from 18 September, part 3: The politics of immunity

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We’re pleased to publish a sequence of edited transcripts from selected panel contributions given on 18 September. First we published VC’s Marxist analysis of the lockdown. Next, Emily Garcia’s radical feminist perspective on the freedom movement. Now, we publish an edited transcript of Dr. Jenny Goodman’s contribution on the politics of immunity, the Medical Freedom movement and the difference between medicine that works and vaccines that drive profits for Big Pharma…

JG: Thank you. I’ll start by telling you who I am, how I came to be here and my interest in the politics of immunity. How I came to be here is, I met Eli on a demonstration about six months ago now, in April, shortly after talking with people in the Medical Freedom movement about how I was an ‘old lefty’ and felt kind of lonely in those networks. They suggested I meet Eli, so that’s how I heard about this group.

I was booked to be somewhere else today: the ‘How the light gets in’ festival organised by the Institute of Arts and Ideas. I was looking forward to hearing Laura Dodsworth speak on her book A State of Fear.

Then I heard that the festival had introduced a compulsory lateral flow test. So she and Professor Frank Furedi pulled out in a fury. Then I got the email, which decided for me, that this meeting is where I’m meant to be … that I have been waiting exactly 18 months for this.  

Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated? Is for me like ‘Where were you when Johnson announced the lockdown on the 23rd of March 2020?’ It was 8pm. I had a bad back, I was strapped on my back listening to the radio, had just been speaking to a friend in my choir. She said, Well, it’s alright, we can do it online now. And I said, No, no, no, you can’t you can’t do choir online.’ When we spoke a week later she said ‘I’m terrified.’  I said, ‘So am I, but not of the virus. I’m scared of fascism.’  Because I could smell it. I smelt a rat. My radar was ‘on alert’.  Maybe because I was a Marxist before I was born! My parents were in the old Communist Party. So I understood it from the start.

Fast-forwarding to today. We need to ask why this vaccine is a socialist issue. After all, big pharma involvement in the NHS is not new. When I finished medical school, 40 years ago, we were constantly being invited to drug lunches. But though they were advertising to us, they weren’t in charge of the curriculum. They weren’t funding the medical school. In fact, we learnt at medical school about infectious disease in childhood declining. How from the end of the 19th century, to the middle of the 20th, measles, scarlet fever, mumps, diphtheria, all plummeted.

We were taught it had nothing to do with vaccination, but the improvement in sanitation, and housing, and nutrition, access to fresh air and more space to live in. After I qualified though, I could see the drug companies’ power increasing. I could see that while conventional medicine was brilliant for emergencies, it was useless with looking at causes and prevention of chronic disease. It became clear that the real pandemics of cancer, heart disease, dementia, diabetes, autoimmune disease, are linked with all the childhood vaccinations we’ve all had. They’re linked with pollution and with the junk that we eat instead of food. If the government really gave a shit about the health of the public, they would have done something about that.

So 21 years ago, I discovered ecological medicine, involving no drugs at all but use of nutrition, diet, finding the environmental pollutants that are in people’s system have been making them ill. Teaching them how to avoid and expel toxins. My book, Staying Alive in Toxic Times is both self help and politics. Health is about empowerment. But I’m sick of telling people what vitamins to take, and more excited about educating people on why they’re ill in the first place. Two of the speakers today, maybe a third of my age, both have long term, chronic diseases. This was unheard of when I was your age. Our health has been under attack by capitalism for many decades.

So when lockdown began, and the pandemic response, it was in continuity with what’s been going on for decades, which is profit. Ways to get really healthy are at odds. If we all learn how to eat really well, if we campaigned for fresh unpolluted air, there’d be no profit in it for Big Pharma.

So it is about profit, and it is about power. When the pandemic began 18 months ago, I began  hearing from colleagues in New York, in Spain, and China, in hospitals all around the world saying, this is really bad. We’ve not seen anything like this before, but ventilation isn’t working. It kills people. I noticed Boris Johnson wasn’t ventilated, just given oxygen.

But it was a whole year before the mainstream medics accepted that. The reality is that ventilation doesn’t work; Oxygen does. Intravenous vitamin D and C, high dose zinc – all save lives. And the long-used anti-malarial hydroxychloroquine saves lives – even if Trump also mentioned that. It’s been in use for decades, like Ivermectin which is saving lives throughout India. But the patent’s run out, there’s no profit in it. All over the world, colleagues are finding out what works, that Covid is a treatable illness. And the sole justification given for the rollout of these appalling lethal experimental jabs is that we have no other way to treat it. In other words, treatments are not profitable.

Though I don’t do acute medicine, I have been preventing it. Of my hundreds of patients to have had COVID, one was on steroids for severe asthma and the other had multiple sclerosis. The treatment is simple: high dose vitamin C. This was researched by Linus Pauling back into the 70s, who was helping people with cancer — but you can’t access that research easily anymore. Vitamin D’s efficacy has also been known for decades, but if you have to live in doors and get no sunshine like people in care homes who were never taken out in sunshine and who had a diet low in vitamin C and zinc, crowded together; of course they were going to go.  

But vulnerability is not set in stone. When we consider terrain versus virus; infectious illness has 5% to do with transmission, and 95% to do with your immune system. It is possible to strengthen the immune system. But not profitable, it is through self help. And Big Pharma doesn’t like it. The vast amount of information, much of it published in peer reviewed journals and then retracted or suppressed is telling us we don’t need these vaccines.

The Medical Freedom movement is underpinned by medical professionals appalled at what is going on, who were not anti-vaccine. Most happily vaccinated their patients and their children, before this past year seeing ingredients lists which include substances that cause anaphylaxis reactions to swallowing them not even from injecting them.

In fact, I have been anti vaccine ever since I started in practice and saw toddlers regressing into the most appalling autism. Saw teenagers in wheelchairs after the bloody HPV jab, which does not prevent cervical cancer (unlike the safe, profit free ways to prevent cervical cancer, which were taught when I was in medical school but aren’t taught anymore). I’ve seen vaccines become the main profit stream for pharma now, greater than psychiatric drugs (as they’ve run out of new mental illnesses to invent). Prozac did its thing. There are no new antibiotics – although we need them – as there’d be no profit because by definition, they’d have to be given very rarely.

At the beginning of all this, I resisted conspiracy theories. After all, Jews have always been the victims of conspiracy theories. But over the past 18 months I decided this: capitalism is a conspiracy. A conspiracy of the rich to rob the poor. What we are seeing now is capitalism with the gloves off, no holds barred, no pretty face. This is where it’s going. It’s going to be killing our children. And I am so happy to finally heard the beginnings of a Marxist analysis of what’s going on, because that’s what I’ve been needing since March 2020.

Next, read the contribution from Robin Monotti on the need for endlessly expanding markets and the link between the pandemic response and the level of militarization which may be coming.

5 thoughts on “Contributions from 18 September, part 3: The politics of immunity

  1. I can agree with much of this and will have to take the medical/pharmaceutical views on trust. However these problems are not due to capitalism rather an oligarchy determined to abuse and expand government to give them control, power and money.

  2. The problem is not ‘capitalism’ for that implies your self-employed plumber is part of the problem. The problem is that a small cabal has over many decades captured the entire financial system, which then allowed them to buy up the rest of society starting with the media and educational apparatus – which allowed them to control what people think and thereby manufacture consent for their inhumane agenda. They brought off or bribed politicians and the rest of civil society, and formed ‘philanthropic foundations’ which dressed themselves up as advocates of the poor, the marginalised and the environment and used these organisations to funnel money to Leftist activists so that these ‘useful idiots’ would do their bidding. Ultimately, the cabal want to take down Western civilisation and replace it with an authoritarian technocracy managed by their puppet politicians who channel all the worlds wealth and resources into the hands of this elite. Who can forget the WEF saying “We will own nothing and be happy”. So we have the Left cheering on a corporate tyranny that is facilitating the largest transfer of wealth to global elites in recorded history simply because they love the covid authoritarianism which is collectivising and destroying society. There is also the Lefts obsession with climate, which, like covid, is being used by this elite to funnel wealth to itself – and like covid, they use ‘corporate science’ and ‘official narratives’ to achieve that goal. For the Left, covid/climate Lockdown degrowth is the pathway to Net Zero full economic collapse. You have to remember that destruction of the West is ingrained into Marxists at an early age and Marxist theory is all about creating ‘communist’ order out of chaos. So we have two disparate groups (an elite technocratic oligarchy and Anarcho-Marxists) sharing a common objective (Destruction of the West) for different purposes.

  3. Scarcity – the story always starts with scarcity. Scarcity threatened, the species responded. The species has been responding ever since. Stingy (Mother) Nature would be forced to provide (food) security by learning her ‘secrets’, putting her to work for the species… Nature must be controlled. At the beginning of the actual story there was no Natural Scarcity – unless the species decided to settle in one spot, deny itself the abundance it had access to. Then it learned that being rooted to the spot came with scarcities / consequences
    . At the beginning there was emotional scarcity – the driver of the capitalist emotional economy. Mother Nature had spawned a species that, unlike many species bound by ecological ties / habitats, was able to roam at will, follow the food seasons – there was no natural scarcity that threatened it…
    If capitalism is defined as a profit making system, then it is an historically transient system. If profit making is the driver of the system, then profits bring control. In Orwell’s “1984” the economy is next to non-existent. Big Brother doesnt need to exert control through ‘the economy’. Orwell exposes the social relations – the drive to control – at the heart of the capitalist economy. Whither profit making, the drive to control remains. The Need for Control driven by the fear of insecurity, fear of scarcity – emotional scarcity.
    The species is driven by insecurity, the search for security. The solutions engender insecurity.
    What is striking is no one remembers that socialism – as a movement – evolved as a reaction to the destructive social insecurities capitalism creates. Ideas abounded on how to ensure social securities for all lives made insecure by the drive for control in its capitalist form.
    Someone has asserted that Lenin was the worst disaster to befall the 20th century. The Bolshevik
    Abomination destroyed the socialist movement.

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