Distilling meanings from the madness: Covid 19, a Trojan horse for the 4th Industrial Revolution

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The foundation we all act from in responding to unfolding events in the world is that of our belief systems. Our perceptions determine our reactions. I believe, as various spiritual traditions and gurus have taught, that thoughts are living and impactful events as much as deeds are. A quote that has been recently been sitting with me from a lecture by the late initiate & social reformer Rudolf Steiner, deals with the importance of bringing a quality of universal wisdom into one’s thinking, and the significance of this for the whole evolution of humankind.

(The feminised pronouns are my edit.)

. . . if someone takes up St. John’s Gospel and reads but three lines of it, that is of immense consequence to the whole universe; for if among all the souls on earth none were to read St. John’s Gospel, the whole mission of the earth could not be fulfilled; from our taking part in such activities there stream forth spiritually the forces which ever add new life to the earth in place of that which dies within it. We must distinguish a difference in experience between ordinary egotistic feeling, and that in which we are but providing the field for experience, of a feeling necessary for the existence of the world. Under certain circumstances a human may do very little externally, but when, in his or her developed soul, for no personal pleasure, she is aware that through his or her feeling the opportunity is given for the existence of a feeling important to the universal existence; then she is doing an enormous amount.

Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher, social reformer and exponent of anthroposophic medicine

It is my conviction that the feeling we are being tasked with developing in this current period is an unwavering commitment to truth. Our level of consciousness essentially dictates whether we can respond rationally, with wisdom and courage to external challenges, or, conversely, are driven to act from fear and ignorance and remain vulnerable to manipulation and psychological control by external authorities. We have been bombarded with a particular rationale about why society has been globally upended in near lockstep over the past year and a half, why we have had many rights and freedoms rescinded, and why we now have to live with what has been coined a ‘new normal.’ The justification is that these measures are a public health response to control a novel and deadly viral illness. This rationale is totally false. 

Coronavirus is the Trojan horse with which a group of global elites are ushering in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Klaus Schwab is the director of the World Economic Forum, an international organisation whose mission is ‘to engage business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas‘.

Despite Schwab acknowledging that Covid 19 is, ‘one of the least deadly pandemics the world has experienced over the last 2000 years’, he has written 2 books over the past 18 months: Covid 19: The Great Reset and Stakeholder Capitalism: A Global Economy That Works For Progress, People and Planet, delineating in granular detail how this illness will catalyse unprecedented social change under the banner of ‘The Great Reset.’

We can clearly see some of these economic and social developments, desired by hyper wealthy and influential business and political leaders with the means and power to enact them, unfolding around us. However, in order to be deemed responsible, respectable and well adjusted citizens, as the BBC reminds us in one of its’ Ministry of Truth-esque ‘Reality Check’ reproaches (which confirm rather than debunk the ‘false facts’ in question), we must remain coincidence theorists.

My non-existent interest in excusing and rationalising the emerging global neo-feudalist panopticon remains intractably out of step with the conspiracy deniers I know.

As real world comparative data between countries & US states that locked down, and those that stayed open show, lockdowns have no impact on mortality or hospital admissions from acute respiratory infections.They are very effective at running to the ground small to medium sized businesses though, whilst multiplying the profit share of mega tech and online delivery corporations like Facebook and Amazon.1 Face coverings don’t prevent the projection of breath vapour, and any potential microbes this may carry, but they do make communication in public spaces very challenging, thanks to their sound muffling and facial expression concealing functions. When ordinary people stop talking to each other, they become more reliant on television news for an understanding of what is going on in the wider world. What is more, one is less likely to feel a sense friendliness and solidarity in public or private spaces towards other dehumanised, fearful pairs of anonymous eyes. 

The PCR testing, according to its inventor Kary Mullis, is totally unsuitable as a stand alone diagnostic tool: ‘PCR is just a process that allows you to make a whole lot of something out of something. It doesn’t tell you that you are sick, or that the thing that you ended up with was going to hurt you or anything like that.’ Yet whilst this test doesn’t provide any meaningful information about whether a person is unwell, likely to become unwell, or likely to make anyone else unwell, it does effectively condition people into submitting to minor bodily violations by the state, and consolidate a worldview in which they themselves and other humans are positioned as potential biohazards. The so called ‘pingdemics’ of absent workplace staff that PCR positive results have created might be neatly solved by an AI workforce. Robots and computers, unlike us fallible be-fleshed intelligence forms, can’t get sick. And once up and running, their 24/7 labour represents a significantly cheaper and more reliable worker for the big business owner.

Remote learning and interruptions in children’s schooling neither function to keep them ‘safe,’ nor healthy, but they do habituate students to senseless authoritarian rules, and imprint on them fundamental lessons about the dystopian world they can expect to grow up in. In the words of US teacher and activist Andy Lisbon:

The remote learning experience we are going through right now is not a momentary mirage of a world trying to escape COVID. What we are witnessing and participating in (as either educator or student) is the future of education that is preparing future workers for what work will be like in the coming years. Remote, on a screen, mediated through data flow and transmission, overseen, monitored and directed by AI. Students are experiencing education (separated, individualized, isolated, controlled and obscure) as they will experience their future work.

Andy Lisbon, US teacher and socialist activist

MRNA injections don’t appear to have any affect on reducing hospital admissions or mortality from acute respiratory infections in recipients, according to the latest available data from the the UK Government website but they do provide an pretext for the implementation of a system of social control organised along the lines of ideological conformity to Germ Theory Extremism. Those who refuse to kowtow to the totalitarian demands of the emerging biosecurity state by willingly offering themselves up as objects of medical experimentation (with no recourse to compensation from injection manufacturers in event of vaccine damage), face being unpersoned: unseen, unheard from and unmissed, once they are de facto excluded from public and political spaces. Domestic proof of vaccination passes are already in place in Israel, China, Greece, Italy, the Republic of Ireland and likely imminent in France

As Spectator editor Fraser Nelson has written of voter ID proposals: ‘no one in Westminster doubts the real motivation: those without ID cards are less likely to vote Tory’. Similarly, the uninjected are less likely to submit quietly to further attempts at corporate colonisation of their bodies or violations of their inalienable rights. Better then to segregate them from sufficiently subordinated citizens and inhibit any potential disruptive influence on them in places people gather.

Vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi has confirmed those in the placebo control group of the Novavax trial will qualify for a Covid pass, which only seems incongruous when these are assumed as a public health measure. Further, a vaccine passport system can easily be adapted into a Chinese Communist Party style social credit system. The government is currently consulting on plans to bring in a Digital Identity database, and has laid out plans for an app scheme offering discounts and free tickets as compensation for citizens engaging in ‘health promoting’ behaviours. It’s no doubt safe to assume that use of holistic therapies and lifestyle measures that improve one’s recovery from any flu like illness won’t qualify for rewards. 

The 19th century American naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote: ‘think for yourself or others will think for you without thinking of you’. Those elites in obsessive pursuit of total control, exploitation and ownership of all life forms on our planet who are entirely incapable of human empathy, are not about to factor our own humanity into their deranged and necrophiliac schemes. They are also aggressively engaged in the attempt to extinguish independent thinking and feeling, that which takes as its starting point the impulse to truth, beauty, goodness and connection with the living universe and natural world in which we belong. As lecturer of Political Communications Colin Alexander has set out:

the appeal here is for everyone to develop greater propaganda literacy by making every effort to understand the decisions of their lives as fully as possible and to not be subservient to powerful bodies with vested interests in manoeuvring the public towards interests that may or may not fit with your ethical code or personal interests. 

Colin Alexander, Lecturer in Political Communications at Nottingham Trent University

We may well decide, as individuals and a collective, that the Capitalist/Patriarchal/Neoliberal-structured ‘old normal’ of soulless consumerism/capital accumulation and endemic cruelty, inequality and exploitation, rooted in the ‘power over’ or dominator-subordinate principle, is not worth saving. However, if we are to come out on our own side and not that of our would-be jailers, I believe we must take up the yoke of responsibility to create an alternative future for ourselves to the WEF’s diabolical vision. And this can only start by finding within ourselves the ‘courage to know’ the true essence of the threat at hand. 


  1. ‘Many left-wing liberals dismissed anti-lockdown views as a domain of the libertarian press espousing corporate interests They had become so immersed in the algorithms driving internet giants that they failed to grasp that these corporate interests were just as invested in the lockdown policy. These critics no longer recognised this as a corporate agenda, as it had become so intimately intertwined with their lives and identities. Facebook’s revenue, for instance, grew by 22% in the third quarter of 2020 alone as people relied more than ever on social media to stay connected. What was at stake was therefore something much more profound than a straightforward conflict between left and right. It was a struggle at the heart of capitalism, between the traditional press and the business interests it has always represented (hotels, restaurants, high street shops), and the new corporate giants who did not require such promotion as they had created a much vaster propaganda of their own online. (‘Introduction’ to The Covid Consensus by Toby Green, pp. 21-22).

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