England Vaccine Passports Announcement: The Biggest Picket Line of Our Lifetime

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This evening, 9th December 2021, Boris Johnson flanked by his suited doom faced plague watchmen, Witty and Vallance, announced the introduction of vaccine passports in England.

From Thursday 16 they will be required for nightclubs and unseated indoor venues with more than 500 people, unseated outdoor venues of more than 4,000, and any outdoor venue, whether seated or unseated, of more than 10,000 people. This next nail in the coffin for our liberal democracy appears to be being hammered in pretty much on schedule, since the ‘Making vaccination a condition of deployment in the health and wider social care sector’ consultation, included ‘questions’ about conditional entry to larger venues worded as a given, from mid December. From Friday mask mandates will be broadened to include theatres and cinemas – but not restaurants, bars or pubs. So we can look forward to the increasing ubiquitousness of the visual emblem for the communitarian Covidian spirit.

Mask wearers of course, as we’re often reminded, don’t don the face eraser for their own protection, but to signal obedience to the medical apartheid digital surveillance biosecurity dystopia being built for everyone. Perhaps I misremembered that last bit. A heartwarming display of inclusivity nevertheless. 

The purported ‘Omicron variant’ played the villain role in this Advent pantomime, in lieu of the possibility of blaming a winter surge in ARI hospital admissions or Covid deaths capable of overwhelming NHS capacity.

Whilst even the WHO has stated there has yet to be a death attributed to it, that proved no obstacle for the paid off boffins in creating dire modelling predictions about what Omicron might unleash upon the NHS should we not ‘stay safe’ by coughing up a few more of our rights and freedoms. Perhaps the true danger of this ‘highly evolved’ variant is that it appears almost harmless until it’s too late to survive outside of a centralised digital currency linked social credit health passport system. That certainly makes me feel quite peaky.  

The mood in the room seemed unanimously unenthusiastic about the announcements, at least if twitter is any reflection of wider feeling, with #EnoughIsEnough, #DoNotComplyEVER, #ToriesPartiedWhilePeopleDied, #NoVaccinePassports and #DoOne hashtags trending over the course of the evening. Much of people’s anger and frustration was narrowly directed at Boris Johnson.

Although certainly deserving of approbation for being the ‘front fool’ for inhumane, anti democratic, and (further) inequality promoting policies over the past two years, Johnson and the UK Conservative government are in fact behind schedule to many (purportedly) further left governments in the global biofascist system rollout. There were conflicting views on whether the Covid pass implementation announcement was a ‘dead cat’ distraction from #ChristmasPartyGate or vice versa. Micheal Kill, director of the Night Time Industries Association complained, ‘It feels that Nightclubs and bars have been thrown under the bus by the Prime Minister for him to save his own skin,’

Gary Neville posted a video claiming press conference was a ‘distraction technique.’ Laura Dodsworth meanwhile claimed in her blog, published pre press conference, that a government whistleblower had informed her, ‘Masks were a softening up exercise for Plan B. . .Covid passes are ‘oven-baked’ and ready to go.’ 

It remains to be seen how much a rebellion back bench MPs are prepared to mount, following fighting talk from the likes of Sir Graham Brady,  David Jones, Ben Bradley and others.

Regardless of political backlash, it is imperative that ordinary people of sense and compassion, whether injected or uninjected, stand together in united non compliance against this disgraceful affront to our freedoms and humanity. In the words of one resolutely defiant tweeter, ‘this is the biggest picket line of our lifetime, no-one must cross it.’ 

6 thoughts on “England Vaccine Passports Announcement: The Biggest Picket Line of Our Lifetime

  1. Absolutely agree with the headline, Johnson and Co though are under estimating the public feeling however, and even the former mask wearing compliant are beginning to see the truth – they were always determined to bring in the pass, as well as all the threats about compulsory jabs – I won’t call it a vaccine – its an operating system. However this bunch of clowns tripping over their own feet, has enabled people who didn’t already know – to start to see what a lot of us knew at the start of all this, long may that continue and may we unite further.

  2. Luckily I get the feeling that they haven’t managed to divide us (as they’d hoped) into waxxed and unvaxxed and thus bully the unwaxxed and use them as a tool to force repression.
    The history of England is one that has paved the way for individual freedom and liberty, and we have not been hopelessly divided as other countries have been by Religious or other intolerance.
    We are a tolerant people who ‘live and let live’, we don’t tolerate snitches and want to be left alone to live our lives. The army and police have always had a different relationship to the people here than in Europe and the normal people were often relied on to fight – unlike abroad where the working classes would often never show up. We believe in fairness and this isn’t fair; we cannot let this tyranny destroy our way of life so what’s left is a shadow of it for the children and the unborn. Yes, I sound dramatic, but the time has come to recognise our choices have a big effect on the future. Complying is the option of the coward for your own, selfish benefit.

  3. This is a wonderful plan by the global elite to control the masses and eventually our wealth and liberty its been on the shelf for decades and now they are quite simply doing what they want no call for a referendum on this one! it is no coincidence that the 5g roll out and the plandemic are happening at the same time. To implement there agenda they need this powerful new technology its fantastic the way these crooks operate remember we are on the right side of history unless they rewrite that .
    Can you imagine the history being read in a class 20 years into the future of how we all defeated the evil Chinese virus but sacrifices had to be taken the brave were vaccinated to protect the old and vulnerable whist the selfish unvaccinated people pr longed and caused even more mutant variant to take its toll on the population welcome to the digital incarceration

  4. As was recognised afterwards, fascism in Germany was introduced gradually in a series of incremental steps.

    “…..The term “boiling frog syndrome” is a metaphor used to describe the failure to act against a problematic situation which will increase in severity until reaching catastrophic proportions….”

    Whilst 6 months ago we could use that idea somewhat histrionically whilst having heated arguments with our life long anti-fascist former comrades.

    I mean what now?

    I never believed then that anywhere in Europe, and Austria of all places, would step over the Nuremberg line of medical procedures without consent.

    Medical rape of having something inserted into you without consent.

    I mean what are they going to have over the internment camp gates?

    Vaccination will make you free.

  5. Excellent article, headline nails it. Resistance is a must. There are no tomorrows left for a firm line to be drawn here and now. All digital IDs, be they rationalized by “health” concerns or otherwise (e-government, education programs, drivers licenses,….) must be refused.

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