Global Vaccine Failure Heralds Twisted Drive for International Vaccine Passports: Why?

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By Rusere Shoniwa. First published on A Plague On Both Houses:

The global technocratic mafia recently met at a G20 summit in Bali and made a commitment to prevent people from moving freely unless they have been injected with medical preparations they may not want or need. It’s bizarre, to say the least, that a stupendous public health policy failure should convince the governments of the world’s largest nations to make their citizens’ ability to visit friends, family or go on holiday conditional on their acceptance of provably dangerous medication. I want to make it clear from the start that even if the word ‘failure’ in the title of this piece had been replaced with ‘success’, arguing for vaccine passports would still be an obtuse assault on human rights and dignity. A vaccine is purported to work because it allegedly does something inside the body of the recipient to prevent transmission and infection. Whether the vaccine is effective or not, a vaccine certificate does nothing to change public health outcomes related to infection and illness. The only thing it achieves is discrimination against those who still believe that they have the right to reject medical treatment they don’t want.

Basking in the warm glow of Pfizer’s imaginary invincible ‘vaccine’ force field may be a psychological by-product of the injections, although many of the people still most afraid of covid are the ones who have been ‘vaccinated’. Dancing on the graves of those who chose not to ‘feel the force’ may well be another by-product of the injections, although the evidence is mounting that the graves are disproportionately filling up with the vaccinated. But stretching out your arm to proudly display a phone screen lit up with a ‘vaccine’ passport is the 21st century equivalent of a Sieg Heil salute. In the wake of arguably the most colossal medical scientific failure in history – the rollout to billions of humans of ‘vaccines’ that not only failed to stop infection or transmission of the targeted pathogen, but made infection more likely, and which are causing horrific injury – the global technocratic mafia is taking steps to both coerce the take-up of the medical preparations at the centre of this failure and to train the public to accept digital surveillance.

The news of the G20 little Hitlers’ determination to impose biomedical fascism with a Show-Your-Papers regime is disappointing but unsurprising. Their determination to institute action that flies in the face this medical failure seems, on the face of it, bizarre. Confronting this apparent contradiction helps us understand the reasons underlying it and therefore the bigger picture unfolding. Incidentally, the G20 announcement vindicates my scepticism, and that of many others, about the Government’s claims to have shelved development of covid passes while continuing to resource covid pass projects. Bare-faced lying has become par for the course – an essential tool in normalising the abnormal in order to turn democracies into dictatorships in the space of a few short years without the aid of heavy artillery.

The global scale of the mass medical experimentation to which humanity was subjected would have made Josef Mengele’s jaw drop in envy. The drive to shove a needle into the arm of every living human being on the planet is a disaster unparalleled in modern medical history. The question I want to address in this essay is: what makes the brass-necked G20 fascists so confident that their license to kill, which they granted themselves in March 2020, will not soon expire? I’ll try to answer the question within the following framework:

  • Understanding that the G20 heads are underbosses in a vast organised crime syndicate. It is the electorate that is labouring under the childish illusion that they are public servants concerned with good governance.
  • The G20 leaders do not suffer from this illusion but it certainly helps to advance their criminal project. They are responding to catastrophic failure as if it were success because this is how the system rewards them and because they have the backing of their bosses.
  • Capitalism – a global organised crime syndicate – is in crisis.
  • Fascism is the product of capitalism in crisis.
  • Where is 21st century fascism leading us?

I’ve used the word ‘fascist’ or ‘fascism’ four times already (six if you count this sentence). The Covidian Cult, whose arms twitch in excitement at the prospect of performing the Seig Heil QR code salute at airports, and wherever else they can, will no doubt object to my seemingly liberal and hyperbolic use of the ‘f’ word. So, I will argue that I am not overstating the case. Fascism has in fact been a long time coming, and perhaps the Covidian New Normies are the smart ones – maybe they’ve always known we were living in a third-rate democracy simulation, and March 2020 simply opened the door for them to experience a more authentic life, living in true alignment with their hitherto suppressed values. But I digress. Let’s return to capitalism as organised crime and capitalism in crisis, aka fascism.

Capitalism as organised crime

Systems act like invisible cloaks. The more ubiquitous the system, the more invisible it becomes and therefore the more powerful. It determines the values and rules by which we live but we don’t learn those rules in a classroom. We learn them by living them. This is The System’s way of indelibly imprinting itself in our minds and lives. It is the most potent form of learning because it happens unconsciously – we don’t have to think about anything because we know it at a deeper level than thinking. When your behaviour is in full alignment with The System’s values and rules, no deeper explanation of that behaviour is required or can even be articulated – it’s just ‘the way it is’.

Most people associate capitalism with free markets, but capitalism is neither free nor democratic at its core, so the expectation that its markets could be ‘free’ is a naïve fantasy. The anarchists at Winter Oak have summed up this lie and its consequence. The lie is that “various independent capitalists [are] struggling against one another in a dog-eat-dog world of rugged competition” and that this competition renders them “incapable of ganging together to cheat and enslave the rest of us.” The sad truth is that “anyone paying attention today cannot have failed to have noticed the way that multinational businesses and financial interests have converged to the point that their ownership can be traced back to a handful of concerns like BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street – which themselves appear to be part of the same overall operation.”

The driving animus of capitalism is conquest and expansion. Therefore, success in that drive can only lead to dictatorial subjugation by the victors. Many, if not most, conservatives in the resistance movement have sucked on the comforting pacifier of ‘free markets’ all their life, which seems to render them impervious to two truths. First, not only has the fairy tale of capitalist free markets never existed but even capitalism as a concept is now where communism was in 1989 – dead. Second, global capitalism and the detour down the Road to Fascism are one and the same.

Capitalism’s victory over communism in 1989 was always destined to be Pyrrhic because its power structures had by then thoroughly debased themselves and terrorised the world. How you win in war determines how you live in peace. Capitalism has rewarded itself these past 30 years by continuing to do more of what had fed the beast’s victory over communism. We also have to understand that capitalism’s global dominance under the auspices of American hegemony is inseparable from the CIA’s mission to conquer the globe, which began in earnest after World War II with the orchestration of coups around the world in countries that demonstrated a willingness to formulate national policies that flew in the face of American interests. The CIA was given free rein to use whatever means necessary to bring the world to heel under the jackboot of American capitalism, purportedly the only economic system that could underpin democracy. The obvious irony here is that if democracy is dead today, it is no small part due to the CIA’s concerted attack on democracy around the world and in America itself.

I’m not saying the CIA was the only vehicle that advanced capitalism’s march across the globe. There were other modes of thuggery involved like militarism, global financial institutions that enforced neo-liberalism, the systematic crushing of labour movements and labour rights, exploiting labour by shifting jobs to whichever labour pool was prepared to work for the least reward. And I won’t deny the seduction of increased material wealth. Capitalism sometimes promised and delivered more than just deprivation and broken dreams. But the overwhelming story is one of an ever-increasing wealth gap and a resulting concentration of power in the hands of a corporatocracy representing less than 1% of the planet’s population. Global capitalism may well be the most successful bottom-to-top wealth extraction system in the history of humanity.

Given its criminal past, asking how enmeshed the CIA is with organised crime is a perfectly legitimate question. Douglas Valentine began to answer it when he was admitted some 35 years ago into the CIA’s inner sanctum under the pretext that he would assist the organisation in whitewashing a barbaric assassination programme it ran in Vietnam. Instead, the wily author gathered up all the secrets divulged by the CIA operatives and published the unvarnished truth in a book titled The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam. He has since been exposing the CIA for what it is – in his words: “a criminal conspiracy on behalf of wealthy capitalists.”

In subsequent works, including the aptly titled The CIA as Organised Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World, Valentine shows how the drug-running and murder that were the hallmarks of the CIA’s Phoenix program went international. Having subsumed organised crime into its operations, the CIA became the capo di tutti capi, answerable only to itself. What’s more, so far as capitalism is concerned, the CIA’s machinations have always been intertwined with global capital since its coups and criminal activity were conducted to further the interests of global conglomerates operating in countries hostile to American interests. The CIA and global capital are inseparable, ergo global capitalism is organised crime.

As shocking as events have been over the past two years, we should not be surprised by The System’s efforts to brutalise humanity to defend itself. As with so many revelations in the covid era, old paradigms are being turned on their head. Far from underpinning democracy, the inherent criminality and authoritarianism etched into the fabric of capitalism are the cancer eating away at whatever semblance of democracy there was. Global capitalism is certainly morphing, under the pressure of its own contradictions, into something more sinister than it always has been, but the G20 underbosses are simply obeying the ruthless criminal logic written into its DNA.

The positions of power they occupy are the spoils of a system that rewards them for their complicity in the deprivation of the mass of humanity. The System does not reward compassion, self-reflection, or any other manifestation of rectitude. The G20 leaders doubling down on catastrophic failure is logical when seen in the light of their faith in a system that rewards moral depravity.

21st century fascism – the nexus of supranational global policy makers, the ‘free’ market and the state

Fascism results in the suspension or circumvention of democratic norms and human rights. The cause of this breakdown in the 20th century was an alignment of interests between powerful states and powerful corporations, leaving a void in the checks that would normally operate to protect citizens against the excesses of state and corporate power. Ideologies certainly play their part in catalysing this evil union, but I believe they are not the primary cause of fascism. Simon Elmer’s Road to Fascism does an excellent job of fleshing out a number of other important characteristics, including ideology, that give fascism its scaffolding, but the bludgeoning of democratic norms by the fusion of state and corporate power is central.

In analysing the concentration of corporate wealth in the hands of a few mega corporations such as the asset management behemoths of Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street, Paul Cudenec points out that

this same corporate/financial über-entity has also become heavily entwined with – and indeed essentially inseparable from – state bodies and international institutions. The resulting monster is a self-concealing global public-private governance pulling the strings behind all aspects of our contemporary world.

I would argue that it isn’t even that self-concealing anymore.

The World Economic Forum, the policy-making and networking body of over 1,000 of the world’s richest corporations, has no democratic relationship to citizens in any of the countries it seeks to influence and yet has a formal partnership with the UN “to accelerate the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a private wealth vehicle of the infamous Tech and Pharma billionaire, is now the second biggest donor to the World Health Organization. The Wellcome Trust, the world’s third largest charitable Foundation, with an investment portfolio of £38.2 billion, wielded immense influence over the UK lockdown decision with its Director, Jeremy Farrar, proudly announcing the day after lockdown that “the UK Covid-19 policy finally aligned with global efforts”. These examples are just the tip of a private-public partnership that bears the hallmark of fascism – the fusion of state and corporate power to subordinate the democratic aspirations of ordinary people.

The recent G20 meeting was attended by that caricature of a Bond villain and Chairman of the WEF, Klaus Schwab. Reprising a third-rate portrayal of a Bond villain hell-bent on world domination, he made a keynote address drawing attention to the “structural restructuring [sic] of our world”. The total absence of protest from elected representatives in so-called Western democracies against the consummation of fascism at events like this and the annual ball held at Davos is proof that Western political ‘leadership’, such as it is, has long given up on democracy as an idea. The concepts of democracy, free speech and personal liberty are in fact no longer understood by our elected stooges perhaps because they have lost a concrete working memory of the opposite of these concepts.

Indeed, political disengagement across the populace has increased since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Cold War at least served as a foil for debate of existing ideologies against the relief of opposing ones. People had an understanding, however rudimentary, of why they hated or loved Big Brother. That’s now gone, and for the past 30 years we’ve been pretending to know where we’re going, but we have forgotten where we’ve been. I am obviously not calling for another cold war, but it does seem that we are safe from all the evil -isms — including fascism — only briefly, in the morning after their defeat. We cannot even see the monster of all -isms – capitalism – because it is the only one left standing, and it is reinventing itself as the most virulent form of fascism that we may ever witness. 

If the 2008 Global Financial Crisis was the milestone that marked the state’s de facto abdication of responsibility for regulating the excesses of capitalism, then the covid era marks the state’s active commitment to aiding and abetting the lurid excesses of the corporate oligarchy. The seeds of this transformation were planted in 1974 when political leaders were first invited to the annual WEF shindig in Davos. The old men who were present at those meetings know very well the wind they have sown, and their half-witted offspring are reaping the whirlwind without knowing why.

Corporate and government interests are now perfectly aligned in nearly all major economic sectors. Here’s my stab at ‘public health’ in one sentence: The government and Big Pharma were in total agreement on ‘vaccines’ as the solution to ending a fictitious pandemic and so governments around the world poured billions of taxpayers’ money into developing and distributing these experimental injections.

The financial sector in one sentence: Governments and the financial sector are in total alignment about implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency system because they see it as performing the dual role of a smokescreen for the epochal failure of the debt ponzi schemes and the means of instituting feudal controls over the populace to squash all dissent against economic fraud and mismanagement.

The not-so-renewable energy sector in a few sentences: The public and corporate sectors are working hand in glove to funnel trillions of taxpayer funds into the ruinous Net Zero agenda, allegedly to save every man, woman and child from the ‘climate emergency’. How’s that working out? The EU’s self-imposed energy crisis is forcing Switzerland to consider limiting the use of electric cars to conserve electricity and avert blackouts. The intellectual bankruptcy of the entire Net Zero leviathan can be summed up by this headline: “It turns out that you can have battery-powered cars, or you can have renewable energy, but you can’t have both.”

Today’s ‘public-private partnership’ is openly acknowledged by the institutions implementing it, so the ‘accusation’ of fascism isn’t really an accusation at all: it’s merely a recognition of what its implementors are telling us about their strategy. Moreover, today’s fascism has a frightening new structural layer that permits its eminence grise – unelected global policymakers and policy distributors – to escape legal accountability for its criminal policies.

As Iain Davis explains, “through global governance, the G3P creates policy initiatives at the global level, which then cascade down to people in every nation. This typically occurs via an intermediary policy distributor, such as the IMF or IPCC, and national government[s] then enact the recommended policies.” His diagrammatic representation of global governance and the subordinate role of ‘sovereign’ states to the global corporatocracy is a groundbreaking contribution to understanding how the power structure really works today:

Iain Davis: What Is the Global Public-Private Partnership,

One concrete example of this in 2022 is an international Pandemic Treaty crafted by the WHO that would give it complete control over health regulations of all nations in the event of a pandemic ‘or other health emergency’. Nearly all G20 governments are backing this outrageous supranational power grab and are trying to embed this treaty into their statutes with minimal debate and parliamentary scrutiny. Policy propagandists, chiefly the mainstream media, have remained silent to this threat. Any country that signs up to this treaty would then be subject to decisions taken by the World Health Assembly on how to manage public health pandemic policy even if a nation expressed disagreement with those decisions as a result of a national democratic process.  

It isn’t difficult to argue that, in terms of global reach, the world has never been more fascist than it is today. And yet people seem strangely unperturbed by it all. There seems to be little appreciation that the new tripartite fusion of power between the global corporatocracy, the unaccountable supranational bodies that formulate global governance policy and national governments enforcing these policies marks the end of democracy or whatever semblance of it remains. What’s more, the economic consequence of this alliance has seen and will continue to see governments throwing stupendous amounts of taxpayers’ money at the corporatocracy. 21st century fascism enjoins you to become a slave and pay for the privilege.

The hallmark of 20th century fascism was governments ruling over corporations but allowing them to remain private. 21st century fascism is the reverse – a global criminal corporatocracy or capitalist oligarchy has subsumed states across the globe using the lever of supranational organisations whose role is to provide cover for national governments. The impotence of national sovereignty was demonstrated with the ousting by the global financial mafia of the shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history, Truss, and the second shortest-serving Chancellor, Kwarteng. Their crime was failing to understand that all key economic policy must be first be approved by the IMF, World Bank and ‘the markets’. Irrespective of your ideological take on their bid to lower taxes, it flew in the face of the government’s duty to the corporate oligarchy to fund the massive transfer of taxpayers’ money to the oligarchy that has occurred under covid and will continue as the ponzi scheme collapses.

History rightly condemns the US McCarthy era anti-communist witch-hunts of the mid 20th century and yet today I would enthusiastically embrace as totally right-minded (no pun intended) any ruthless inquisitions that begin with the question put to every serving government minister or elected parliamentary representative: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Davos set, the Bilderberg Group or the World Economic Forum?”

Capitalism in crisis – Rome is burning, and so is our money

Since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC), the US Fed, Bank of Japan, ECB and Bank of England have injected a combined $25 trillion into the banking system via the “quantitative easing” purchase of bonds, as well as buying back the worthless assets that were created by the banksters in the lead-up to the GFC. GFC II actually ignited in September 2019 when the credit markets began seizing up again with junk debt. Between September 2019 and March 2020, the Fed injected more than $9 trillion into the banking system, equivalent to more than 40% of US GDP. All told, we’re now sitting on a $303 trillion balloon of post-2008 debt, according to William Engdahl of Global Research, or $305 trillion according to the Institute of International Finance. Global debt is approximately 3.5 times greater than global GDP.

The scam of printing money to make money and to paper over the fraudulent sub-prime loans that blew up the banking system in 2008 has run out of runway and we’re now reaping a whirlwind of inflation. While energy cost inflation and the inflation that resulted from the covid money printing is real, in the bigger scheme of things it must be viewed as decoy inflation whose relentless narrative masks the elephantine money-printing inflation that had already happened. This is the primary lens through which to view the planned Great Reset. The financial pyramid scheme that has so successfully extracted wealth from the vast base of humanity is teetering on the brink of total collapse. If the horrors of 20th century fascism have taught us anything, it is that fascism is nothing other than capitalism in decay.[1]

The System managers – policymakers, distributors, and enforcers – are now implementing a plan to control the collapse, not only to preserve the oligarchy’s ill-gotten gains, but to embed neo-feudal wealth extraction in perpetuity. The WEF mantra is you will own nothing and be happy. They’re very serious about the first part; the second bit of the equation is up for debate. Crucially, they are ensuring that power is even more centrally consolidated with financial mechanisms like Central Bank Digital Currencies, but also that global governance policies like the Pandemic Treaty and Net Zero are centrally crafted and enforced by all governments.

So, the Great Reset is a ponzi scheme reset, with two important aspirations bolted on. The first is the continuation of the already stupendous covid wealth transfer which has surpassed all previous wealth transfers. The second is total centralised control of humanity to not only minimise resistance to the neo-feudal system under construction but to ensure the corporatocracy’s position at the top of the feudal pyramid is permanently unassailable. The WEF and Bank of International Settlements (BIS) boardrooms have also decided that the monetary system will rise like a phoenix from the ashes to grant them eternal and absolute control over your lives and the assets they are busy acquiring. Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) enhanced by Digital IDs are the chains that threaten to enslave us in a digital gulag.

As Rome burns, The System is in a desperate bid to re-write its ‘contract’ with humanity. Clearly this isn’t a negotiation in which both parties are seeking to find common ground and put forward propositions to advance an equitable deal. Rather, the ‘negotiation’ is the macrocosmic view of micro capitalism. In the same way that a board of directors meets privately to determine the direction of the company and then delivers a decision to workers as a fait accompli, so it is that the boardrooms of the WEF and the BIS (the Central Bank of central banks) have met and decided, unsurprisingly, that the ponzi scheme beneficiaries will embezzle even more as the wheels come off the bus.

Bio fascism and our 21st century insane asylum

So, to save itself from a total crash and burn, global capital has hatched a plan to lock the world up in the 21st century equivalent of an 18th century insane asylum. If CBDCs and digital IDs are the lock and key, then bio fascism in the form of transhumanism and ‘vaccines’ will be the physical controls used to restrain the inmates from getting too rowdy.

The System is under threat from the collapse generated by its own internal contradictions but also because its psychological operations are getting weaker. In the face of growing human consciousness about the scale of the scam being perpetrated, the G20 little Hitlers feel they have no choice but to forcefully instruct you to perform the Sieg Heil QR code salute to demonstrate compliance with biomedical fascism. There is, however, more to mRNA terrorism than merely a forced demonstration of fealty to Baal and BIS, which would be bad enough if it were just that.

It is no accident that the new ‘era of pandemics’ is emerging at precisely the moment that capitalism is attempting to reinvent itself with its much heralded Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): vaccines are fully intended to be integral to the biomedical fascist aims of the 4IR. The EU’s plans for a show-your-vaccination-papers society were rolled off the printing press well before the constructed covid crisis was unleashed. Not for nothing are they called pandemic planners.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is about controlling data – hence your mind – and your body. One of capitalism’s contradictions is that labour is used to add value in the production process but using labour to add value entails squeezing the cost of labour to maximise the return on owners’ capital. In extracting as much value as it could from labour, it first sought to exhaust all the cheapest labour on the planet by moving its real economy to the cheapest shores. As that labour becomes more expensive, the next phase is the replacement of labour with technology.

What do you do with labour once you no longer have any use for it? Yuval Harari, a WEF policy luminary, has outlined his and the WEF’s vision of the future with what Simon Elmer terms “all the frankness and ruthlessness of a latter-day Joseph Goebbels”. Industrial revolutions of the past have been about products. However, according to Harari, “the product this time will be humans themselves. We are basically learning to produce bodies and minds. Bodies and minds are going to be the two main products of the next wave.” [2]

Capitalism has reached its logical conclusion – a combination of expelling labour from the production process and then converting it to an expendable and malleable product.

But Harari gets even more Goebbelsian than that: “If you’re not part of that revolution fast enough, then you’ll probably become extinct. Once you know how to produce bodies and minds, cheap labour…counts for nothing…The biggest question…will be what to do with all these useless people.” [emphasis added]

Indeed, what to do with all the ‘useless people’ – the people who don’t want fascist capitalism to ‘produce’ their minds and bodies? It’s a stark choice – either sign up to being a product on the conveyor belt of the 4IR global human factory or settle for ‘extinction’. Again, you have to congratulate the modern-day Goebbels for his choice of words. ‘Extinction’ sounds like a natural ebbing away under the pressure of uncontrollable evolutionary forces. What our 21st century ‘intellectual’ fascist actually means is extermination. Our policy enforcers in government are already applying their minds to making extermination easy, voluntary even, with the coming legislation for assisted suicide that is set to sweep the West. Again, we must be careful with the language. We won’t be killing people who can’t survive in the brave new world of mind and body production – we’ll be ‘medically assisting them in dying’

Gene altering ‘vaccines’, if they can get them to ‘work’, will likely be a significant component of the transhumanist aims of the 4IR. So, there is method to the madness of the G20 leaders’ insistence that you demonstrate loyalty to their harmful product whether you want it in you or not. As I’ve said, there is no logic, democratic or otherwise, to insisting on vaccine passports, whether the vaccines are a resounding success or an abject failure. As Joseph Mercola bluntly puts it:

I don’t see a global totalitarian regime accepting the responsibility to feed, house and provide universal basic income, health care and drugs to billions of people who aren’t useful to them in some way. No, the logical solution would be to exterminate the non-productive and transform the rest into obedient cyborgs imprisoned within the Internet of Bodies 5G ecosystem.

Taking your mRNA shots is integral to Harari’s articulation of 4IR transhumanism and how you will be connected to the Internet of Bodies. The conundrum for the pandemic planners as they work on the next ‘pandemic’ is how to make the gene altering technology more subtle in its effect and how to cook the statistics more skilfully to make it look more ‘effective’ in addressing whatever pathogen gets rolled out. Those who have argued within the insidious paradigm of mandates being justified by an effective vaccine are destined to be upended by a ‘vaccine’ efficacy scam so good that they are not going to be able to counter it.

And yes, the ‘rolling out’ of pathogens is an apposite description of the new ‘era of pandemics’ given that we have not had a pandemic worthy of the label since 1918, that the covid pseudo pandemic was probably a lab leak, and that we have been warned to expect the next covid lab leak to be a tad more serious than its over-hyped predecessor. The new era of manufactured pandemics is a vehicle for embedding biosecurity – more forced medical experimentation, digital tracking of human livestock for social control and health data surveillance. As Harari, WEF’s Gollum, said: it’s all part of “learning to produce bodies and minds” and the herd will be more receptive to this aim if they’re fed on a diet of regular pandemics.

21st century Tyranny needs willing slaves

Wealth is not created by a handful of billionaires and then generously sprinkled over billions of people eking out a living on subsistence levels of income. It is created by billions of people and extracted from them by a handful of billionaires. This couldn’t work without a combination of acquiescence by the masses and control exerted from the top of the pyramid. ‘Twas ever thus but, with each wave of resistance throughout history, systems of control have been forced to evolve from brute physical force into psychological operations using propaganda, deceit, ‘the science’, obfuscation of increasingly complex financial systems and outright criminality dressed up as incompetence.

That evolution has so far made the control grid far more efficient and effective, as evidenced by the ever-expanding gap between the wealthiest and the poorest. But humanity’s understanding of The System’s psyops is also evolving. Internet freedom has been one of the catalysts for its acceleration, and The System managers’ deepest fear is that we have cottoned on in sufficient numbers. They fear the game is nearly up. Which is why industrial scale internet censorship is being rolled out across the West under the guise of protecting us from ‘harmful’ content. You would not agree to Big Brother’s smothering embrace unless it was accompanied by a declaration of love.

The current collapse of The System’s financial machinery has precipitated a collision between The System’s machinery of control and humanity’s growing consciousness of that psyops operation. If you are on the bright side of humanity’s consciousness, then you will know that we are in the middle of World War III – an information war being fought by the fascist Matrix managers against the red-pilled soldiers of humanity.

We are now hurtling towards the final revolution in which humanity will not be forced at gunpoint into slavery but presented with a series of complicated fraudulent contracts and asked to sign blindly on the dotted line. Brimming with confidence from the hysterical embrace of virus lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, your government wants to trial climate lockdowns in 2024. The oligarchy would like nothing better for you to passively accept your slavery; to ask for it even. We could just say ‘no’ but to do so will require the synchronisation of mind, heart and gut on a vast scale. The mind represents intellect, the heart represents intuition. Together they form conviction. The gut represents having the courage of one’s conviction to follow through with action. Does the West have enough of any of those left in sufficient quantities to turn the tide?

You can find more of Rusere’s work at

[1] Simon Elmer, The Road to Fascism, Architects for Social Housing, 2022, Ch 4, page 61.

[2] Simon Elmer, The Road to Fascism, Architects for Social Housing, 2022, Ch 4, page 79.

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