Have You Had Your Jab, Yet? Part 1

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Left Lockdown Sceptics is pleased to publish another article by guest contributor Phil Shannon.


“Have you had your jab, yet?”, seems to have become the standard greeting these days whenever friends or colleagues gather. The Covid Hysterics amongst them will excitedly announce that they have had theirs or are counting down the days to the Big Jab whilst the Guardian-readers and BBC-watchers will smugly exude a self-satisfied aura of having done their bit as virtuous citizens to defeat the viral enemy whilst wearing the vaccine’s often debilitating side-effects as proud war wounds. The more aggressive of these will probably be belligerent towards those vaccine-refuseniks for being dangerous health miscreants and political troublemakers who are probably pining for Donald Trump. For all these ‘New Normals’, vaccine-shaming has become the new mask-shaming. How have we got to such a pass, where getting vaccinated has become a political purity test rather than a purely medical issue?

It all began with the virus itself as most governments and all establishment media, relying uncritically on Dodgy Brothers modelling, lost their collective minds over it, mistaking it for a visitation from the bowels of hell. Then came the ineffective, and damaging policy response as most governments hit the big, shiny, new self-destruct lockdown button, binning carefully thought-through respiratory virus pandemic planning in favour of copying neo-Stalinist China’s frenzied reaction. Then it was time for facemasks and the same crowd drooled over these useless, fear-promoting symbols of conformism. Along the way, each of these steps has been moralised, with the self-identifying ‘good’ people backing the official narrative at every turn and demonising the sceptics of the unscientific social distancing/lockdown/masking nonsense as ‘bad’ people, as uncaring selfish ‘Covidiots’. Now it is the turn of the vaccine, and it is getting the same treatment.

All Hail The Vaccine

The Covid vaccines have been enthusiastically embraced by all those stricken with virus hysteria and lockdown policy panic. For lockdown-addicted governments, the vaccines mean that they will never have to say they’re sorry for the ugly and pointless lockdown mess they created, including a police state, in their futile policy over-reaction. Now, through mass vaccination, governments hope, in theory, to end the lockdown cycle and save face without having to admit to the monumental error of strangling the economy, placing the healthy under house arrest and trashing traditional rights and freedoms.

Worldwide, government lockdown junkies have now become hooked on the drug of a Covid vaccine as a kind of methadone to wean themselves off the hard lockdown stuff. Government politicians love ‘deliverables’ and a smooth vaccine rollout is most definitely a hi-viz ‘deliverable’, a ready-made, feel-good data-filler for press releases and doorstop interviews, backed by a marketing blitz of a nation’s sleeves being rolled up as the long-awaited vaccination counter-offensive is launched after a year of retreat and siege. Even if vaccine rollout figures are lagging, the vaccine theatre allows governments to look good through robust crisis management and national ‘leadership’. The vaccines are primarily about political show, exactly as the whole misguided policy response to the virus has been from the off.

It is not just politicians, however, who have taken a shine to Covid vaccines and the return to normalcy that they promise. Salvation by vaccination is also an article of faith amongst the more Covid-paranoid population who will not have to admit that they have been sold a pup through dud, damaging lockdowns – as Mark Twain noted, it is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

So, what is the balance sheet for the current Covid vaccines? Do they actually live up to the hopes so many have invested in them so that we can resume our normal lives again? Or are the questions of Covid vaccine necessity, efficacy, safety and ethics the reefs that the vaccines will flounder on?

1. Vaccine Necessity

The threshold vaccine question, which rarely, if ever, gets asked by Covid Hysterics, is ‘are Covid vaccines actually necessary?’. Short answer, no. According to a meta-analysis of some six dozen studies, conducted by Dr. John Ioannidis (Professor of Medicine, Stanford University), the global infection fatality rate for Covid is between just 0.15% and 0.20%. So, fewer than twenty out of every 10,000 people infected with Covid will perish with it (with even fewer dying from it since around 73% of those whose death is attributed to Covid die with the virus, not because of it). For people aged under 70 years, the infection fatality rate of 0.03% to 0.04% barely nudges their mortality needle.

Covid is thus in the same mortality ballpark as seasonal flu and way out of the league of the 1918-1919 Spanish flu whose infection mortality rate was estimated to be a much more serious 15%, a rate one hundred times more lethal and with a liking for the young, having a median age of victim of 28 years compared to Covid’s median age of victim of 82 years (bang on average life expectancy). We are not in Spanish flu, or Ebola (infection mortality rate 30%) territory, here, with Covid.

Even compared with the ordinary flu, Covid pales into comparison in terms of non-fatal morbidity. Unlike Covid, no one needs a test to find out if they have the flu or not – everyone who gets the flu it is fine one minute and bedbound with nausea and fever the next, for days afterwards, making a flu vaccine, unlike a Covid vaccine, highly worthwhile for many people.

The easy survivability of Covid is further attested by the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) which reports that the overall recovery rate from Covid is 99.7% for those requiring treatment. Even for the more vulnerable people aged over 70, the survival rate is a bonny 94.6% and nearly all of those who do succumb have pre-existing, mortality-threatening comorbidities (94% of those dying with Covid had an average 2.6 serious comorbidities). For people in their 20s or 30s, and for children, forget about it – for Covid-diagnosed people aged forty years or less, 9,999 out of every 10,000 survive.

Due to its extremely low lethality, Covid-19 falls into the second-lowest level of the five-level virus pandemic plan of the US health authorities, a level which, reflecting WHO guidelines pre-Covid, requires only the voluntary isolation of the sick and specifically rules out measures such as lockdowns, face masks, school closures, six feet of separation, contact tracing, testing of the well, and vaccinations. Or did rule them out, until the new crazy set in.

So, young and working-age people face effectively zero personal threat from the virus and therefore don’t need vaccination whilst any benefits of a (safe, effective) Covid vaccine for the ailing elderly would be reduced since immune systems deteriorate with age (a phenomenon known as immunosenescence) and thus there are diminishing returns on how much their immune system can be primed into robust working order by a vaccine. The human immune system, exquisitely honed by evolution ever since we stood upright, is a natural marvel, a wonderfully effective first line of defence against a virus as middling as Covid.

There’s also a range of cheap, safe, and effective pharmaceuticals (Vitamin D, Ivermectin, doxycycline, zinc, etc.) available as treatments and as prophylactics. The latest meta-analysis of Ivermectin trials, for example, has found “large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance” as well as “significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 with the regular use of Ivermectin”. As none of these products generates mega-profits for Big Pharma, however, we don’t hear about them (unless they can be tied to Donald Trump somehow and thus mocked into disrepute as ‘fringe’ science and ‘quack’ cures).

The SARS-CoV-2 virus threat has been massively oversold. For most people, Covid is either a complete non-event or relatively innocuous. For a very large proportion of those who are at some risk, it is still readily survivable. As viruses go, for all but a tiny fraction of the population, SARS-CoV-2 is a cream puff of an opponent. ‘Run for the hills!’ or ‘Quick, hide behind the sofa!’ are the disproportionate responses of only those taken in by the manufactured fear of the virus.

2. Vaccine Efficacy

Assuming, however, for the sake of argument, that a vaccine is, in fact, necessary for Covid, the key question then is do the current crop of vaccines actually work. Short answer, again, no. Pharmaceutical product manufacturers, government health regulators and even the WHO have been explicit (in the small print) that the vaccines have not been designed to do the basic job of a vaccine which is to make people immune and to halt viral transmission. In the UK, for example, the NHS leaflet that comes with the invitation to make a vaccination appointment puts it bluntly – “We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus”.

The entirely more modest claim of all the Covid vaccines is simply that they reduce the severity of non-serious symptoms of the disease caused by the virus. They make no claim to be effective in reducing serious symptoms – as the British Medical Journal has pointed out, none of the truncated vaccine trials were designed to detect a reduction in serious outcomes such as hospitalisations, Intensive Care Unit use, or deaths.

The vaccines, therefore, will mean next to nothing for the vast majority of the population since most people who become infected (as our health authorities, in a calmer mode in very early 2020, reminded us before the Great Panic set in) are asymptomatic or experience only mild symptoms. Around 86% of those infected do not have any symptoms such as cough, fever or loss of taste or smell, according to a University College London study (a figure similar to the CDC’s own estimate of 80%), whilst the latest metadata analysis of all relevant studies finds up to 99% of total infectees are either asymptomatic or have just mild symptoms barely distinguishable from a head cold and which resolve themselves of their own accord relatively quickly.

Neither do the Covid vaccines offer any benefits to the growing proportion of the population who have already been naturally infected by, and are therefore immune to, the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The Covid vaccines also offer nothing to those, estimated to be around 50% to 60% of the population, who, right from the get-go, already had memory T-Cell immunity to the new virus resulting from prior cross-infection from related coronaviruses including the SARS progenitor. None of these people were ever going to be infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus or to contract Covid.

Covid vaccines offer the above people zilch, of course, because they are already immune – with most people never knowing it, of course, because the most common symptom of Covid is ‘feeling absolutely fine’ whilst any symptoms that make themselves known are easily mistaken for the common cold or a ‘touch of the flu’. All that such already immune people (a growing number as naturally acquired herd immunity increases) will get from the Covid vaccines is the risk of entirely unnecessary, possibly serious, vaccine-related harm.

2a – Efficacy: The ‘95% Effective!’ Myth

The pharmaceutical industry, nevertheless, has a product to sell, and lockdown politicians are smitten with the Covid vaccine as a solution to their lockdown pickle, so we hear repeated references to how the clinical human trials have shown the vaccines to be ‘95% effective’. This is a highly deceptive claim, however, because it refers to the relative risk reduction, rather than the absolute risk reduction, due to vaccination.

This statistical jiggery-pokery, a favourite of the pharmaceutical touts, matters a great deal where a disease such as Covid is statistically quite shy in the population. In the Pfizer trial, for example, Covid–type symptoms (‘confirmed’ by the notoriously unreliable PCR test) were reported by 162 out of 18,319 trial participants (0.0088%) in the control (unvaccinated) group, compared to only 8 out of 18,310 (0.00044%) in the vaccinated trial group, a superficially impressive 95% relative risk reduction [(100(1 – (0.00044/0.0088))), for all you ex-maths teachers out there like me]. The absolute risk reduction due to vaccination (comparing the two population prevalence percentages), however, is a barely detectable 0.84% [100(0.0088-0.00044)], light years short of the 95% that garnered all the headlines and made all the lockdown-trapped politicians salivate.

Note also that the “95% effective” banner headline had been selectively chosen over the increasingly less impressive relative risk reduction percentages from the other vaccine trials (Moderna 94%, AstraZeneca 70%, and Johnson & Johnson 67%). The Covid vaccine efficacy claims further fray when considering “suspected Covid-19” symptoms (those not PCR-confirmed). The 1,594 of these in the Pfizer-vaccinated group was only marginally fewer than the 1,816 in the placebo (unvaccinated) group and yields only a relative risk reduction (Big Pharma’s preferred metric for efficacy, remember) of just 19%. So, even on its own preferred measure, Pfizer’s vaccine has gone from being ‘95% effective!’ to potentially only 19% effective. Some efficacy!

So, go about your life unvaccinated and you face bugger all chance of getting Covid. Go about your life vaccinated and your prospects of avoiding the dreaded Covid lurgi improve by less than 1% of bugger all.

2b – Efficacy: Vaccine-dodging Variants Alert!

The official freak-out over SARS-CoV-2 variants (Brazilian, Kent, South African, Indian double-mutants, et al) further undermines the reputed claims of efficacy of the Covid vaccines. When The Conversation, a reliable academic cell for Covid hysteria, frets that “vaccines will not be enough“ because Covid variants “have the potential to sidestep our vaccine defences”, they inadvertently concede that the vaccines don’t work.

Although the scary-sounding mutant variants have a big, fear-inducing reputation, they are just spiky viral punks that would be easily taken care of by a vaccine that was any good. There have been tens of thousands of variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus already. That’s what viruses do. They mutate, and the mutations mutate all the time. The degree of genetic difference is minuscule, however, for each generation of variant. The current generation of SARS-CoV-2 variants are genetically around 99.7% similar to the original virus and if our immune system was so easily tricked by something as biologically trivial as a 0.3% genomic variation, then we wouldn’t be here today to write about it.

The human immune system is terrific against variants until they reach around the 30%-40% degree of genetic difference and qualify as qualitatively distinct new virus strains which would require immune system retooling to produce new frontline, virus-killing antibodies and memory T-cells for future immunity reference (which is what happens when we get new flu strains, not just variants, on an annual basis because the influenza virus mutates even faster than coronaviruses do, thus requiring yearly flu vaccinations).

Although it succeeds admirably in keeping the virus fear at Defcon Five, the panic about vaccines being outwitted by mere variants betrays an implicit lack of faith in the ability of the Covid vaccines to measure up to their basic job description.

2c – Efficacy Report Card – Must Try Harder

The underwhelming trial data on vaccine efficacy is now being complemented by real world reports from the vaccine rollouts with many fully-vaccinated people still contracting Covid (so-called ‘breakthrough cases’) and, especially in closed environments like nursing homes, infecting others, vaccinated or not. The Covid vaccines may reduce the severity of non-serious symptoms in some people but they do not make anyone immune nor stop transmission.

So, why bother with them, unless you are the kind of person who falls asleep at night watching reality-distorting Covid specials on the BBC before a fitful night of Covid nightmares. All the Covid vaccines should come with a disclaimer similar to that for the worthless blue facemasks whose packaging includes the (legally-advisable) fine print that they ‘will not protect from Coronavirus or other viruses’.

What the vaccines are efficacious at, however, is keeping the phantom menace of Covid alive and so justifying the initial extreme lockdown response by most of the world’s governments.

3. Vaccine Safety

Assuming again, however, for sake of a rapidly wilting argument, that a Covid vaccine is both necessary and that it works well as a vaccine. The next question, then, is ‘is it safe?’ There is no point in trading what for most people will be minimal to no risk from Covid for a vaccine which poses a real, non-zero risk to many of causing short-term harm from adverse reactions, let alone potentially serious longer-term problems.

The safety of the Covid vaccines is questionable. They were recklessly authorised for emergency use based on only a few months of preliminary human trial data whilst the rollout itself is flagging numerous safety issues. Vaccine adverse event reporting systems in the US, EU and the UK indicate that Covid vaccinations have already been associated with around ten thousand deaths and with several more thousand non-trivial health reactions.

These officially logged adverse reactions are likely to be a major underestimate of their real incidence as the various vaccine reporting mechanisms are passive systems only (dependent on self-report), covering as little as around 1% of all reactions in the US (according to a US government-commissioned study by Harvard University) whilst the UK government’s website states that “it is estimated that only 10% of serious reactions, and between 2% and 4% of non-serious reactions, are reported”.

3a – Vaccine Safety: Blood Clots

All the media noise has been about rare but potentially fatal blood clots in the brain (cerebral vein thrombosis) in healthy young people (who face zero risk from Covid) within a couple of weeks of the AstraZeneca vaccine (79 reported in the UK, for example, of whom nineteen had died at last count) whilst the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines in the US are also clocking up reports of brain blood clots in around 800 vaccine recipients.

Cerebral blood clots, however, are just the tip of the vaccine iceberg. Other reactions of clinical concern include anaphylactic shock, temporary facial paralysis (Bells Palsy), cardiovascular disorders, miscarriages, strong headache, fatigue, fever, chills, joint pain, aching muscles, diarrhoea, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, chest or abdominal pain, leg swelling, eye problems, confusion, seizures, and bruising beyond the injection site, with some of the conditions persisting for days or weeks at a stretch and qualifying as a “Health Impact Event” sufficiently significant, according to the CDC, to render the vaccine-recipient “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, or requiring care from doctor or health care professional”.

3b – Vaccine Safety: There’s Something Unusual Happening Here

The Covid vaccine adverse events are being recorded at significantly higher incidence rates compared to traditional virus vaccines. Whilst there are only two to three dozen vaccine-related deaths (from close to 200 million inoculations) related to the annual flu shot reported every year in the US, the Covid vaccines (currently with just one-third of the jabs compared to the flu vaccine) have notched up 2,600 reported deaths – a rate one hundred times that of the seasonal flu inoculations. The Covid vaccines represent the highest ratio of reported deaths per inoculation of any vaccine in US history. Something unusual is going on.

As vaccine defenders are quick to point out, however, association is not necessarily causation and the adverse events reported may not be related to the vaccination – they could simply be ‘coincidence’. It is noteworthy, however, that almost all the members of the vaccine fan-club are the very same Covid Hysterics who, when they were fanning hysteria about Covid mortality, went out of their way to dismiss the possibility of coincidence by directly inferring causation of any deaths which involved Covid in any way, no matter how incidental, to Covid as the underlying cause. For the Covid Hysteric, if a person dies from, say, gunshot wound or motor vehicle accident, within two months of testing positive for SARS-CoV-2, they are a “Covid death”, no question about it, but a healthy person who dies within two days of getting the vaccine is merely a ‘coincidence’. Expect a wave of deaths by ‘coincidence’ as the experimental Covid vaccine rollout thunders on.

The US CDC justifies the vaccine deaths-by-coincidence interpretation by saying that “a review of available clinical information including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records revealed no evidence that vaccination contributed to patient deaths”. Well, they would say that wouldn’t they, since the CDC (and its domestic and international counterparts) have been part of the Virus Fear establishment since the very beginning and are now dutifully following their political masters in regard to finding no fault with the vaccines in an investigative process that should normally take many months of forensic clinical analysis for the thousands of reported Covid vaccine-related deaths but which, pace the rush job of vaccine development and approval, has been massively, and dangerously, accelerated.

The relative timing of vaccination and adverse event is also indicative of a lot more than mere coincidence going on. In the US, for example, close to half the vaccine-associated deaths during the rollout have occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated, including a third who died within 48 hours of the vaccination itself. In many instances, vaccination and death are suspiciously adjacent events and, furthermore, the deaths are being reported in healthy younger people and not just limited to the frail, elderly, bed-ridden, immuno-compromised, pre-terminal, institutionalised patients whose life prospects are not that rosy whether they are vaccinated or not and for whom the vaccine side-effects may be enough for them to call stumps ahead of time.

Part of the reason for the confirmation bias of the CDC could be related to the wee problem of conflict of interest – the US regulator, the FDA, for example, receives almost half its budget from the pharmaceutical industry, whilst the CDC profits from its ownership of some five dozen vaccine patents. Don’t expect them to bite the hand that feeds them.

3c – Vaccine Safety: Numerators And Denominators – Both Matter

As hundreds of million vaccine shots have been administered globally, the population rate of adverse reactions is quite low (even allowing for significant undercounting of adverse events in the passive recording systems), as we are constantly reminded by political and medical authorities. Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, for example, breezily reminds us that the chances of getting a vaccine-related blood clot are less than the odds of winning the lottery. The largeness of the denominator (people vaccinated) obviously matters statistically but the much smaller numerator (people experiencing adverse reactions) is also highly meaningful – if you have the misfortune to find yourself in it.

Reports of healthy, young, and middle-aged adults, including medical and nursing professionals, who have reacted badly to the vaccine, up to and including death, are not to be conveniently conjured away by glib references to gambling odds. Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), for example, actively surveys all vaccine recipients to monitor the incidence of adverse reactions that don’t make it onto their passive reporting database. This active surveillance system reports that 1.2% of Covid vaccine recipients visit a hospital emergency department or GP because of the severity of the reaction. With so much at stake (one’s health, indeed very life), who would want to become a statistic making up part of that 1.2%?

For the average person in reasonable health aged under 65, the risk of potentially serious side-effects makes the vaccines far more dangerous than the virus itself. For the more vulnerable, the side-effects of vaccination may just be an additional suite of problems to add to their overall mortality risk profile. Serious health problems from the vaccines may be at very long odds but the Covid vaccine is still essentially a game of Russian roulette.

3d – Vaccine Safety: Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)

One of the barrels of the roulette gun is loaded with the bullet of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), a clinical outcome that has sunk all previous attempts at launching any vaccine for a coronavirus. ADE is the exaggerated and potentially deadly over-exuberance of the vaccinated person’s inflammatory response (the “cytokine storm”, which attacks the healthy body itself) following any subsequent natural exposure to the coronavirus in the wild. In previous animal safety trials for vaccines for the SARS, MERS and Dengue Fever coronaviruses, for example, vaccinated lab ferrets, mice and civets later exposed to the natural virus keeled over at a great rate of knots. It is not known whether ADE will be a problem with the COVID vaccines because the relevant animal trials were skipped in the urgent political rush but the ADE history of its coronavirus vaccine peers would suggest an incipient problem.

Any future ADE bump in mortality related to the Covid vaccines will pose a conundrum for the vaccine lobby – if the ADE deaths are coded to Covid as cause of death (and, as the vaccinated body is manufacturing a part of the virus itself, any Covid test will be positive), then that will show how useless the vaccine is at providing immunity but if the ADE deaths are attributed to the vaccine that will show how dangerous the vaccine is. Good luck with the PR on that one, vaccine guys.

3e – Long-term Vaccine Safety – The Great Unknown

The short-term safety issues of the vaccines, documented by the trials and now by the rollout, are one thing that properly-informed individuals could make an informed personal risk assessment on but the unknown long-term safety issues are a completely different kettle of risk. The long-term safety trials are not due for completion until early 2023 at the latest (Pfizer in April and AstraZeneca in February of that year), and October 2022 at the earliest (for Moderna), and may, in fact, never be completed because some pharmaceutical companies are talking of their ‘ethical responsibility’ to ‘unblind’ their unvaccinated trial participants (who are receiving a saline, or other placebo, injection) by giving them the vaccine.

The complete absence of any data on the Covid vaccines’ long-term safety profile means that nobody can place their hand on their heart and say that the current crop of vaccines are safe. When politicians, health bureaucrats, your local GP, the pharmaceutical companies and the media do so, they are lying. Unsurprisingly, this would be in keeping with how the authorities have lied about the true danger of the virus, and the whole palaver of social distancing rituals (including lockdown), since the very beginning.

3f – Vaccine Safety: Tested Only On The Hale And Hearty

Any claims that the vaccines are safe are further compromised because the trials were restricted almost solely to people aged under 55 with no underlying health conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, or obesity, which are risk factors for bad Covid outcomes particularly amongst the vulnerable elderly who are theoretically most in need of a (safe and effective) vaccine. Instead, the most Covid-vulnerable cohort is now involved in a gigantic experiment with an unproven and risky vaccine.

The result is an abnormal spike in deaths soon after vaccine rollout, particularly amongst the elderly whose already frail health may not have been able to cope with the vaccine side-effects or who may have succumbed to an infection acquired as a result of their immune system being down for a week or two after vaccination (in the way that the double whammy of flu and pneumonia combine to account for their many victims). The vaccine-related mortality bulges that are being reported in rapidly-vaccinating countries such as Israel, the UK, Ireland, Cambodia, Gibraltar, Bhutan, Chile, the Seychelles, Israel and now India, could well be the fruits of a rushed, ‘warp-speed’, vaccine development which has cut standard safety corners.

The last time a safety-compromised rush job was done on a vaccine – for the swine flu in 2009-2010 – the rollout in the US had to be cancelled after some four hundred children developed severe, life-long neurological damage. Not a promising precedent.

3g – Vaccine Safety: Traditional Vaccines Vs Gene-based Vaccines

Our environment is a microbial soup of harmful viruses to which our immune system produces virus-killing antibodies and memory T-Cells for future immunity reference. Mimicking this natural process by introducing an inactivated or attenuated virus through traditional vaccination for the body to prepare its defences in advance of future infections is intuitively logical. The established vaccines for the big childhood killer diseases, for diseases which target the elderly (pneumonia, shingles, etc.) and for the flu (which can mean misery for people of all ages and death for some) have wide public acceptance because they make conceptual sense to the layperson.

In contrast, however, getting the body’s cells to manufacture a live part of the virus, as in the gene-based vaccines for Covid, is a leap of scientific faith. The AstraZeneca and J&J ‘adenovirus-derived’ vector vaccines insert a synthetic virus DNA extract for the virus spike protein (those little stick things that we see on the outside of the cartoon coronavirus which makes the virus stick to it target human cells) into the nucleus of the human cell (the yolk, if you like, where all the human DNA is kept) whilst the Pfizer and Moderna ‘messenger-RNA’ synthetic vaccine material is inserted into the cytoplasm (the ‘egg-white’, where all the cellular building materials are stored for assembly into tissue, organs, bone, blood, hair, etc. when prompted by the genetic blueprints in the cell nucleus).

These two approaches are different routes to the same end of instructing the human cells to manufacture a piece of the pathogen itself and release it into the bloodstream or tissues thus triggering an immune response. What happens, however, if you turn your body into a possibly long-term viral protein factory, booster shot after booster shot, year after year for new viral strains? We simply do not know the effect on the intricate and complex workings of the immune system nor on the cells which are being retro-fitted to become virus spike protein producers.

The ‘law of unintended consequences’ can be unforgiving and the global medical experiment of revolutionary, gene-tampering vaccines means we are going to find out soon enough about the unintended health effects of the Covid vaccines. If the blood clots issue is anything to go by – where both the engineered vaccine spike proteins and the lipid nanoparticles which carry them into the cell are capable of passing through the body’s usually watertight blood-brain barrier to cause inflammation, clotting, neurological and other medical mayhem – the unintended consequences may be ugly indeed.

3h – Compensation for Vaccine-Caused Harm

Serious, vaccine-caused harm is a real risk with the Covid vaccines. Gamble with them and lose, and there will be no appropriate financial recompense because governments the world over have inoculated the vaccine manufacturers from being sued. Big Pharma have most governments by the short and curlies, able to dictate product liability terms in a sellers’ market where the buyers are desperate for a political fix to their lockdown crisis through vaccines. The UK government, for example, has exempted the Covid vaccine manufacturers from all compensation claims by the public and the most that any vaccination victim can expect is a payout from an inadequate Government health compensation scheme which is limited to a one-off lump sum of £120,000 and which may be claimed only if 60% permanent disability is proved. The situation is similar, or worse, in many other countries.

‘Would you buy a Covid vaccine from this lot, with their history of corporate malfeasance?’, is a question very much for the asking. All the major Covid vaccine-makers (save Moderna who have, until now, never brought any of their ‘DNA modernising’ products to market) have paid out tens of billions of dollars in damages for those of their other pharmaceutical products which they knew at the time would cause injuries and deaths whilst other huge penalties have been racked up for safety violations, false advertising claims and kickbacks and bribery. Why wouldn’t Big Pharma like indemnity for their SARS-CoV-2 vaccines? It sure would lower the rather hefty business overhead of compensation for shonky products and misleading marketing.

This unprecedented legal exemption from liability and compensation leaves a smell of rattus rattus in the air over just how trustworthy the vaccines are.

Part 2 is coming soon!

20 thoughts on “Have You Had Your Jab, Yet? Part 1

  1. I haven’t been and I won’t be. And my 12 year old, when that comes (and it clearly will), over my dead body.

  2. A keep fit class I used to attend recently resumed and vaccines quickly entered the conversation as we caught up with one another. One by one people announced that they had had the jab and then turned to me. I said I hadn’t. Brief silence. Have you got yours lined up then? No, I am not going to have it. Long silence. Why not? I’m relying on my immune to keep me well. Nervous glances to one another. I finished off by saying that taking the vaccine is a choice and this was my choice, so let’s leave it at that. We did but I now sense a distance between me and some of the class, though, thankfully not all. I have been amazed how perfectly rational and intelligent people have accepted the need for the Covid vaccine without question. Even when you tell them about the adverse side effects, which includes more than a thousand deaths as listed in the government’s official figures, they don’t flinch. Unless directly challenged, I have learned to keep quiet, knowing that one day reality will dawn.

  3. Thanks so much for writing this. As a leftist in the US who is not going to get the vaccine, and who opposes mandates, I’m often accused of therefore being an ignorant Trump supporter, which is patently ridiculous. Great to hear other leftists opposing the vaccine so I know I have company!

    1. You want to distance yourself from the “ignorant Trump supporter,” but your reasons for not wanting the vaccine are not necessarily much different.

      In the United States, our remaining federalism allows resistance to the top-down totalitarian agendas being pushed in the name of Covid-19. On the global level, nationalism and populism look much more effective than leftism as a check on globalist totalitarian (which is what most leftists want anyway–as long as it comes in their preferred flavor).

      1. I work as staff at a leftist-dominated university whose president makes about ten times as much as I make (which, granted, is somewhat low for a university president salary). It is now considering requiring staff to get one of the Covid-19 “vaccines.” Being fired will be an enormous financial blow, but I will not take one of these “vaccines,” and plan to head to Texas ASAP. Maybe I’ll join a militia while I’m at it.

  4. What a good article. The more one reads the less attractive the idea of Covid-19 vaccination is. Most people are worried to go against health advice from GPs, the government etc – there is more than one way to solve a health problem, but it takes self-confidence plus some basic scientific knowledge.

  5. Excellent article. I’ve got many left leaning friends who have been completely sucked in by the lockdown & vaccination agenda but many would be putting off reading this article by your criticism of their hero China. Remove that & I could share this widely. So much logic, research & common sense to counteract the hysteria & emotive narrative.

  6. I am so glad I found your blog! It’s really good to read these kind of articles and written very sophisticated way. I am literally so sick of this corona hysteria and mind blowing vaccine campaign, or I rather would call it propaganda! I am happy that I am surrounded with some people like my mum, her partner and one of my closer friend, who are not going along with this madness. At my work place in the coffee break I hear conversation about vacation and coworkers have started to taken these shots, but nobody hasn’t asked me directly do I plan to take. I prefer to keep this information to myself. Feel the waste of energy to simply explain why I am not planning to take a fast and newly developed injection that developers dont take any responsibility for the more severe side effects or barley anything. One person was suprised to hear me not taking the vac cus well according to his words I cant go anywhere anymore if I am not taking it. And the most scary thing is that some people think this control is ok in the western world. Like what has happened with people??? They don’t have any doubts. We are talking about the virus the dying rate is close to impossible for healthy under 60 year old people. My grandma is very hysteric about this, she even don’t want me to come to Estonia(my original country) from Finland (where I live) cus she afraid that I can get the virus and die. Estonian according to statistics not for long time ago was the highest cases in Europe. Now in Estonia is going on a crazy manipulative vax propaganda when people don’t take it they might lose their job especially in health care system. In Finland haven’t yet heard such mad stories but government is actually considering vax passports. Really hope it’s not going to be the reality and it’s just raw theory about passport. The idea of that already giving me nause and anxiety :((
    Keep up the good work! Hope that this hoax is going to an end soon.

  7. Excellent post. Please submit this to Global Research out of Canada as they would sure republish it there. Thank you.

  8. Author’s claim about the trials may be true, but the vaccines are actually really good at reducing serious illness or death among the vulnerable. Please don’t harm lockdown scepticism by such misleading articles.

  9. Very good article but try telling the Covid zealots, aka most of the population! You might as well try sweeping water uphill! Even if I could get my friends or even most of my family to read it, I just know they would dismiss it as conspiracy theory batshit nonsense. We are way beyond rational argument to all but fellow lockdown sceptics.

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