Left Lockdown Sceptics meeting in London on 18 September

How did the mainstream UK left become a devotee of official restrictions, lockdowns, tracking, medical mandates and New Normalisation generally? 

Where does that leave the hundreds of thousands of us who question the woke Pharma/Guardian/BBC narrative?  

In a climate of intensifying cases/variants/vaccine mandates fear-mongering, how can we (re)connect with each other to build a broader Left LDS movement?  

And how do we begin broader conversations, reach ‘across the aisle’, grapple with de-programming those around us from what has been called collective hypnosis? 

Join the first Left Lockdown Sceptics Public meeting. Assisted by expert panels of speakers, we’ll discuss where we are, the scenarios that have played out over the past 18 months and strategies that could counter them.

Join us! And bring trusted comrades/friends/family.


Saturday 18 September, 11am – 5pm


Near Seven Sisters tube, London N15 – details confirmed upon registration

How much?

£10 (more if you can afford it/less if you can’t). Includes event, lunch, refreshments.

How to register?

You must email wqlm@yahoo.com to register and receive venue details.

6 thoughts on “Left Lockdown Sceptics meeting in London on 18 September

  1. Good luck to you guys. Any chance of this happening in Canada any time soon? The left here in Canada has gone completely authoritarian over covid. The far-right People’s Party of Canada is rising in the polls in our election right now, mainly on its anti-lockdown message. Much of that support is driven by former lefties like me who hate lockdowns but feel deeply betrayed by left-wing parties.

    1. Ditto. We (anti-lockdown Lefty Canadians) need to organize to give voice to an alternative to the far right/libertarian narrative that is dominating the resistance to vaccine mandates and similar coercive measures. I have been a Marxist for over 45 years and am feeling totally beached and more estranged from the Left than ever before (except for people who contribute to this forum and Mark Crispin Miller). I have my theories as to why the Left has become so colonized by this mass psychosis (and none of the underlying causes are easy to address in the short term) but in the end what matters is that we (i.e. the Left in general) have completed vacated the anti-lockdown/mandate field and allowed the Right to hegemonize this terrain. Into this vacuum will flow – and is now flowing, as is evidenced by the anti-Trudeau protests in the current election campaign and the rise in the support for the PPC – a profoundly potent tsunami of mass anger the likes of which we have never seen before. And it will be – and is being – channeled by the Right. As usual the Left will wonder why and how they have been bypassed and effectively consigned to the dustbin of history, at least for a short time, once again.

      1. If only i were living in London! i too am a Canadian, absolutely demoralized and gobsmacked by the left/liberal embrace of highly authoritarian restrictions. And yes, this really could spill-out into greater anger among people who don’t at all feel listened to. i am no supporter of the far-right PPC, but i have to say that their plan concerning pandemics/Sars-CoV-2 is pretty sound, and one might even say “rational.” (Just look on the party’s website for their platform.) And it makes me wonder: Are these the only people who are actually speaking about how restrictions have detrimentally “affected the vulnerable”?
        Best of luck on your meeting. Any chance it might be livestreamed/recorded?

        1. Hi Jason,

          My name is Dennis. I live in Vancouver BC. I share your concerns completely. I have voted the social democratic NDP all my life. I am very left-wing. Yet I voted for the PPC via mail ballot already. I don’t think the PPC is necessarily right-wing as the mainstream media tries to imply. Rather they are rather astutely channeling a growing populist movement that has been building for years thanks to the arrogance of the dominant elites. The PPC position on mandatory vaccine passports is a good one and will resonate widely

  2. Wish I could be there but have prior commitment elsewhere. Any chance of a Northern meeting if this goes well? In Liverpool, for instance?

    1. There is a meeting on same day in Manchester at Friends Meeting House, city centre from 12-4pm, ‘What’s Wrong With Vaccine Passports.’

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