LLS supporter Steve Jack is standing for the Freedom Alliance

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I’m delighted to be standing as the Freedom Alliance candidate in this important by-election, and to be in with a chance of becoming Hartlepool’s next MP.

I currently live in York, where I rent a flat with my wife Rachel, and can often be seen out walking my elderly neighbour’s dog Benji along by the river. Having been made redundant from my job in the travel trade due to the lockdowns last year (Rachel was in the theatre business, so suffered a similar fate), I now work as a part-time writer, and like to get out hiking and cycling in the surrounding countryside whenever I can. I also love a pint of real ale, and a good old-fashioned pub, so I’m keen to start supporting the local hostelries again, especially since I was unable to celebrate my recent 50th birthday in the usual, time-honoured fashion!

I’m not really a politician at all. And I’ve never aspired to political office. But I am interested in truth and social justice, and I knew there was something very wrong about our country’s over-reaction to this virus, right from the very beginning.

Despite having a perfectly good Pandemic Preparedness Plan, the Government caved into global and media pressure, and went ahead with ‘locking down’ the entire population (something that had never been done before) without making any proper Impact Assessment as to what the wider consequences might be. As I expected, the results were disastrous.

We’ve seen catastrophic losses for businesses, with the prospect that, over the next five years, hundreds of thousands more people will fall into poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy and despair. There’s been a 50% rise in mental health problems among children. And we’ve had 3 million missed cancer screening appointments up and down the country, resulting in 350,000 fewer patients being referred for urgent investigations.

So these are just some of the reasons why I have vigorously opposed the lockdowns – and other curtailments to our freedoms – throughout this crisis. And this is also why I was delighted to discover the Freedom Alliance: a new political party whose volunteers are as passionate as I am about ending this tyranny, and whose laser-eyed focus on this over-riding issue (the only real issue for these elections) mirrored my own, very grave concerns.

I find it impossible to trust a government that has wasted £37 billion (an almost unimaginable sum) on a failed ‘test and trace’ system; but I can’t trust the other legacy political parties, either, who have failed dismally to provide any meaningful opposition. That’s why I think it’s vital that the Freedom Alliance is fighting this election, to give the people of Hartlepool a voice; and to show them that, contrary to what the mainstream media might try to tell them, there is another way.

So I feel privileged to be able campaign for the rights of Hartlepudlians in this election. And I will do my utmost to bring freedom back to this proud and spirited part of the country. Find out more about my campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

2 thoughts on “LLS supporter Steve Jack is standing for the Freedom Alliance

  1. SCYTL How the vote was helped in Western Australia. Unless your very careful it will be you next. In other words not a chance.Good luck though. Just by the way I booked a holiday but lost all as the cruise ships were scrapped. The elite are having a great time I read without having the likes of me show up. Sorry you lost your job but I guess they meant it when they said people can no longer travel. At the time I just thought it was a joke.

  2. What is “left” (this blog does have the word “left” in its title after all) about joining, let alone being a candidate for, an extreme right-wing libertarian party?

    You should leave the left alone and come to terms with what you have become.

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