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LLS contributors highlight weekly lockdown stories that have been poorly covered in the mainstream news.

1. Report from Jo Nash

India update

This week, the Indian government reversed its decision to withdraw Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as treatment options for COVID 19 in the face of persistent vaccine hesitancy and rising cases, which then began to plummet.

Could it be that Modi has begun to distance himself from the Gates funded vaccine pushers following the media coverage of Bill’s disreputable antics during his marriage? India is a morally conservative country where divorce is rare and highly stigmatised. The U-turn on the ‘vaccine intervention only’ policy may indicate Modi’s wish to distance himself from the sordid tales surfacing from the Gates’ divorce. This development is important not just for India, but the world, as we observe the fall of the viral curve following treatment in a country that has witnessed widespread resistance to the experimental injections. Could this signal the beginning of the end of the global vaccination drive and associated passports? See Jim Hoft’s article Elites worried: COVID cases in India plummet after government promotes Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine use and Justus R. Hope’s piece Ivermectin crushes Delhi cases for further coverage.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan everyone’s coming down with the ‘UK variant’ according to an article by Syed Hassan UK variant accounts for 70% of COVID cases in Pakistan. For the sceptics among us, however, the question remains, are the variants of concern really variants of coercion to roll up our sleeves and submit to the jab as reports ricochet across the globe? I’ll be tracking this narrative and the simultaneous vaccine roll-out with interest.

2. Report from Andy Libson

Education update

There has been much talk about reopening schools in CA and returning to ‘in person’ education. That was mostly hot air as returning to school mostly meant relocating where you logged on and now you get to wear a mask the whole time you are ‘in class’. Even the MSM had to admit the lie, but don’t seem to get how cruel and ugly it really is. Read more here: LA Times: ZOOM in a Room

Fellow teachers in SFUSD successfully bucked the trend of “Zoom in a room” but are refusing to return unless they could actually teach in person. The principal relented and their students got to put down their computers and actually learn together in 3-dimensional space. Read more here: Mission Local: Teachers bucking “ZOOM in a Room”

Read about this set of educators from around the state of New York looking to build opposition to mass vaccination of students and workers, mass testing (PCR) of students and workers and exposing the threats to our rights as workers by these mandates: New York Teachers for Choice

Alison McDowell shows a mainstream report about the STEMuli Dallas Pilot School, which is a workforce-aligned video game virtual school. A school that is a model for what many schools could be seen as the future. See more here: Alison McDowell’s latest video on the gamification of education

Find much more from Andy Libson at his podcast “What’s Left?

3. Report from Emily Garcia

Women speaking up about Covid restrictions from a feminist standpoint at Speakers Corner earlier today.

To watch the video coverage click here

Venice Allen: 8:40
Emily Garcia: 31:10

4. Report from Chris Rea

No jab/ no job model motion

For trade union members facing problems at work LLS supporter Chris Rea has shared a model motion below:

This [conference/union/branch/council etc] notes with concern that ‘no jab, no job’ policies have already been introduced by some employers and are likely to become more common.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said in February 2021 that, “the government should make clear that making vaccination a condition of employment is the wrong approach. It may be discriminatory and open up employers to legal challenge.”

Unite Assistant General Secretary Howard Beckett has said that such a policy would be “a disgraceful attempt to create a divisive narrative around workers and the vaccine.”

This [conference/union/branch/council etc] believes that ‘no jab, no job’ policies are a fundamental attack on workers’ rights. The ability of a worker to earn a wage should not be conditional upon having a Covid-19 vaccination.

No worker should be compelled to have a vaccination against their will just to be able to get or keep a job.

‘No jab, no job’ policies may also constitute discrimination in employment based on social belief and on medical grounds.

This [conference/union/branch/council etc] calls upon [appropriate body] to:
Support any member whose livelihood is placed at risk by an employer’s ‘no jab, no job’ policy.
Join the TUC, Unite, UNISON and other unions in campaigning against ‘no jab, no job’ policies.

Simply copy and paste the template above.

5. And finally…

Liberal Spring

Dr Mike Yeadon, a hero of the anti-lockdown movement has thrown his weight behind a new lobby called ‘Liberal Spring’ saying ‘We’re building a liberal and democratic party that will oppose this government on its coronavirus response’. Liberal Spring are lobbying the LibDems to make ten pledges as follows:

  • 1) Accept that lockdowns and most other non pharmaceutical interventions (NPI’s) have no cost benefit relationship and should never be used again to suppress a coronavirus.
  • 2) Accept that such NPI’s such as masks and mass testing are deeply harmful to mental health, the economy and liberty.
  • 3) Dismiss all notions and concepts of health passports and certificates of vaccination and immunity.
  • 4) Insist vaccines must have fully informed consent and must never be coerced by government or any public/ private body.
  • 5) Rule out the vaccination of healthy children completely for COVID-19.
  • 6) Call for a full public enquiry into the origin of NPI’s the awarding of PPE and testing contracts.
  • 7) Call for an end to mass community screening by PCR and LFT tests especially in places of education.
  • 8) Urgently roll out any proven prophylactic remedies for the COVID-19 disease as remedies or preventions.
  • 9) Call for a public enquiry into the misattribution of COVID-19 deaths and data recording.
  • 10) Avoid discussion about rejoining the EU.

We await your comments…

2 thoughts on “News round up

  1. What the hell is the EU principle about? It seems to have no relationship to the other aims.

  2. Andy Pool, i think the EU principle is precisely because it has no relation to the other aims. Lib Dems are known to blame everything they can on brexit and use anything as an excuse to rejoin the EU. This clause is intended to “head off” such irrelevances.

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