Returning to the office: Legions of the vaxxed

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I work for a medium sized company and have spent nearly all of the last six months working from home. This was a blessing in disguise because it provided me with additional time to follow and research many aspects of the “pandemic” and launch this very website.

Recently my company began to encourage people to return to the office, at least one or two days a week, on a voluntary basis. I was happy to do this because I was missing the face-to-face social contact and appreciated a change of scenery. I decided to go into the office for two consecutive days.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my first day back turned out to be underwhelming. There weren’t that many people in, and the people that I saw didn’t appear interested in any conversations beyond exchanging pleasantries. Still, I was able to focus on my work and go for a nice sunny walk at lunchtime, so I was happy to do it all again the next day.

However, my second day in the office was completely different. For a start, there were a lot more people in the building who were generally more senior in terms of both age and position in the company. Within minutes I was being accosted by those keen to talk to me about their medical status.

Mrs C, a woman in her fifties, seemed almost ecstatic to tell me about her adverse reaction to the Oxford-Astrazeneca jab. Within days of receiving it she experienced tightening of the chest, difficulty breathing and a swollen hand, which at one point turned off-colour. She ended up taking an ambulance to the hospital where she was administered prophylactic injections and given a three month course of blood thinners. She remained in hospital for a couple days until her hand swelling went down, and then returned to work. She declared she must have been the “one in a million” to experience blood clots, to which I replied that these side effects were more common than we were being led to believe. She didn’t seem bothered and told me she was still going to get her second jab. She was on the blood thinners so it wouldn’t happen again, right?

Mrs C also told me how nervous she was about returning to the office given there would be more younger people around who were not vaccinated. I asked: Surely having had the “vaccine”, she was now more protected? The comment was basically ignored.

Getting a coffee I bumped into Mr B, an older guy with a good sense of humour. He was keen to have a holiday and visit a relative in Portugal but was worried about the rise in cases there, which he put down to the fact that the “vaccine” programme had not been sufficiently rolled out. This is despite the fact that our Prime Minister had recently stated it was lockdown, not the “vaccines”, that had primarily cut covid cases and deaths in the UK. In reality it was neither, just the fact that we passed through the winter respiratory virus season. I decided to bite my tongue and we went our ways.

I later spoke to Mr B again, who told me he had had the Oxford-Astrazeneca jab about 4 weeks ago and hadn’t experienced any side effects. He wasn’t sure whether the second one would be the same again or a different brand given recent revelations on blood clots. He asked me if I had had the jab, to which I simply said no, and he just carried on the conversation, probably assuming my age cohort hadn’t been invited yet. In fact I had received multiple invites by text message over the last couple months, all of which I had ignored.

Mr B also said he’d gotten out of the regular habit of using anti-bac hand gel, to which I smiled thinking he was joking. But he wasn’t joking. He saw this as a lack of discipline and sternly announced the importance of regularly dousing your hands in the stuff.

Returning to my desk, I overheard many covid comments throughout the day.

One guy who must have been in his late fifties was telling his colleague how his teenage son had basically spent the last year shut in his bedroom. Expecting him to express concern and discuss the mental health and social impact that lockdown had caused his own son, to my horror he abruptly stated “Tough. That’s the way it is”.

A team mate told me how a new fast-food place had opened in town which he went to visit, but when he got there decided against ordering food because the person at the counter was not wearing a mask. Bear in mind that my colleague was sitting barely a metre away from me, in the office where literally no one was wearing a mask.

A senior manager remarked that the meeting rooms in the office were “covid secure” because they had all been wiped down with anti-bacterial wipes. I guess they hadn’t heard that surface transmission of covid was basically non-existent. It’s fine, replied one colleague: “I’ve been jabbed!”

I was relieved to get through to the end of the working day and drive home. When I got to my home town, within a short space of time I saw three ambulances on the road, two of which had their lights and sirens going. Indeed, within the last couple weeks I had seen a noticeable increase in ambulances along my road. I wrote about deaths following “vaccination” back in January, and everything that has happened since then only confirms my analysis that these experimental injections are neither safe nor effective. Let’s see what next week will bring!

8 thoughts on “Returning to the office: Legions of the vaxxed

  1. If there a any consolation in the insanity that has manifested itself over the past year or so it is that all of my worst opinions about the population of this country have been confirmed.
    The cowardly and supine acceptance of the fear mongering propaganda disseminated by the gimlet eyed fanatics is shameful. This obedience allied with an indifference to the suffering of the world’s poorest is nothing but disgusting.
    Still never mind we are all in this together and we should all take inspiration from the shiny shithead charlatan Boris the plausible buffoon.
    The whole thing has the same effect on me as sticking my fingers down my throat. But none of it is surprising.

  2. Good post glad to see this website taking a critical view with these so-called vaccines which are nothing of the sort I would highly recommend listening to James delingpoles recent podcast with Dr Mike yeden

    1. Yes, I agree, Mark. The ‘Lockdown Sceptics’ website, which was a valuable source of news and support until recently, has, with its woefully misguided faith in the “vaccine”, become almost as bad as all the rest. So credit to LLS, OffGuardian, SWPRS and the very few other outlets who have stuck to their truth-driven principles throughout this entire shitshow.

  3. The left’s response to SARS-CoV-2 and the lockdown programme has been consistently wrong for the past thirteen months and the current bout of indignation and outrage over ‘vaccine inequality’ is but the latest misstep. Any community or nation under-served by these experimental injections should count itself blessed.

  4. An interesting article, However, I have to take issue with the implication that ‘older’ people are more likely to be supporters of lockdown and ‘jabbing’ (Oh, how I hate that word!!) all and sundry with one or other of the experimental Covid vaccines(?) currently proffered by multinational capitalist pharmaceutical conglomerates.

    Both my husband and I (Oh dear, I sound like Elizabeth Windsor referring to herself and her recently-deceased spouse!) are ardent lifelong socialists, in our seventies and convinced lockdown sceptics. Neither of us have any desire to be ‘jabbed’ like a human guinea pig for the greater glory of a company that in the most ruthless and unprincipled way possible puts their profits above human life. The trouble is that the pressures are immense. I am still working part-time two days a week for a small not-for-profit organisation providing services to NHS patients. We have been instructed to work at home now for more than a year. It is very difficult to contact patients via the phone. Sometimes the ward staff are too busy to facilitate contact, and sometimes patients are just not interested. Notwithstanding this, we are on a contract that sets draconian targets. I work 14 hours per week and I am told that I must spend an average of 12.5 hours on direct client work or risk losing the funding that pays my wages. Additionally, my colleagues and I are told that if we need to go to the toilet or make a drink during working hours we must “do it in your own time”. As for our eventual return to the ward, we were told that hospital management might well insist that we are vaccinated against Covid-19 and can demonstrate the necessary proof of this before we are allowed back.. At the moment. they lack the legal basis for this so, instead we must test for Covid-19 by self-administered Rapid Antigen Test. As bad as this is, there is of course, every prospect that this abominable government will haste to bring in legislation that will mean ‘no jab, no job’. This is a prospect greatly to be feared by all of us.

    To cap it all,on one one of my days off, I was food shopping up in Central London and suggested to my partner that we might buy ourselves a home-made vegan ice cream at a local restaurant. A simple enough thing, you may think, and a nice treat. However, when I went into the shop to order our ices, the owner demanded, “Have you been vaccinated?”, and whilst not entirely barring me from making a purchase, was not at all happy when I replied “no”. I was then subjected to a barrage of unwanted and unsolicited, Covid-related fear propaganda. Appparently she had friends who are doctors and they were very pessimistic about the present time being one in which the population might hope to see the end of lockdown as a political strategy. They knew, she insisted, that the pandemic was far from over, and that there is worse to come. She then volunteered the information, “I’ve been vaccinated, and with the Astra-Zeneca jab. it was really quick and easy, and I’ve had absolutely no side-effects.”. At that point, with the ices in my hand, I made an excuse to leave and effected a quick exit from the door. The ice cream was, as expected, delicious, but I am having serious doubts as to whether I shall return to that place.

  5. A similar tale from me. On my first day back I was greeted with a very friendly “Great to see you” by a 50-ish female colleague who followed up with “Have you had your jab?” The conversion that followed went like this:
    Me “No, I’m not going to have it [name]” her (curtly) “Well I’m not going to hug you then”.
    Me “Ahh that’s a shame [name], why not?”
    Her “Well you might have covid and not know”
    Me “Have you not had your jab then?”
    Her “Yeah, I’ve had both but it doesn’t stop me from getting the virus”
    Me “Yeah, I’ve read that. It doesn’t stop you spreading the virus either so I’ve read”
    Her “Yeah, that’s right”
    Me “And that’s the reason why I’m not bothering. And bearing in mind that you could be asymptomatic, it’s probably best you don’t give me a hug”

    1. Their logic is literally, laughable. The restaurant proprietor I encountered, as mentioned in my contribution above also spontaneously(!) admitted, “The vaccine may not stop me getting Covid, but if I do it will be less severe”. At that time even the MSM were admitting the connection between the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and blood clots. As a result of this, the EU refused a shipment of ‘vaccines’ which was about to dock. I could hardly believe it when I read that the cargo was then promptly redirected to Australia.

      You really couldn’t make it up!

  6. The cognitive dissonance gets ever more bizarre.
    Whatever one personally thinks about the vaccine (and I don’t want it because I have no need of it), it has as high or higher efficacy rates than the yearly flu vaccines so why on earth would anyone taking it – and therefore presumably believing it to be useful – still be fearful of the unvaccinated? I feel as if I’m living in some parallel universe where government and media has decided that Covid is shroedingers cat – it kills at random as everyone is equally at risk (remember the ‘wards full of sick children’ from the BBC) yet it’s asymptomatic for at least a third of people who are therefore killing everyone by jogging with their Covid breath; the vaccine is the way out of lockdown but it isn’t because more lockdown is the way out of lockdown and vaccines make no difference to death rates. It’s stupid people not wearing masks who spread Covid in the community but it’s so tragic that a third of transmission is in hospitals and care homes because that’s where ill people are so we should protect ill people in hospitals by shouting at healthy people going on walks.
    All makes total sense…. And this is the lived experience it seems of millions of people like your work colleagues.
    Everyone has gone completely insane.

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