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Real Left welcomes guest article submissions of anywhere up to 2,000 words (longer articles may be broken down into multiple parts).

All submissions must meet the guidelines below and we encourage left-wing or socialist perspectives on a variety of topics related to Covid-19 and lockdown: not just political analysis, news or data analysis, but also more personal reflections and thoughts.

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1) Must be provided in Microsoft Word (doc, docx) or Open Office (odt) file format.
2) UK or US English spelling, but must be consistent.
3) For quotations, use single quote (‘) instead of double quote (“).
4) All relevant material must be referenced.
5) Referencing can be in the form of either
a) in-article hyperlinks (e.g. , or
b) numbered references in the form [1], [2] etc and with a references section at the end (e.g.