The deception is far greater than we thought

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Today we publish a guest article by Bert Olivier, who is Honorary Professor of Philosophy at University of the Free State, South Africa. Bert exposes the changing narrative of the virus’s origins, explains PCR testing’s ineffectiveness and cites the doctors and scientists who are calling for bravery in refusing the Covid vaccine.

Since the beginning of 2020 my partner and I have gone through several stages of revision of our understanding of the so-called ‘pandemic’. At first it seemed reasonable to accept the theory of ‘zoonotic spillover’ [accessed 10 April 2020] of the SARS-CoV-2 virus from an animal like a bat, perhaps via an intermediate animal such as a pangolin, to humans. It seems to make sense, and in itself zoonotic transfer still does. Hand in hand with this the theory that the ‘virus’ originated in a lab seemed far-fetched and downright impossible – how could something that complex be constructed by (admittedly clever) humans? It is worth noting that, by March 2020, indications were that ‘Scientists are still unsure where the virus originated, and will only be able to prove its source if they isolate a live virus in a suspected species – a hard task’ (Walsh and Cotovio 2020). In early June 2021 scientists still claimed that the precise animal genesis of the ‘novel’ coronavirus is unknown, given the complexity of the process of tracing it.

More recently, however, another account (previously called a ‘conspiracy theory’), has resurfaced – the allegation that the novel coronavirus was deliberately ‘engineered’ in a laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. Needless to say, this muddied the waters somewhat. In contrast to the natural origin hypothesis, it is claimed that the coronavirus was the result of genetic manipulation of a coronavirus in the laboratory concerned. Hence, according to Maxman and Mallapaty: ‘Scientists don’t have enough evidence about the origins of SARS-CoV-2 to rule out the lab-leak hypothesis, or to prove the alternative – that the virus has a natural origin’. To complicate matters further, a large number of e-mail messages (from the first half of 2020) to and from Dr Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the United States was recently made public,  sparking worldwide controversy. According to BBC News:

A January 2020 email to Dr Fauci from the director of the country’s largest biomedical research facility suggested the ‘unusual features’ of the virus may indicate it is ‘engineered’, prompting Dr Fauci to say he will reach out via phone.

In April 2020, an email from the director of the National Institute of Health, Francis Collins, nudged Dr Fauci with the subject line ‘conspiracy gains momentum’. The doctor’s response to this is fully redacted.

This May, Dr Fauci said he is ‘not convinced’ the virus originated naturally and expressed support for an investigation.

BBC News, 2 June 2021

Add to this that some commentators, such as US Senator Rand Paul, have called for an investigation of Fauci’s alleged funding of so-called ‘gain-of-function’ research involving coronaviruses at the Wuhan institute, and the plot thickens perceptibly.

In addition to the question of the virus’s origins, everything concerning the advent of lockdowns in the course of 2020, including the so-called PCR tests, added to the growing mass of information one had to cope with. For as long as one simply accepted the authority of the World Health Organisation and organisations such as the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America, it did not appear to be a problem, but because many of us do not accept such authority unquestioningly, we soon discovered that many of the dogmatically asserted claims are dubious.

The acronym (PCR) stands for ‘polymerase chain reaction’; it was invented by Dr Kary Mullis in 1985, leading to him being awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993. The test enables one to detect, among other things, the presence of a virus in a human body by amplifying the genetic material of a virus in the body up to a level where it can be detected or ‘seen’. It is important to note that, while the PCR-test is regarded as the ‘gold standard’ method for determining whether a person has been infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, health officials admit that it does have its limits: it does not confirm the full presence of the virus, nor the ‘infected’ person’s capacity to infect other people.

Dr Christian Drosten is credited with adapting the PCR test for diagnosing Covid-19, the disease allegedly caused by the ‘novel coronavirus’. While it has been widely used to ‘diagnose’ those with Covid-19, not everyone agrees that it is a reliable method for doing this. There is growing worldwide opposition to the allegedly flawed PCR-tests, which result in a high percentage of so-called ‘false positives’. Several people have highlighted the fact that, when a specimen from a person’s nasal cavity is accelerated at or above 24 cycles (to amplify the genetic material present in an effort to trace evidence of the coronavirus), it is no longer reliable, and produces ‘false positives’.

These people include Dr Reiner Fuellmich – a German and American lawyer who, together with the ‘Corona Investigative Committee’, is leading an international global investigation into the Covid-19 ‘crisis’ – and Dr Sam White, a British medical doctor who recently charged the NHS in Britain with misconduct regarding the treatment of patients with Covid-19 (as well as regarding the promotion of ‘vaccines’ that are not really vaccines, but ‘genetic manipulation’). More recently, an open letter to the UK’s governments signed by 133 medical professionals points out that ‘The PCR test, widely used to determine the existence of ‘cases’, is now indisputably acknowledged to be unable reliably to detect infectiousness’. If the PCR-tests are flawed, the number of infections worldwide are egregiously exaggerated, and it is notable that these are used as a means to instil fear in countries’ citizens, which makes them so much easier to manipulate.

Confirming the unreliability of the PCR-test for Covid-19, in November 2020, The Portugal News reported that, according to the Lisbon Court of Appeal, the PCR test ‘is unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that a positive result corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus’. Because of a citizens’ petition the Lisbon court was obliged to provide verified data on actual Covid-19 mortality rates in Portugal. The court’s ruling stated that verified deaths from January 2020 until April 2021 amounted to 152, and not approximately 17000, as claimed by the government department involved.

The others died for different reasons, although their PCR-tests were shown as positive.1 One can only conclude that massive deception was therefore involved, and given this testimony to the flawed nature of PCR-testing it is likely that this is the case elsewhere too. The further implication is that lockdowns were completely unjustified, and the CDC’s recent notice that it will withdraw the request for the emergency use of PCR-tests after 31 December 2021 tacitly acknowledges this.

The greatest deception, of course, concerns the so-called ‘vaccines’. The WHO website tells us:

Most vaccines have been in use for decades, with millions of people receiving them safely every year. As with all medicines, every vaccine must go through extensive and rigorous testing to ensure it is safe before it can be introduced in a country’s vaccine programme. 

World Health Organisation

But regardless of this solemn reassurance by WHO, the Covid-19 vaccines were not subjected to such supposedly time-consuming, rigorous testing. Unsurprisingly, therefore, medical doctors take issue with their being administered throughout the world. Warnings regarding the vaccines’ lack of safety have been issued by a group comprising 57 leading scientists and medical doctors, as well as by 160 medical doctors and a French drug assessment centre.

It is common knowledge that, despite these warnings, the vaccination drive all over the world has been intensifying, prompting one to ask the obvious question: if so many medical professionals have called for the abandonment of vaccinations, why is it still being pursued so vigorously? In other words, what is the (hidden) agenda? Fortunately not everyone is willing to be vaccinated (including myself, as I have indicated publicly), as evidenced by the courageous ‘Open Letter to the Unvaccinated’, recently published by a group of Canadian academics in which they write:

You are not alone! As of 28 July 2021, 29% of Canadians have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, and an additional 14% have received one shot. In the US and in the European Union, less than half the population is fully vaccinated, and even in Israel, the “world’s lab” according to Pfizer, one third of people remain completely unvaccinated. Politicians and the media have taken a uniform view, scapegoating the unvaccinated for the troubles that have ensued after eighteen months of fearmongering and lockdowns. It’s time to set the record straight.

It is entirely reasonable and legitimate to say ‘no’ to insufficiently tested vaccines for which there is no reliable science. You have a right to assert guardianship of your body and to refuse medical treatments if you see fit. You are right to say ‘no’ to a violation of your dignity, your integrity and your bodily autonomy. It is your body, and you have the right to choose. You are right to fight for your children against their mass vaccination in school…

Do not be intimidated. You are showing resilience, integrity and grit. You are coming together in your communities, making plans to help one another and standing for scientific accountability and free speech, which are required for society to thrive. We are among many who stand with you.

Ontario Civil Liberties Association: Open Letter to the Unvaccinated

In the light of the above it seems safe to say that, despite the likelihood that those driving the vaccination campaign worldwide (as part of ‘the great deception’), hiding their true danger to human health and lives, will have to reckon with the resilience of the human spirit among those who will surely resist this illegitimate, concerted effort to trash human rights. As the movie, Gattaca, taught us: ‘There is no gene for the human spirit’.  


  1. Sones, M. / America’s Frontline Doctors. 2021. Global Research, 23 June: Lisbon Court Rules Only 0.9% of ‘Verified Cases’ Died of COVID, numbering 152, not 17,000 claimed. [Accessed 28 June 2021] 

9 thoughts on “The deception is far greater than we thought

  1. Yeah, gain of function is a scam but there’s no virus… Terrain theory could explain it better. Winters have flu because of low vitamin D which makes the body slow to expel built up dead cells.
    Anyway, covid had the added fun of mask wearing building up bacteria etc , lockdowns reducing vitamin d, and the fear factor which is the nocebo effect.

  2. I dont like to fault find the good professor but.
    I thought and soon knew a scam was in progress from the first moment of lockdown.
    My reasoning was simple. The idea that the U.K was just one of many countries about to borrow vast sums of money in its case half a trillion pounds to pay people to effectively do nothing for who knew how long said S C A M of some kind writ large .
    We live in a capitalist society. The idea that any capitalist banking system would allow an individual or a business or a country to borrow so much to pay people to do nothing when already laden with mountainous debt was absurd.
    Something big as far as I was concerned was going on. It was a question of trying to work out what.

    1. A financial guy I follow has maintained that the need for lockdowns and supressed business activity is to prevent $500 tn derivative bets blowing up, they were predicated on the prospects of eternal low or negative interest rates being a no brainer. Possibly why the iminent inflation is being classed as transitory, as if.

      In the GFC of 2007-8 $1.2 tn of bets were enough to take the system down. As time goes on these bets expire but it will be 2023 before we’re in the clear. As Andrew Marr told us last week “we’re pivoting from covid to climate change” so enjoy the ongoing lockdowns, no idea how they will be justified, a new spectacular anybody ?

  3. Lab lash theory is a psyop to further legitimize a virus which there is otherwise no evidence of its existence.

    From my friend Lorna Case who studied medicine at West Point:

    “PCR was invented to make copies of genetic samples. For instance, a rape case. Say you only have 1 sperm cell, and you don’t want to consume the whole sample when you run a DNA tray. We’d take the sample and copy it millions of times using the PCR machine. It’s dumb — like a copy machine. You get millions of copies of that genetic material that’s in the sample. Then you can run the DNA test, the defense can run the DNA test, and some can be saved for later in case there needs to be a retest with the new, better technology. PCR wasn’t invented for the purpose they’re using it for. If they were being honest, they would report ALL of the genetic material they find in your test. There’d be tree pollen, flower pollen, dirt, dust, etc. It doesn’t tell you that you have an infection. They’d have to do a test that determines the bacterial or viral overload in the body, and they haven’t done that. PCR is a great tool for what it was invented for—to make copies of samples— but it’s being used for nefarious purposes. Just identifying one mRNA sequence, multiplying it millions of times, and then saying it has meaning, is WRONG.”

  4. Danielle (above) is correct. There isn’t a shred of evidence for a new, pathogenic virus. If the aim were to identify some specific micro-organism, then the method employed would be sucrose density gradient centrifugation, followed by electron microscopy. These are the procedures followed iwhen looking at phages and exosomes. You certainly cannot identify a unique virus solely by PCR, and much less by antigen tests. The entire Covid narrative rests on this fundamental scientific fraud.

    Two professionals with integrity explain here why true ‘isolation’ of Sars CoV-2 has never taken place:

  5. I was fired from a job I’d done for aprox 6 years as a cleaner after refusing these pcr tests and laterial flow, (as well as criticising potentcial vacination impositions later down the line possibly now,)
    These tests were imposed as company policy durung the earlier part of this year in the offices of a Care company I worked in, despite staff being told they would never be compulsory. I was given 2 aprox months suspension under health and safety (they say for posing a potencial risk to myself staff and clients, in the company owner and managements words, though I did not have covid or any other virus during the last 2 years, & in my words for refusing and resisting intrusive medical procedures, and dangerous powergrabs by bosses and the state.)

    I was put through this despite my job not requiring me to be around any staff. This has been after previous run ins with the company owner and management in the past. Defending custom and practice and my contract + winning holiday pay/sick pay and casually advicing workers who were on call support officers who had been given support worker contracts from the beginning of their employment despite the contradiction of the actual roles and jobs they did.

    In the case of my recent dismissal,
    I attempted to use human rights legislation, battery law, and company handbook policy around freedom of choice for staff and services users, alongside cultural reasons, and discrimination policy, their threats being a threat of loss of livelihood etc.. amongst other things.
    As well as examples of Virologists (exeter uni and others) that had concerns around pcr and lateral flow being used incorrectly (The example used in the above article + not being conducted in a isolated testing enviroment, generally staff would test in the toilets at work).

    Testing enforcements brought about an a atmosphere of prejudice fear and discrimination from management where I worked, leading to scapegoating of workers ( who had put in good measures prior to management impositions) This situation also led to intrusions into personal health matters,
    And intimidation of workers who were hesistant or resistant to the company imposing these measures. ( though many of us may choose to test in our personal lives a matter of choice or familiar reasons-family in Europe/get around travel restrictions/
    etc..). Perminant power for the bosses to enforce previously unagreed and definately not contractually agreed, medical procedures is to give already drunk from power fat cats (+ their aspiring bootlickers) and politicians more reigns and chains over our lives, & may disrupt our own ability to self organise against ‘crisis’ situations and their system.

    In future we may get far worse expectation imposed upon us, as unions who are supposed to be our allies painfully go along with these serious breaches of what little autonomy we already have.

    It is good to see and hear that rebels in France ( indefinate general strike of Health Care workers, Nurses, Doctors etc..) and Greece as elsewhere are refusing the narratives that are being pushed by state and corporate power during this crisis. Standing up to Covid passes, testing, tracking, tracing, and the states brutality. As wwellit is also important to challeng the political far right & reactionary elements who are trying to use this moment for nafarious opportunist reasons ( people like katie hopkins and Nigel Farage sniffing around the anti lockown/great reset scene) causing division spring to mind, those who don’t otherwise care about free movement, at least not for working class people.

  6. My response here is to say thank you to everyone who has posted an answer to my short article – it is great to see that there are still thinking people around I agree with Dr Reiner Fuellmich – the lawyer leading the class action case against the psychopaths at the WEF, the WHO and the Davos clique – that it is probably in the region of 10% to 20% of people worldwide who can see through the lies and deception that are disseminated through the mass media, and importantly, who have the moral/spiritual capacity to resist the colossal onslaught against our humanity in the name of transhumanism. Here in South Africa there is NO ONE in our ‘parliament” speaking out against this growing tyranny. At least in Australia, which is suffering greatly, there are some courageous people speaking out against the new ‘1984 on steroids’. I would encourage you all to put your energy into resisting the tyranny, because that is all that can ensure the existence of a ‘control group’ that is essential to compare the long-term effects of the vaccines on those who took them. If everyone is vaccinated, we cannot point to anyone as an example of an extant ‘human’ any longer, because the vaccines change our DNA, so that if you have been vaccinated you would, technically speaking, no longer be fully human. In a way I understand why so many people refuse to believe that there is a gigantic plan to ‘re-set’ the world – after all, to wrap your mind around it you have to grasp the fact that this ‘great cull of useless eaters’, as the psychopaths call it, is on a scale that vastly exceeds the Holocaust, in which about 6 million Jews died; this time we are looking at a target of BILLIONS of people whom they want to mow down like hay. Here are links to some other pieces I have published on aspects of the so-called ‘pandemic’:

    And here is a link to a long, but shockingly informative interview between Dr Fuellmich and Dr david Martin on the origin of the ‘novel coronavirus’:

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