The inexplicable response of the Left to the Covid crisis

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Why has it refused to confront the reality of the virus, why is it advocating for mass experimental injections and why is it advancing the cause of anti-democratic power interests and Big Pharma?

by Dave Duboff, Branch Chair for Southampton Shipping, RMT, who writes in a private capacity. This article was written before the implementation of Plan B on 8 December and the introduction of vaccine passports. We held back publication to offer two outlets mentioned here – the Morning Star and the Socialist Worker – the opportunity to comment in reply to the questions that Dave poses. We haven’t received a formal response, but we hope we will in due course.


I am writing this article in a private capacity, and in bewilderment over the Left’s complete lack of critical thinking with regard to the never-historically-used measures to deal with the respiratory virus SARS-CoV-2.

What strikes me is the complete lack of any analysis of risk/benefit ratios and the unprecedented rejection of traditional public health policy (that is, considering all impacts to society from a given policy), in favour of concentrating on a disease, which the data suggests has an Infection Fatality Rate that is anything but unprecedented.

If the initial response of anyone reading this is the juvenile ‘So you just want the virus to let rip‘,my retort would be the equally juvenile ’So you just want cancer, heart disease etc to let rip – and it looks like you have achieved that’.

There are many aspects of what we have witnessed over the last 20 months that raise serious questions, such as:

  • The dubious way the controversial PCR test can be abused by using inappropriate numbers of cycles
  • The way Covid deaths are recorded, a method which has never before been used for any disease
  • The ’collateral damage‘ of the 10s of millions of extra deaths in the developing world predicted by UN Agencies and charities due to increased hunger and the suspension of established vaccination campaigns that Establishment figures Right and Left try to blame on Covid – rather than facing up to the reality of what happens when countries with little or no welfare safety net and where so many work in the informal economy are locked down

However, I have chosen largely to concentrate, as a trade union activist and branch official, on three topics:

  1. The risks of the vaccines themselves, with regard to the expanding vaccine mandates for employment that threaten workers’ livelihoods
  2. The associated regulatory capture of public health regulatory bodies by private commercial interests which goes unchallenged by the Left and trade unions
  3. The suppression of cheap generic drugs to fight Covid-19 in Western countries, including the UK, that, along with the scandalous initial PPE situation, has, in my opinion, cost the lives of workers

Covid-19 vaccines and vaccine mandates

The inside story of the Pfizer vaccine: ‘a once-in-an-epoch windfall’
Source: Financial Times, “The inside story of the Pfizer vaccine: ‘a once-in-an-epoch windfall’”

Some studies into the potential use of cheap repurposed generic drugs, such as the Oxford Recovery Trial into hydroxychloroquine, have attracted criticism as being deliberately ‘designed to fail’ by using them at the late hospitalised stage rather than early as utilised by physicians prescribing it around the world, and using doses way above accepted toxicity levels. Because these drugs have not performed well enough in these particular randomised control trials according to the regulators, they cannot be recommended even in low dosages for prophylactic or early-stage treatment purposes (more on this below).

However, when it comes to the fast tracked Covid-19 vaccines, the case is quite different and the ’precautionary principle‘ is non-existent. It is an irrefutable fact that the three Covid-19 vaccines widely available in the UK do not complete their Stage 3 three-year trials until:

It is also true that no successful coronavirus vaccine has ever previously been marketed, nor one that utilises the mRNA technology found in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. As such it is hard to argue that these Covid-19 vaccines, authorised under Emergency Use Approval rather than being fully licensed, are not essentially experimental.

It is also clear from our Yellow Card reporting system on vaccine adverse reactions, and its equivalents in the US (VAERS) and the EU (EudraVigilance), that the numbers of adverse reactions reported for the Covid-19 vaccines are unprecedented. What is also unprecedented is the fact that the ’roll out‘ across all age groups has continued on auto pilot rather than being discontinued, as would have been the case in the past.

Whilst the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) do point out that these reports might include factors such as underlying health conditions unrelated to the vaccine, it is noticeable that they choose not to do the same for deaths ‘within 28 days of a positive PCR test‘ on the same grounds. Either way, these reported adverse reactions are off the scale compared to any previous vaccine or pharmaceutical product rolled out to the general public.

It is also becoming evident that the effectiveness of these vaccines is coming under scrutiny, certainly in the sense of how long any protection actually lasts.

An August article from Israel, who are ahead of most countries in their vaccine ’roll out‘ and are now thinking of moving on to their fourth shot, shows an increasing number of ’fully vaccinated‘ people ending up in hospital with Covid-19.

Another study, published in the Lancet (and funded by Pfizer, so angling that the waning effectiveness of their product requires a ’booster‘ rather than a rethink) shows similar decreasing efficacy. There needs to be greater interest in the natural immunity acquired after infection, and on how it compares over time to that from vaccination, which in many studies are very favourable, such as this example from the US National Institute of Health (NIH). From many peer reviewed studies on the Covid vaccines, it appears that any effectiveness at reducing severe outcomes to disease are time limited, and the public will need never-ending boosters, a wet dream for Big Pharma.

But what about viral load and transmission for both vaccinated and unvaccinated, which seems to be the underlying basis for ’No Jab, No job‘ mandates by both governments and employers here and abroad?

Here too we find study after study suggesting there is little difference between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated. The case for these mandates and indeed the move towards disgusting, divisive and segregationist domestic Covid vaccine passports – discriminatory policies we are witnessing for the first time since the 1930s – is scientifically and medically, as well as ethically, untenable.

Questions I would pose to the so-called Left media outlets, trade unions and other labour movement organisations:

  • Why from a health and safety perspective, is it correct – given the huge number of adverse reactions to these vaccines being reported globally – that renowned scientists’ and medical practitioners’ warnings should be censored by big tech and mainstream media, when many of them are not even suggesting that the vulnerable should not take them on a calculated risk/benefit ratio but merely dispute the universal roll out, given the unknown longer term safety data and novel technology used?
  • Why are they not more robustly challenging the overt discrimination and increasing vilification by governments and the corporate mainstream media of people who choose not to take a new medical procedure with no long-term safety data, that has been shown not to prevent infection or transmission, may bestow only short-lived protection, with the only guaranteed immunity being that of those marketing them having no liability for adverse reactions?
  • From a health and safety and scientific perspective, what do they believe is the thought process and purpose behind those pushing the ’official narrative‘ doublethink, whether in government or mainstream media, that the vaccines offer people comprehensive, robust protection against Covid-19 unless they stand next to an unvaccinated/unprotected person?
  • The consensus on the Left, including trade unions, generally seems to have settled on a policy that recommends ’everyone that can should get a Covid-19 vaccine‘. Given the data from countries such as Israel which is now contemplating moving onto a fourth shot or ’booster‘, can it be clarified precisely how many Covid-19 vaccines they recommend everyone gets? Is the advice to get four, five, one every 6 months, or accept that you can be sacked from your job and ostracised by society?
  • Given that France has now joined Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland in banning the Moderna vaccine for younger adults under 30, is it now time for the Left media to start taking potential adverse reactions seriously and is it time for trade unions to now at least recommend their younger members do not get this particular jab?
  • Setting aside the ethical concerns regarding Covid vaccine mandates, from a health and safety perspective can you explain the logic in allowing unvaccinated frontline NHS staff to work during the busiest winter period until April, and then sack them on health and safety grounds? In my experience of health and safety in the workplace an act or hazard – certainly anything that would involve someone losing their job – is either dangerous or not dangerous. ’Yes it is dangerous, but we will allow it to continue for six months‘ doesn’t make any sense.  

Regulatory capture of national and supranational health bodies

In the UK the regulation and approval for pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, falls under the remit of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Its funding for the approval of vaccines and other medicines comes exclusively from the pharmaceutical companies applying for the licences, as stated on page 9 of their annual report (‘Medicines regulation is funded entirely from fees. In setting its fees the Agency takes account of full cost recovery rules as set out in HM Treasury’s Managing Public Money’) and in an August 2021 response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request (“The majority of our income comes from the pharmaceutical industry through fees”).

The same FOI response confirms that MHRA’s outside funding also comes from organisations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (‘We do receive funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as other sources outside government such as WHO’) which holds shares in pharmaceutical corporations such as Pfizer and BioNTech. This funding of public health bodies by private commercial interests, whose products they are meant to regulate, is by no means confined to this country or indeed national bodies.

Questions are now being raised about the validity of Pfizer trial data and regulatory oversight in the US. A US Doctor very effectively dismantles the ‘Science’ behind and the findings of the Pfizer initial trials:

Given pharmaceutical corporations’ history of fraud, bribery and criminality this should not come as a surprise. Regulatory capture at the supranational level has also had alarm bells ringing for many years. At the first Union Regional Council Meeting convened during lockdown, I aired my opinion that the World Health Organization (WHO) was the most dangerous Public Private Partnership on the planet. Nothing since then has given me cause to change that opinion.

An article from January 2020 chronicles the gradual transformation of the WHO, over the past few decades, to an organisation primarily focused on the policy interests of its private donors via ‘Voluntary Contributions-Specified’ donations, which form the bulk of the organisation’s funding. It shows once again the ubiquitous BMGF as being the second highest donor/investor and outlines how it along with other contributors with or linked to private commercial interests effectively control WHO policy.

An interesting piece by the Colombia Journalism Review highlights how BMGF largesse is not confined to ‘buying up public health bodies’ whilst holding extensive shareholdings in pharmaceutical corporations, but details its donations to the mainstream media outlets globally, the implication being that those outlets would give the organisation’s often controversial activities an easy ride. So here are my questions for the so-called Left media outlets like the WSWS, Counterpunch, Morning Star and others:

  • Do you believe that public health and regulatory bodies’ conflicts of interests with Big Pharma prevented the use of cheap repurposed generic drugs in Western countries like the UK that were used elsewhere to good effect, and that this cost the lives of many people unnecessarily, including frontline workers? (Those same public health and regulatory bodies had no qualms authorising vaccines at ‘warp speed’ using new technology with zero long-term safety data and which have caused adverse reactions on an unprecedented scale.)
  • Are you comfortable with Big Pharma and tax-exempt ‘philanthropic’ behemoths like the BMGF using their funding of public health and regulatory bodies both nationally and supra-nationally, as an ‘investment’ to dictate policy and what also appears to be a revolving door between regulatory bodies and pharmaceutical corporations (something you have largely avoided talking about for the last 20 months)? 

Why does the Left line up behind patented drugs vs generic alternatives?

One of the most striking aspects of the debate surrounding the Covid response for the last 20 months is the failure of traditional Left publications and media sites to investigate and challenge why cheap and safe repurposed generic drugs used in many countries around the world as therapeutics for Covid-19, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, were effectively blocked by most Western governments and medical authorities. Even vitamin D supplements were not recommended by public health officials in the UK until many months into the crisis.

There has been a deliberate attempt to smear the effectiveness of these treatments and the medical professionals advocating them by medical researchers with conflicts of interest and links to Big Pharma, in favour of expensive patented alternatives such as remdesivir and vaccines.

One key example would be the “Sugarsphere” study published in the Lancet on 22 May 2020, which effectively killed off any widespread usage of hydroxychloroquine in the West, despite the study being found to be blatantly fraudulent and retracted by the publication on 5 June 2020. The corporate mainstream media went into overdrive and the damage was done. Many countries that had been using hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine stopped, doubtless costing many lives. But some held firm, such as Morocco, where Health Minister Khalid Aït Taleb defended his country’s decision to continue using the drug at early onset of symptoms in its Covid-19 protocols (ignoring the WHO’s recommendations).

Although there are other reasons for different death rates, when you compare the statistics for deaths involving Covid-19 in Morocco with its former colonial master France just across the Mediterranean, which like other Western nations made sure therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine were not available, the difference is striking.

Source: Financial Times

The same battle has taken place between medical professionals treating Covid-19 using the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin and public health officials, or as many now view them, ‘politicians in white coats’, desperately trying to block its use in western countries. There were also the same infantile antics from mainstream media, insinuating that these frontline medical practitioners were recommending using the veterinary version of ivermectin

A meta-analysis consisting of over 60 studies, including randomised control trials, into the effectiveness of generic repurposed drug ivermectin in treatment of Covid-19 for 49,151 patients shows a 66% improvement across the board (which is not accepted by public health regulators). This compares very well with similar studies on patented drugs such as remdesivir (one study, 1,063 patients, 31% improvement) and now molnupiravir (one study, 775 patients, 50% improvement), which are accepted as proof of efficacy by those same health regulatory bodies.


It is important to note that both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been shown in meta-analyses to be most effective as prophylactics (i.e. protective measures) and early stage treatments against SARS-Cov-2. The meta-analyses that recommend against hydroxychloroquine, in line with WHO guidance, focus on studies of its use in high dosages for late-stage Covid-19 patients.

Here, the drug doesn’t perform well enough to warrant its recommendation.

However, the overall data shows its strong effectiveness as an early stage treatment, showing a 64% improvement on a control group in early stage patients: ‘HCQ is not effective when used very late with high dosages over a long period (RECOVERY/SOLIDARITY), effectiveness improves with earlier usage and improved dosing. Early treatment consistently shows positive effects.’

For ivermectin, it’s a similar story: the meta-analysis of early-stage treatment using this generic drug shows a 66% improvement and as a prophylactic, the improvement is 85% on the control group. The incredibly expensive patented drug remdesivir performs similarly: it produces small improvements in clinically ill patients that have led to recommendations against its use, too.

Governments, whether at national or state level, that have been employing early and safe dosages of these generic drugs (as a prophylactic and at early onset of symptoms) to lessen the impact of Covid outbreaks, against WHO advice, have achieved much better results than those that did not.

Perhaps the most illuminating illustration of its potential effectiveness is India, the supposed birthplace of the ‘Delta Variant’. Here, at the behest of the WHO’s chief scientist, ivermectin was taken off the early treatment protocols. However, as cases and hospitalisations rose, some states decided to reintroduce ivermectin in their Covid-19 response, and the difference between the outcomes for those states and those which stuck with the WHO’s recommendations are truly startling (see how low down Uttar Pradesh ranks in India’s Covid data). It comes as little surprise that the mainstream media in the West has decided to censor this reality, backed by fact checkers funded by Facebook who ruled the claim that ivermectin worked in states like Uttar Pradesh ‘false’ even whilst admitting the facts on the ground are true (‘The government did promote use of those drugs, and cases did fall, though the relationship between those events is unproven’).

We would expect the mainstream media to follow the Facebook fact-checkers, with their close links to Western governments. The real question is, why do publications such as the Morning Star and websites such as the WSWS appear to be doing the same?

It is clear that these repurposed generic drugs have had an effect on reducing hospitalisations and death from Covid 19 in countries across the globe, many with considerably less well-funded health services than their Western counterparts. It also seems clear that there has been a concerted effort in the West to ensure these treatments are not used, with health services like the NHS advising members of the public who contract Covid-19 to ‘Stay at Home’ and, if you cannot breathe, call an ambulance.

If we are still interested in critiquing the capitalist-controlled state, its institutions and media, then these are the questions I would pose to the left media outlets such as the Morning Star, Socialist Worker, World Socialist Website, and others:

  • Multiple studies, some of which are highlighted above, have shown that early-use therapeutic protocols using these generic treatments can cut serious outcomes from Covid-19 by around 70%  Even if it was half that figure, why from a health and safety perspective is it better for those that contract Covid-19 to stay at home until they need to be rushed to hospital, rather than, providing they have no contraindications, be given these cheap repurposed medications that have been in use globally for decades?
  • In this respect, what happened to the mantra of ‘if it saves one life’? The Left have used this mantra to support non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as cloth face coverings, the benefits of which have been shown to be largely non-existent (if not in fact detrimental), without any requirement for proof.
  • Are the Western Left unwittingly engaging in Rudyard Kipling’s ‘White Man’s Burden’ form of racism by implying that people like Moroccan Health Minister Taleb and the health boards of the Indian States that chose to ignore the WHO’s edicts on treatments do not know what they are talking about, despite their clearly superior outcomes with regard to Covid-19, than their better-funded counterparts in the West?

Final thoughts

At the beginning of April 2020, after we moved into lockdown, I suggested in correspondence with the chair of a local trades council that what we were witnessing was the biggest ‘full spectrum’ psychological assault on humanity by the ruling class in history. Nothing I have seen since has changed that opinion. It is the most blatant corporate fascist power grab, involving the capture of public health bodies by Big Pharma and associated entities such as the BMGF, the control of information and censorship by the mainstream media and Big Tech, and the effective shredding of all human rights conventions and legislation enacted since 1945. All allegedly to ‘control’ an airborne respiratory virus which Public Health England estimated has a 0.096% infection fatality rate when averaged across age groups and which was downgraded from high consequence infectious status (HCID) before the first lockdown.

Once you realise that the pandemic was for the vaccine and the vaccine was for the vax passport/digital ID control, everything we have witnessed, whether the suppression of cheap generic treatments, the sinister authoritarian push for universal vaccination and the statistical manipulation, falls into place.

This unprecedented response by governments, especially Western ones, to the emergence of a nasty but not uniquely dangerous pathogen has never been primarily about saving lives, but about furthering other agendas. They have used the virus to collapse their rigged, unsustainable economic system and force through the societal changes demanded by their corporate masters, in order to ‘Build Back Better’. Now they have effectively declared their hand with regard to the authoritarian, segregationist, censored, controlled and digitally surveilled society they wish to create, it might be a good time to decide to BUILD BACK WITHOUT THEM.

23 thoughts on “The inexplicable response of the Left to the Covid crisis

  1. I was, unfortunately, a member of the SWP for many years. I left before the lockdown crisis, but would like to contribute the following comments and observations.

    The response of the left to this initially was obviously fueled by a mixture of the genuine fear and confusion felt by many people of the arrival of a seemingly novel virus, amplified by the deliberately hysterical media coverage, alongside a good degree of political opportunism. Socialist Worker, for example, initially condemned the lockdown approach taken in China and warned against ‘hysteria.’ It then saw that there was political capital to be made out of condemning Johnson’s supposedly ‘soft’ approach and from there it was lockdowns and hysteria all the way, claiming that it had been clear ‘for months’ before Johnson’s first lockdown in March that there was a need for such stringent measures (seeming not to care that this would include the period they, too, were rejecting such measures). Since then, like other groups on the left, they have doubled down on this. All proportionality, rationality and critical thinking has long since departed. The only departure from the mainstream narrative is that the response has not been as authoritarian as they would like.

    As a consequence, the left has had nothing to say about the drastic attacks on civil liberties, the suppression of scientific debate and now the inevitable demands for vaccine apartheid and enforced compliance with novel and potentially dangerous medical procedures. The SWP used to hubristically describe itself as the ‘vanguard’ of the working class. It is now light years behind what many working class people can clearly see as the introduction of medical tyranny under the hegemony of big pharma capital. It has been nowhere to be seen as some of the biggest diverse and vibrant protests in years have taken place, aside from dribbling nonsense about the ‘far right’ suddenly being able to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people. Not once has Socialist Worker even mentioned the general strike and near insurrection that has recently taken place against vaccine mandates in Guadeloupe. Millions of people who may have looked to them have had to look elsewhere for any decent analysis of what is going on.

    It is not simply that these organizations are hopelessly lost. They are aiding and abetting a massive transfer of wealth and power to capital, while at the same time reinforcing the notion that even our bodies should be submitted to its dictates. Individuals within these organizations who are in any way skeptical of the position they have taken should think seriously about leaving them behind.

    1. Hi Keith

      Agree completely.
      Exactly the same with the Morning Star, who are rarely editorially on same page as Socialist Worker. Morning Star did mention situation in Guadeloupe, in small bland paragraph at the end of article about “anti vaxxer” covid sceptic violence at Rotterdam protests a few weeks ago.

      Today they have an article from their sports editor imploring all professional footballers that have not subjected themselves to the EUA injections to get them.

      Absolutely zero about recent announcement by Sergio Aguero of his retirement due to heart problems or the spate of incidents involving footballers, and indeed other sportsmen and women, collapsing on the pitch, that are quite clearly way above anything we have been used to in previous years.

      Sadly it is becoming more plausible by the day that papers like the Morning Star are following an Agenda coming from above, rather than the people/proletariat they claim to speak for.

      They do not seem as yet to have any intention of addressing the points raised in the article, nor answering the very legitimate questions raised about their coverage, but like my own Trades Union seems to be adopting a bunker type mentality to these issues, trying to ride it out by ignoring them. Morning Star and others should not be allowed to brazen out, ignore or obfuscate , what is certainly beginning to appear like some form of collusion with this disgusting oligarch/ruling class assault on humanity.

      I note Morning Star, state on their webpage ” You cant buy a revolution but you can support the only paper in Britain thats fighting for one…” WTF ROFL!!!!! Do you think there is a case to report them to Trading Standards !!

  2. I recommend everyone read The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig, where he describes life from 1880 – 1940. He foresaw so many things, people around him in denial and asleep.
    Remember – passports didn’t exist in any form until WW1 and were NEVER repealed despite being a temporary measure.
    One thing he said was how, in the heat of war, many many disparate people from completely different places came together to fight against this bs.
    The Left appears to have been captured and now railing that anyone who attends anti-lockdown protests are far-right. This is insanity. It shows the Left may only have been an illusion, a front. In fact I don’t believe there are left and right anymore – just people directed by Globalists.
    I am glad this blog exists to help fight this evil.
    I lost faith years ago in the Left – they harbour contempt for the indigenous lower class of England and prefer all the minorities under the sun. Either way, without freedom for all, who can care about anything else?

    1. Completely agree, I grew up in what I thought was a “Left” family, wow, it was all an illusion.
      I think this is best illustrated by the fact that my mother, who lives comfortably in London (Masters in Sociiology), told me (living in Australia) that I’m “following a lower-middle class movement” and “the BBC have been fantastic in all this”. Clearly she believes anything the BBC tells her and isn’t the Left supposed to support the working class??

      The irony of the Globalists using the Left to achieve their goals is not lost on me. It’s so obvious it’s ridiculous.

    2. Spot on, well said during brexit we actually saw what the middle class thought about working class people, their most common smears were that people who voted for brexit were uneducated and racist

  3. Great article Dave, from a right-leaning libertarian reader of this site. The behaviour of the broader left has been atrocious, other than the good people here the only prominent person on the left to oppose any of this that I can think of is Neil Clark.

  4. It used to be hard to understand lots of historical events like the mass support for the war in 1914 by the left, who were surely more radical than they are now.

    Are we the new Zimmerwalders ?

    And as now with the booster jabs?

    How people willingly turned up to the station to board the cattle trucks and don’t worry it is only a shower.

    And now?

    “Vaccination Will Make You Free” over the gates of ‘quarantine camps’.

  5. Just to make clear — big business with mandates, right to work firing laws, anti-union, all the lobbies for the poisons manufactured in their Capitalist Corruption. All that MIC in the trillions. Land theft still on steroids in Africa, the amazingly bad food, soil, air, water as a result of CAPITALISM unchecked. Agency capture. I know not one billionaire worth his or her weight in tofu. Imagine, all those conservatives, too, the Republicans, all those major corporate welfare lovers, the lot of them, they too are part of the narrative. Fine with napalm? Fine with clear cut spraying? Fine with forever chemicals? Fine with bombing, offence-defence companies terrorizing the world. Neocon, Neoliberal, Tea Party, Conservative or Democrat liberals — they are all the same, and you know it.

    This is money making at its best, and the war profiteers of Ford and Bush and Dow, they are still here, in all their Republican party glory — Home Depot, fast food, Walmart, the lot of them. Tread lightly. Make sure the spade is called a spade — it is the fake left, and the limited hangout folk, left and right, who are the seeds of this madness.

  6. Great analysis. I am so grateful for this site. As an early career academic, I have been completely blind-sided by the supposedly leftist world of academia. I knew, of course, that traditional academia is hierarchy-preserving and frequently leftist-policy supporting in name only, but the complete inability to engage in rational risk analysis is truly stunning to behold. Scholars I long admired have behaved with positive frothing-at-the-mouth hysterics and a truly stunning inability to extrapolate knock-on consequences of bad public health policy that disproportionately impact marginalized communities and the working class. I have just had to cancel the presentation of a paper because, after agreeing to present under initial policies, I just received an updated ‘covid-19’ policy statement requiring proof of vaccination, proof of booster, and/or proof of negative PCR test, and with no recognition of acquired immunity. No doubt, I have now completely burned my boats. Wish me luck finding permanent employment now! This site prevents me from feeling as if I have gone completely mad – many thanks.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Emily – your resistance to the narrative is amazing and there’s so many more like you.

    2. Massive respect to you Emily.
      You are not alone Sister!
      We may, or may not be in the minority, but there are many of us. From cleaners to labourers, gardeners & agricultural workers, painters, artists, poets, musicians, shop workers, acedemics, support workers, doctors, nurses, mid wifes..and more.

      Every refusal is an act of solidarity with each other & a thorn in the side of powers ambitions. Thank you for physically standing (even if from a geographical distance,) side by side with myself and other workers who have stood up to bosses & management & faced the firing squad, those of us who stood & stand our ground, refusing to comply with all (or some aspects) of these new mandates & social restrictions (& all that went on befor the powergrabs that happened, befor this current health crisis’) that the state and its financial masters are attempting to manufacture globally.

      There may not be much support from the general left, or even grassroots unions but that shouldn’t mean we have to concede.
      Even if alone in struggle, it is better standing by your ethics keeping your dignity rather than conceding to power & feeling helpless misery, being expected to concede to things you know in your heart of hearts are not of your own consent or in the interest of the fight for liberty & equality. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees, as many a Revolutionary has said & done through difficult times of struggle in times befor us. Those who have felt it know it to be true. We may be in the winds of adversity but through the struggle we may learn to ride those winds, like the great sage Liezi.

      Vassilis Magos, a greek anti authoritarian revolutinary once said,
      ‘we may not win, but we will never give up!’ this is the position we must take, not just because Vassilis said it but because it is a nessesary stand if we are not going to allow power to ride over us, wether individualy or collectively.

      Power & its allies may drag our faces through the dirt, but whilst we are forced to taste the grit, shit, & the mud lets not forget to give them a taste of their turbulance, expressions of defiance & non compliance, whether on this matter or others, are worthwhile contributions to the struggle for human liberation, away from authority, state, capitalism & the neo feudal technocratic class society. As long as there is resistance nothing is not lost.

      Solidarity & respect to you.


  7. Thank you for a well-written and informative, as well as morally uplifting article, Dave Duboff. I share your thoughts (and puzzlement) about the so-called ‘left’ of today – so-called, because it is clearly no longer the left that opposed capital so resolutely in the past. Today, it seems, the ‘left’ is easily assimilated to the ‘liberals’, and the connection between the latter and ‘woke-ism’ cannot be ignored either. The irony seems to me to be that the ‘woke’ crowd are either totally unaware of the things you discuss here – most importantly, that they are sleepwalking through a social landscape that is systematically being subjected to totalitarian control via different means, of which the pseudo-vaccines and vaccine passports are the thin edge of the wedge – or, if they are (dimly) aware of these things, they don’t seem to take them seriously, believing that the mainstream approach to the ‘pandemic’ (plandemic, scamdemic) is legitimate. It appears to me to be a case of mass hypnosis, combined with mass psychosis, and hence I understand the sentiments expressed by other commentators, that they appreciate this website, where sanity prevails. Thinking about Emily’s comment, above, I am an academic too, living in South Africa, and initially I was also dumbfounded by the totally uncritical manner in which the vast majority of my academic colleagues accepted the mainstream narrative and bared their arms to receive what we now know to be a bio-weapon. Even more disconcertingly, some of these in my home department (Philosophy) are supposedly ‘critical theorists’, whose ‘critical theory’ seems to be restricted to the pages of books; they simply did not recognise unreason and fascism when it manifested itself in the actions of global corporations and governments. At the university where I work, management is moving fast towards mandatory vaccinations for all staff and students, but we have formed a resistance group on campus and are putting up a fight. Fortunately, most people in South Africa, black and white, seem to be wise to the real motive behind the ‘vaccination’ drive. Our president, Cyril Ramaphosa, was captured by the Davos globalists years ago, and is trying his best to do their bidding in their quest to depopulate the world via this bio-weapon, but people are resisting his and his ‘government’s’ attempts. Almost 70% of the country’s people have not been jabbed, which is partly owing to SA’s history of struggle. Black people here are aware of Bill Gates’s ‘sterilisation-through-vaccination’ programme in African countries, so understandably they view the so-called ‘vaccines’ with suspicion. One of the strangest aspects of this whole phenomenon is the fact that highly educated, ‘intelligent’ people have been taken in by the deadly farce, while workers with very little schooling have not – it is as if some people have a MORAL sense of the incomprehensibly diabolical ‘plan(demic)’ unfolding across the world, while others, highly intelligent though they may be, lack this moral sense. One must understand that the true motive on the part of the psychopaths running this attempt to take over the whole world is financial (surprise surprise!) – they know the capitalist world economy is on the verge of collapse (it is on life-support, and they are merely keeping it going by creating fiat money out of thin air), and they are desperate to make the transition to a fully digital economy, which is why they need vaccine passports and QR-codes, which are the precursors to what they really want every surviving person to have, namely a digital bank pass. Once people have those, they will be locked into the system, and will have to do whatever they are told to do, otherwise they won’t be able to survive. This is also why they are determined to vax children, because they are the adults of the future, and they need them on/in the system. The sooner people realise this, the sooner true resistance will start, and make no mistake, unless the majority of people resist with determination, these psychopaths will win. Think of Margaret Atwood’s immortal words in The Handmaid’s Tale, ‘Nolite te bastardes carborundorum’ (‘Don’t let the bastards grind you down’), which is an inspiring motto during this dark time. What the psychopaths have underestimated, is the human spirit. And there are signs that it is rising up against them.

    1. Thank goodness for academics that can still think clearly, this article, site, and your comments give me hope that some in the Left are still able to see clearly.
      Re your comment above about the workers having more “moral sense”, the musical piece Middle Class Morality” from My Fair Lady comes to mind, it’s the middle class that must keep up appearances, whereas the workers can be more authentic and honest,.

  8. Spot on Dave Duboff, yet another voice with the obvious (to some) questions that are being swept under the carpet. Mostly i see laziness, complacency and selfishness. People allow themselves to be these things so that they do not have to deal with any real form of reality, the one where water is wet and fire is hot. The obvious breakdown of our societies through various means has been long known, some agree and want their assumed future no matter what, others do not. The one thing for sure is that we are heading somewhere and we are not going back. We are branching now, and as we do we go a different way than others, others you somehow hope will awaken to what is around them.Waiting for people with no backbone to agree with you, to fight for you just puts people with no backbone in places they do not belong.Your last line was the only line that leads to a future, Build back without them. Their are now a mass of people who through no fault of their own other than to be able to determine right from wrong are now on a side they never chose with people they do not wholly agree with, however their side has been given and that should now be enough. Only now by taking over control and dispelling these assumed authoritarians can there be any future, there is no turning back, no forgiveness for any misunderstandings, no mollycoddling as we have proved already this will only lead to weakness and therefore disaster. A new dawn for a new mankind is upon us and that should be embraced and strived for, leaving the weak and collective brainwashed by the wayside – A Brigade of Sheep is no match for One Man & his Dog – stripping the assets of the greedy and holding all to account can be done in good time, however getting one step ahead of this ludicrous nonsense and taking this new era by the horns is the only way to the next level.

  9. The Left died politically with the fall of the ex-USSR. It had a brief flurry of existence with the anti poll tax riots, the Iraq War and Occupy. But as evidenced with the campaign over Brexit 97 I believe trade unions sided with the corporate EU which imposed economic genocide on countries like Greece.
    Having embraced Covid, Lockdowns et al it basically adopted the Great Reset and the 4IR which will lead directly to technofeudalism. Under the cover of a health crisis they are setting back the struggle for workers rights by decades.
    Having people working from home destroys the core essence of trade unionism and makes mass sackings easier to be done by email or ones job replaced by anyone from any corner of the planet with internet access.

    Instead of campaigning on a programme of Less Work but Work for All they campaign for more measures and zero Covid nonsense this aiding the bosses in their full spectrum dominance now the war on terror has come home and become a war by other (Covid) means

  10. It is not an ‘inexplicable response of the Left’ whatsoever. There is no longer a ‘Left’. Just about everything that was at one time genuinely ‘Left’ has been colonized by neo liberalism and identity politics = woke culture(political correctness on steroids) and cancel culture, middle classes —

    Prime examples of this are: The take over of genuine Antifa/anti fascist activism taken over by neo-liberals.
    Womens rights and Lesbian and Gay activists being physically attacked/removed from events/censored from speaking by T /genderqueer/lgbtqimxsdjsljdodn – thugs… Lesbian and Gay culture & history being destroyed by ‘lgbtqii blaaa blaa blaa……..
    In the Uk old Labour being dismantled and expunged by new -middle class-neo liberal Labor…and in the US people being stupid enough to think that Biden or the Democrats are even remotely ‘Left’……….

    Anyone genuinely ‘Left’ is being expelled from grassroots and non-party political activism and is being accused of ‘fascism’…………. Case in point Helen Steele, well known Uk activist,(Mc Libel case) physically attacked and removed from 2 Anarchist book fairs(London & Manchester)- for speaking out about the rights of women and girls and that biology is real – that kind of shit would NEVER have occurred or been tolerated at an Anarchist book fair or event 10 or 20 years ago..

    A coup has occurred….Woke culture is destroying us…

    Been watching this slow train wreck happen since the 1980’s…

    I witnessed all of this in the Uk in the 80’s throughout the mid 2000’s. The miners strike, Battle of the bean field, destruction of the trade unions, sell of of council housing/destruction of working class communities….and currently the new Police Bill..
    And now in the US – it has been near impossible to create any real mass public resistance to the lockdowns and mandates as the movement that ‘could have been’ has been hijacked by the right/far right…there is no united “Left’ on the US..No real Left here at all..

    1. Hundreds of thousands even millions demonstrating against the Covid mandates can’t by their very nature be described as ….far right. The far right is at the helm everywhere with the Great Reset the Covid Lockdowns, mandates. Big business in the form of financiers, middle men spivs like Amazon etc made billions from the Lockdowns.
      The Left died when it adopted gender/race based politics which became a core feature after the fall of the ex USSR because most of the organisations were composed of middle class professionals and they always go the way the wind blows.
      Now the depopulation green new deal agenda is being promoted vociferously and everyone’s life is being affected we notice the overwhelming majority of left groups adopting Covidfascism. In one way that is good, their cover is blown.
      Out of the coming struggles either real socialism emerges or barbarism befalls us.
      We all got a glimpse of what they seek to do with the Big Pharma clotshots, with mandatory impositions in the workplace. We have beaten them into a retreat but by the war isn’t over.

  11. Hi,

    Thanks for this very insightful piece. I’ve been so perplexed, disappointed and shocked at the silence of the left,

    There’s something missing from most information around why “no one gets left behind” for vaccines though and hope you don’t mind if I add it here please?

    As you know it’s certainly not about prioritising our “health and safety”.

    But It’s a totalitarian tip toe, towards a very *specific* I.D. / surveillance / control system.

    The “Health Passports” use a *QR code* system and scanners.

    That’s a pivotal fact connected to the Gates GAVI /CEPI / WHO Vaccine alliance 2.0 Covid vaccine.

    They collectively supported the creation of a subdermal vaccine microneedle patch.

    The 2.0 Covid vaccine the Gates Foundation is referring to it recently.

    It’s intended functionally occurs after its embedded in the skin of the wrist for a short period.

    Originally this strategy was allegedly to help the “great unbanked” formerly known as people living in poverty. (Cos like big capitalism Caring-ness and all 🤷🏻‍♀️)

    “Chips” are extremely dated tech by now too.

    This new so called “SMART” vaccine, is to be optimised to retain data of vaccine I.D. – tied to biometrics, plus digital banking (via for example MasterCards TRUST-STAMP & blockchain).

    It was originally called the “Quantum Dot Tattoo vaccine” (a bond like name 🤷🏻‍♀️).

    Here’s the bit not that many pple are as aware of, in msm and definitely not in wider digital media either.

    Just like the Passports, this brand new form of vaccine *also* uses a **QR code** system pattern.

    That’s via a luciferase bio-enzyme pattern and nanotech.

    (It *shines* so I guess that’s the aetiology for the not-creep-pple-our-at all moniker the fruit fly enzyme was given).

    The bio enzyme pattern is not actually visible to the naked eye, but shines out upun QR code scanner use.

    So what does that actually mean in the real world ?

    Just like the passport, – our *wrists* will be able to be scanned and read from “a distance and any angle”,

    (That’s the marketing brag of a Irish+ International health passport co. regarding their QR product passport and scanners ).

    Access for services and permissions for entry could as now, be granted or denied based on your acceptance of a product or cattle like *permanent* stamp /brand.

    Forcible taken away to an Orwellian titled WellCamp (detention centers) indefinitely for declining ?

    Dystopian much ?

    If you are is interested in the much wider details of this strategy and how these alliances could concievable coerce pple to accept this wrist brand – or in marketing speak “hip new tattoo” – I’d be happy to email on my fully referenced essay on this hugely important issue.

    The 100+ references are all reputable and reliable.

    Forewarned is forearmed .. I hope so and maybe the ripple effect of the aware lefties will spread to the currently Stockholm syndromed others.

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