Watch: Piers Corbyn on “The Ecological Case against the WEF”

Piers Corbyn delivered a lively, engaging and encouraging presentation on anthropogenic global warming, 15 Minute Cities, zoning, how to talk to XR/Just Stop Oil people and how to fight back against it all at the “Left case against the WEF conference.” Watch it below:

3 thoughts on “Watch: Piers Corbyn on “The Ecological Case against the WEF”

  1. I loved that film of Piers Corbyn talking the climate change. I met him in Swindon two days ago before this was made. Nice man.

    Piers Corbyn regrets that his brother Jeremy Corbyn does not accept Piers’s invitation (Real Left’s invitation?) to participate in their climate change debate.
    But not only does Piers not say a single word about the role of geoengineering in “climate change”. He actually denies the ability of directed energy weapons to cause earthquakes. Is Piers complicit in the manufacture of “divide and rule” scenarios? Or is there some other explanation?

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