Where is Your Line?

Today we republish an episode of the ‘What’s Left?’ podcast in which California teacher and socialist Andy Lisbon explains how his district is eliminating medical privacy to create the conditions for vaccine discrimination in the workplace – and where he is drawing a line by saying no. We hope that Andy’s stand galvanises workers and trade unionists around the world to agree and defend a line of resistance to vaccine passports in the workplace.

Here’s the episode description: “The decision of where a person will draw a line comes to our show hosts. We speak to Andy Libson about the decisions he is being forced into at his own job.Workers and students across the nation are being mandated to submit their status or proof of the COVID injection. This has caused many to face a ‘choice’ between their ‘freedoms’ or their livelihoods. Get jabbed or be terminated and ostracized in a society where the obligation to get injected by the government is being encroached in almost every sector of our society. This episode poses the question… ‘where will you draw your line?'”

One thought on “Where is Your Line?

  1. Great post. Dont let this system make you cross your lines. My line was pcr impostions, and after emotional blackmail and false i.d given by bosses to workers to jump the vaccination quee.
    Draw your line, dont let them blow you around on the winds of capitalism until you dont know who you are anymore. Or fight them and give as good as you get.
    Ride the winds of adversity and come out the other side with determination in spite of all capitals threats and imposition of fear.

    They, my bosses fired me in the end but fuck them, weakheart capitalists. My health, social life and economic situation suffer, even relations with union comrades have suffered, but I’ll keep my dignity passed the day my flesh finally dies.. Unlike some. Refuse & resist and keep dignity and a sense of solidarity and liberty, or do anything for the masters of this global capitalist system who have no dignity, either way they will never be my masters. Vive la resistance!

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