Winter and Beyond – Part I: Tone at the Top and New Virus Mania

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This two-part piece stitches together commentary on different facets of the totalitarian Great Reset agenda to illustrate how a worst-case scenario might unfold this winter and beyond. Although in some respects this piece is UK specific, most of the cabal’s strategies apply globally, and any differences can be put down to cultural specificity and local politics. In part I, I’ll look at the implications of the puppet switch taking place in the UK; whether covid as a tool of oppression is now a spent force, and; how virus mania and the pandemic industry might evolve.

In part II, I’ll look at the economics underpinning everything. Economics is not the only reason for the current diabolical situation, but it’s the main one, and it will be the predominant tool of oppression, as indeed it always has been. I’ll then synthesise part I and the economics of part II to shine a light into the darkened recesses of the minds of those who have perpetrated the atrocities so far. We know the endgame: it’s total control. Unless we know how they plan to get there and how bumpy the ride will be, we might not be able to resist when events unfold.

The past two winters have been the seasons of the Covidian cult, although its power began to wane early this year. In the UK, a beleaguered PM responded to the Partygate scandal by dropping restrictions at the end of January, and the resistance movement started to feel as though the flame of covid hysteria were burning itself out. Even in those parts of the Western world where addiction to covid fear porn persists among a significant section of the population, totalitarian governments are being forced to come to terms with growing covid fatigue.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, seems to be seeking a compromise between sanity and the psychotic Covidian cult by legislating to police its citizens’ bodies through ritual mask humiliation and coerced vaccination for six months of the year. Germany’s new brand of fascism will replicate the scapegoating and public shaming that initiated its last descent down the slippery slope by making non-compliers identify themselves as unvaccinated in public. If German citizens have the temerity to decide that their bodies are their own and not the state’s by refusing vaccination, they will be publicly humiliated with enforced public mask wearing. As C J Hopkins points out, all Germans “will have to present their “vaccination papers” (or their “recovery papers”) to enter a restaurant, or a bar, or go to the cinema or the theatre, and basically to do anything else in society”.

By the Spring of this year, the UK had officially dropped pretty much all of its totalitarian covid containment architecture; but that must not be misconstrued as deviation from the Great Reset agenda. The UK Covid cult is, as we’ll see, alive and well and there is no guarantee that we won’t witness a resurgence of UK Covidianism this winter.

Tone at the top

On Sunday 17th July, we learnt that Kemi Badenoch was the surprise non-World Economic Forum (WEF) front-runner in the Conservative Party membership polls. This might have been problematic for the puppeteers but, luckily for them, the Tories elect their leaders using the Iranian method of leadership selection – the MPs do the hard work by putting forward suitable candidates and the membership then rubber stamp the MPs’ choices by choosing between two very similar products with different packaging. On Tuesday 19th July, a little over 24 hours after the surprise polling results became known, order was restored with Badenoch’s expeditious removal from the MPs’ ballot. You’ve got to admire the efficiency with which that paroxysm of populism was so swiftly nipped in the bud. Badenoch’s flirtation with Tory leadership came and went so quickly, I got whiplash watching her enter and exit the stage.

Badenoch seemed to be the country’s best bet for a WEF rebuttal, but that doesn’t mean Schwab wouldn’t have made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. She’s a politician after all. But her speedy removal from the leadership race probably saved the WEF chairman a bothersome phone call to Tory HQ. Things were put back on track in the blink of an eye and, with the choice now between Truss and Sunak, a safe pair of globalist hands is guaranteed to continue steering the UK ship through Great Reset waters.

So, what kind of tools might the globalists pull out of their Torquemada’s toolbox? The covid trojan horse, though not yet dead, has been flogged to within an inch of its life. One part of its deadly payload – ‘vaccines’ and vaccine passports – will require a new pandemic, a new fear, to deliver more of the control agenda. And boy, have they been pulling out all the stops to supply one (more of which later).

Both candidates have made veiled promises to rule out a repeat of lockdowns, which suggests a pivot away from covid containment policies. But it’s important to understand that u-turns are no longer a political embarrassment; they’re part of the normal landscape.

While lying has always been a core element of the politician’s job description, it used to be something they tried hard not to get caught at. Under covid, however, shameless, in-your-face lying with impunity has evolved into standard operating procedure. It’s a deliberate part of normalising the abnormal – to make confusion and 180-degree turns so normal that the public accepts broken promises as simply part of the landscape of turbulent times. The idea behind it is that politicians are no longer lying; they’re just adapting to fast-changing circumstances and the public needs to cut them some slack! Stability for any reasonable length of time is now a thing of the past.

Under an onslaught of u-turns and lies, you are meant to not only stop trying to compare yesterday’s and today’s political statements, but also to no longer care what happened yesterday, just so long as you know what orders to follow today. The global cabal are trying to remake the world in 10 years; working in this cauldron of turmoil requires the public to accept that what was said yesterday will, 50% or more of the time, be ancient history today.

The medical bureaucracy

If we are pivoting away from covid, the UK’s medical bureaucracy doesn’t appear to have got the memo yet. This is understandable since, under covid control, we witnessed one of the greatest ever bureaucratic power grabs by the medical establishment and, unsurprisingly, they’re not ready to call time on destructive lockdowns, forced masking and forced ‘vaccination’ simply because the public is tired of it.

They want it to continue, not for a little while longer but, in the words of one of their communist supremos, and without a hint of exaggeration, “forever”. The Editors of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Health Service Journal (HSJ) recently told the Government that, in their humble opinion, there should be an immediate return to all the destructive restrictions which have flattened society and not “the curve”. Why? To save the “dying” NHS. Like all addicts, the NHS wants more of the bad medicine that is killing it – restrictions. Restrictions caused care backlogs to balloon to unmanageable levels. And yet what does the NHS want? More restrictions, which will only inflate a care backlog bubble already at bursting point.

Given the changing tone at the top, it’s not likely that the NHS will get its fix of renewed restrictions other than token gestures to keep it from throwing a complete fit. It looks as though extreme covid containment as a tool of oppression has exhausted its usefulness in the UK, and our dictators are pivoting to new strategies and tactics in their quest for total control under the Great Reset/Building Back Better/Sustainable Development/Green agenda.

There are similar signs in the US, where, on 11th August, the CDC dropped several covid containment pillars, indicating a channelling of its bureaucratic energy elsewhere. Among other changes, the requirement to quarantine has been dropped regardless of vaccination status, and social distancing is no longer recommended. However, the trend of waning covid hysteria is not uniform across the US, as blue states like California continue to pay homage to the covid death cult by abusing children in school with masks and insisting on masking in general indoor settings.

As for the pandemic industry, it seems its near-term goal is to wring covid dry with ridiculous variant-specific boosters and its new treatment pills like Paxlovid, for which the medical establishment has decided to cut out the middle-man (your doctor) so you can get it direct from your pharmacy. Needless to say, the search for a new virus nightmare is well underway, as we shall see.

Virus mania gets more manic – planting the HIV vaccine seeds

Joseph Mercola points out that as far back as January 2020, Indian researchers published a paper claiming segments of the SARS-COV-2 viral RNA appeared more closely related to HIV than other coronaviruses. The researchers also claimed that SARS-CoV-2 responded to HIV medications. The researchers came under pressure to retract the paper but not before Luc Montagnier, the Nobel prize winning discoverer of HIV, agreed with their assessment.

Also recall that in December 2020, an Australian vaccine was abandoned after trial participants returned false HIV positive results. The linked article is a classic MSM covid ‘science’ report. The most hilarious paragraph in the report is this one:

“But it also generated HIV antibodies in some recipients – which meant it showed false positives for HIV. Further testing proved the HIV wasn’t there.”

The first sentence says in plain English that “generat[ing] HIV antibodies…meant it showed false positives for HIV”. Then you read an explainer on HIV tests and false positives, and it starts off by explaining the basis of the HIV test:

“HIV tests are based on the detection of antibodies to HIV.”

After you’re done scratching your head over the BBC statement, you realise it looks like an out-and-out lie, and not a particularly clever one at that. The explainer (not the BBC article) on false positives gets equally hilarious, by the way, as it states:

“The main cause of false positive results is that the test has detected antibodies, but they are not antibodies to HIV – they are antibodies to another substance or infection. Tests are not meant to react to other types of antibodies, but it sometimes happens.” [emphasis added]

And there is no further explanation on why “it sometimes happens”. Translation: the HIV test, designed to test for HIV antibodies, sometimes detects other unrelated antibodies. Why? Because, in virology, shit happens.

Now, I’ve deliberately side-tracked into this false positive saga partly because it relates to the main point about the possible link between covid vaccines and HIV, partly for the sheer entertainment value of illustrating the risible quality of MSM science reporting, but also to make the point that, to put it mildly, all is not what it seems in virology. But I recommend reading the explainer I’ve linked, if only the bits I’ve highlighted plus the bit under the heading “Reactive results and follow-up testing”. Then ask yourself how much crazier an HIV test-driven pandemic would look than even the raging insanity of covid.

Let’s return to the tree-trunk of this argument.

Wind the clock forward to 2022, when sceptical scientists and doctors are recognising that the covid jab, which instructs the body to make part of the viral RNA closely related to HIV, is causing AIDS-like immunodepression – VAIDS (vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Because of its immune suppressive action, the covid jab may well be increasing susceptibility to AIDS.  In July, Chinese officials granted conditional approval for Azvudine, an HIV drug, to be used as a covid treatment.

Note that in December 2021, both the Biden administration and the UK Health Security Agency announced their commitment to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030. Dutifully on cue, the hyenas in the mainstream media launched an AIDS awareness campaign in February 2022.

In 2022, the NHS stated that it will “expand opt-out testing in emergency departments in the highest prevalence local authority areas”. In other words, HIV blood screening will be a default setting in emergency care unless you explicitly opt-out. The UK’s leading HIV charity is fully on board, stating: “HIV testing must become mainstream in the NHS.” Will all people be properly informed of the opt-out? The medical bureaucracy was pretty blasé about ditching informed consent for covid vaccination so I can’t see them suddenly rediscovering ethics and principles on opt-out testing.

So, we may be witnessing the beginnings of another test-propelled casedemic being deployed with HIV/AIDS and, with a highly vaxxed population carrying a protein produced in their blood with remarkable similarities to HIV, it might not be that long before we have an HIV/AIDS ‘pandemic’ that, fortuitously for Big Pharma, coincides with its AIDS vaccine development.

AIDS vaccine research has drawn a blank for over 30 years, but human trials for an mRNA HIV vaccine are now underway. With the Overton window on length of time and quality of clinical trials for vaccines completely smashed by the Wild West covid vaccine show, it would seem foolish to bet against a ‘safe and effective’ AIDS vaccine hitting the market in the next 6 to 18 months.

So, that’s HIV and its strange link to covid.

Virus mania gets more manic – monkeypox and the smallpox vaccines

By May 2022, the focus had switched to the first ever global monkeypox outbreak following another one of those prophetic biosecurity simulations held last year that amazingly predicted the exact week in which a monkeypox ‘pandemic’ would take off. Continuing with the never-ending series of strange coincidences, this particular outbreak of monkeypox is the first in which gay and bisexual men are at highest risk of infection. This has prompted a vaccination drive directed at this cohort.

Despite the best efforts of the pandemic industry to get people to lose their minds over monkeypox, it appears there’s only so much plague-iarism the public can take in a given time span. The population’s capacity for virus hysteria, though vast, has been entirely spent on covid for now, leaving a deficit of mass psychotic energy for new-fangled poxes. So, we’ve been given another summer off. The summer breaks are integral to the ebb and flow of the control game. To respond constructively to pain, you must have some respite from it. It will return.

The failure of monkeypox to capture the public’s imagination has caused undisguised consternation for the vaccine pushers. In the manner of a school master reprimanding his prefects, the Pfizer member of the pharma cartel has registered its disappointment with public health authorities’ failure to get the monkeypox ‘pandemic’ off the ground. Illustrating the revolving door corruption that is integral to the incestuous relationship between the pharma cartel and its ‘regulators’, this frustration was expressed by Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner and now Pfizer board member.

It is not a lack of effort that explains the failure of the pharma cartel’s regulatory enforcers to get monkeypox to deliver the next vault of vax cash. The head goon at the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, demonstrated why he was the WEF’s and Bill Gate’s favourite pick for the job by unilaterally overruling a WHO advisory panel to declare monkeypox a “public health emergency of international concern”. The panel had voted against this by a majority of nine to six. Displaying a creative interpretation of elementary school mathematics, Ghebreyesus called this a tie and claimed that, in overruling of the panel, he was acting as a “tie-breaker”. I wrote about ever changing definitions as a feature of the pandemic industry’s smoke and mirrors goalpost shifting. To this, they have now added the Orwellian bending of simple mathematics. In the darkened corners of Ghebreyesus’ mind, 2 + 2 can indeed sometimes equal 5.

Some perspective on monkeypox – as of 11th August, there are 26,000 recorded cases worldwide (0.0003 percent of the global population) and a total of 10 deaths, all occurring in Africa, where monkeypox is endemic. Ghebreyesus’ dictatorial overruling of the WHO’s monkeypox advisory panel is proof, if proof were needed, of how the WHO intends to enforce the pandemic industry’s will over the entire planet should it succeed in getting the nations of the world to relinquish their sovereignty to full-blown medical dictatorship under its proposed Pandemic Treaty.

At any rate, virus mania would not be complete without vaccine hysteria and two vaccines have been lined up for use against monkeypox: Jynneos, which is licensed for use against monkeypox, and ACAM2000, which is approved for use against smallpox but has also been made available for use against monkeypox. Both are actually smallpox vaccines developed some 20 years ago and have not been tested in the context of this monkeypox outbreak so there is no clinical data on how they would be expected to fare against the monkeypox currently circulating. And yet oddly they were licenced for use against monkeypox in 2019, two years before this monkeypox outbreak.

Interestingly, HIV-positive subjects who participated in clinical trials for Jynneos actually saw a rise in HIV virus counts. That’s an interesting safety signal. In the case of ACAM2000, for up to 21 days after vaccination, vaccinees are at risk of being infectious carriers of the vaccinia virus, one of the poxvirus family, because this vaccine is administered as live vaccinia virus, which gives rise to an infection at the vaccination site. This can result in spread of the infection to other parts of the vaccinee’s body through touch. It can also result in spread of infection to other people through contact with the infected vaccinee. If you’re wondering at this point whether it makes sense to be vaccinated with ACAM2000, you are not alone.

But wait: there’s more. The ACAM2000 vaccine causes myopericarditis at the rate of 1 per 175 people, which is a 10-12 times greater rate than the 1 in 2000 rate for myocarditis caused by covid vaccines in young men. That’s a stunning claim, so I dipped into the CDC paper to confirm this statistic and, sure enough, there it is: “myopericarditis also occurs with ACAM2000 (estimated rate of 5.7 per 1,000 primary vaccinees based on clinical trial data), but the underlying mechanism is unknown.”

Virus mayhem and the vaccine smorgasbord…and don’t forget polio 

Let’s see if we can synthesise this witch’s brew of viruses and vaccines disguised as science.

There is an evidence trail suggesting that SARS-COV-2 viral RNA might be more closely related to HIV than other coronaviruses. This might explain why covid jabs are causing some recipients to experience AIDS-like immunodepression or VAIDS (vaccine-acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Whatever you do, don’t you dare put on your conspiracy theorist thinking caps and try to link any of that to the simultaneous announcement of policies in the US and the UK at the end of December 2021 to eradicate HIV by 2030. And for heaven’s sake, let’s not be cynical by insisting that the approval of mRNA HIV vaccines currently in clinical trials is a done deal just because covid and monkeypox vaccines were rubberstamped with minimum fuss about due scientific process. I’m sure it’ll be different with HIV vaccines.

As for monkeypox, thank heavens that can be knocked on the head with smallpox vaccines. Okay, so the smallpox vaccines haven’t been clinically tested for efficacy in this monkeypox outbreak, but the rules of the science and vaccine game have changed. You can’t keep up with viruses if you’re going to insist on testing the vaccines properly against them. You’ve just got to go with the flow and see what works.

Funny how they’re allowed to go with the flow on vaccines, but ivermectin, which was robustly proven in the field by doctors and in clinical trials, is a no-no.

Sorry, have I mentioned polio yet? No? Well, take a look at this article, which says in one sentence “there have been no cases of polio detected directly in the U.K.” [emphasis added] but, in the very next sentence, it claims there is an “outbreak”. That’s the word it uses. Outbreak. The article claims that “scientists have discovered the outbreak through an indirect route” – sewage. [emphasis added]. One lesson you might draw from this is that there are no lows the pandemic industry will not stoop to, including sewage, to find what it’s looking for.

It also makes you wonder about the meaning of the word “outbreak”. In a previous piece, I looked at how fluidity in the glossary of pandemic terms has become a critical feature of the pandemic industry, giving it generous latitude to interpret events and facts in expedient, if not irrational, ways. Can you have an outbreak with no cases reported? If polio is being, ahem, deposited into the sewage but no one is visiting the doctor with polio symptoms, then do you have a polio outbreak? Sounds like the polio version of: “if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it falling, did it make a sound?” Any takers for asymptomatic polio? The precedent for humans being disease vectors without being sick was set two years ago so maybe people aren’t going to question the outbreak-of-polio-in-the-sewage theory. But I think we should question it. Covid has taught me two lessons about official government narratives and mainstream reporting: believe nothing and question everything.

At any rate, you are now all walking, talking polio threats and the key takeaway at the end of the polio-sewage article is the advice of the expert virologist: “If you’re not up to date on your polio vaccine, now’s the time to go out and get up to date”. Why am I not surprised to see that nudge?

Another question you may be asking about the polio “outbreak” is why on earth are we even talking about it when the last confirmed case in the UK was in 1984. Fear not – the polio “outbreak” article explains the mysterious return of polio with no cases. The blame – if indeed it is possible to assign blame for something you’re not quite sure has really happened – is being placed squarely at the feet of the covid ‘pandemic’ because it has “disrupted childhood vaccination programs around the world.” Was the UK programme disrupted? I suppose if covid could stop the minds of 90% of the population from working, then it probably had the power to stop childhood vaccinations. At any rate, this seems like a strong argument for not declaring pandemics in the first place since they only lead to knock-on pandemics.

Finally, if I were one of those dreadful depopulation ‘conspiracy theorists’, I’d be wondering how the men in white coats might seek to ramp up the toxicity of already toxic vaccines. Could they just dish them out all at once in a vaccine smorgasbord, each reacting with the other in exponentially harmful ways? In August in the UK, there was a period of two weeks in which a desperate push for polio, monkeypox and covid booster vaccines was all crammed into the same radio news broadcast. They didn’t mention the HIV vaccine, soon to be added to the list. I will not be at all surprised if a flatulence vaccine comes to market in 2030 to celebrate Zero Emissions Day.

In part II, I’ll discuss the pivot to financial Armageddon and how virus and vaccine mania might dovetail with the financial chains that are being wrought for us.

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