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The mainstream media are compromised. Hence, one has to search scrupulously for the truth masked by them. But you must first have the will to search for the truth, unlike the hordes of people who suffer from a kind of mass psychosis that prevents them from even examining evidence contrary to what the mainstream media, the CDC, the WHO and all the compromised governments around the world routinely tell them.

A case in point is found on Steve Kirsch’s substack site, in an article titled: “MIT’s Dean of Science responds to me: She’s NOT interested in looking at the vax safety data!” I would not be too sure that a post such as this one would still be on the website after 24 hours; sources of truth about what is happening in the world are usually quickly removed, although sites such as Rumble and BitChute seem to have found a way to prevent it.

At any rate, the heading of the article speaks for itself, and one should not overlook the irony, that the dean in question – at a prestigious university like MIT, no less – heads the Faculty of Science. If there is any domain in which one should insist on verifying claims for oneself, it is the domain of science, especially when the relevant claims concern a techno-medical procedure erroneously dubbed a ‘vaccination’ (which it is NOT), and which has been shown in several countries’ ‘adverse reaction registers’ to be very dangerous, in many cases lethal, to recipients.

Hence, when one carefully searches for sources of information (like the one listed above) that are not mainstream, where does it lead to? In a nutshell, when one has followed all the leads provided by brave people such as some (too few) medical doctors and nurses, as well as honest investors such as Melissa Cuimmei, one arrives at a benumbingly mind-boggling insight – one of the crucial pieces of the puzzle (if not the ‘final’ one) pertaining to the reason for the concoction of the ‘novel coronavirus’ in the first place – related to the questions: Why does the representatives of the New World Order (NWO) need the ‘vaccines’?

This insight amounts to the following. Having discovered that the main (but not the only) organisation behind the ‘pandemic’ is the World Economic Forum (WEF), and what their invidious programme amounts to – to wit, the intended depopulation of the world by billions of people – I wondered what their motive was. Are they crypto-ecologists who, out of a sense of care for the earth, wish to lessen the burden of teeming humanity on natural ecosystems?

If this were the case, I would have only one thing in common with them, namely the conviction that there are far too many of us in the world for eco-sustainability. But why, in such a case, reduce the world’s human population in such a murderous fashion? If politicians had any balls, as the saying goes, they would encourage people to have fewer children, as China did for a limited time with their one-child policy.

But the question remains: Why exterminate people with vaccines, and as most recently revealed, by means of a ‘controlled’ economic collapse? A persuasive answer comes from Melissa Cuimmei, the independent Irish investor mentioned earlier, in an interview on The Irish Inquiry (see link above), with the title: ‘They need your children! A new financial reset is imminent’

According to Cuimmei, the short answer to the question concerning vaccines and vaccine passports, above, is this: the NWO needs vaccine passports as precursor to their new financial system, and because this system will not be able to accommodate everyone in the world today, they need vaccines and an economic collapse, including the destruction of food – which will probably kill more people than the vaccines would – to cut down the world population.

With AI in the shape of robots set to do most of the work by 2030, most people would get universal income grants, but they would be idle, and hence potentially rebellious; hence, most of them will have to be terminated. And because, since the advent of the ‘pandemic’, people have largely been compliant, the WEF/NWO is getting closer to its goal every day. The need for large-scale revolt has never been greater in the history of the world.

At greater length, Ms Cuimmei supplied the missing link to the usual suspicion, that one ‘should follow the money’ for an explanation of a series of puzzling events. Cuimmei points out that the reason for the unconscionable cull of ‘useless eaters’ – allegedly this self-aggrandising group’s phrase for the rest of humanity, whom they apparently despise – concerns, precisely, money. How so? The hegemonic, debt-based capitalist financial system of the world – having become dominant since the Bretton Woods conference of 1944 – is hanging by the proverbial thread, and could implode at any moment.

The central bankers (yes, these are the real culprits!) behind the ‘pandemic’ and controlled global economic collapse know this – they’ve known it for a long time – and are desperately flooding the system with fiat money that they create out of thin air, in the hope of delaying the inevitable long enough for their plan to take effect. The situation is further exacerbated by the fact that, around 2028, millions of baby boomers will be retiring, and the massive payout of their financial benefits would almost certainly cause the collapse of the system.

What this plan is, should be obvious, and is delineated insightfully by Cuimmei, namely, to make a transition to a one-world digital financial system. This is where the successor to ‘vaccine passports’ enters the picture, namely digital social passports or IDs. The point is that, unless the NWO can get everyone into a new, fully digital financial system, they have no functional replacement for the current, obsolete system. Cuimmei further warns that the reason why governments and health ‘authorities’ are pushing so hard for child-‘vaccination’ is because they need to get children – the adults of tomorrow – on to the system.

All of this explains why the globalists are not giving up their attempts to give as many people as possible the poison jab – if not for Covid-19, then for monkeypox or some other concocted illness – not even in a country such as South Africa, where there is significant resistance to it. Here the government and its compromised health ‘authority’, known as SAHPRA, have tried all the soft-persuasion tricks, such as free food and money-market vouchers, with limited success. Therefore, more recently, the ANC government under Cyril Ramaphosa (another NWO-compromised individual) has done an about-turn on the initial promise, that ‘no one would be forced to take the vaccine’ – a promise made solemnly by Ramaphosa himself. Now, ‘vaccine mandates’ are being promoted, if not enforced, in every sector, from business to education, with most universities’ management deciding to implement mandatory ‘vaccination’ for staff as well as students.

But (something that would not be reported in the mainstream news) people are not taking this lying down; at the university where I work, staff members who resist the ‘jab’ have taken their employer to court on the basis of the claim, that the university has infringed on their constitutional right to bodily integrity, among other things.

Their case was not successful, mainly because of a technicality that effectively invalidated it, but ironically the university recently decided to drop the ‘vaccine’ mandate altogether, with no apology to the dissenters who, for a long time, had to spend a lot of money on daily PCR tests to be able to gain entry to their workplace.

It is a pity that the court case in question was prevented from being heard; I am sure that, if it had gone ahead, ample evidence regarding all manner of adverse effects of the ‘vaccines’ on recipients worldwide, including death on a significant scale, would have been brought into the open by people (like medical doctors) who would have testified for the disgruntled staff members.

In the United Kingdom, for example, that indefatigable alternative news source, The Exposé – a thorn in the side of the government and the WHO – regularly disabuses readers of the impression, cultivated by the mainstream news, that the ‘vaccines’ have saved millions of lives during the Covid-‘pandemic’ (as Bill Gates has boasted on several occasions). In one such article, for example, it revealed that, according to the UK government’s own data records, “the fully vaccinated accounted for 92% of all Covid-19 deaths in March” (in Britain), and more recently, again, that according to government reports, “hundreds of thousands of people are dying every single week due to Covid-19 vaccination”.

And The Exposé is not the only alternative newspaper that fills in the huge gaps left by the studied indifference of the legacy media; in the United States a similar role is played by The Epoch Times and Robert Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense, to mention but two such alternative news and commentary sources. Without these, the world’s people would be in the dark about the nefarious activities on the part of the globalist NWO to a far greater extent than they are.

For example, something one would never encounter in mainstream media, to wit, updates on the work of Dr Reiner Fuellmich and his courageous colleagues, that has led to the Grand Jury sessions where virtually every aspect of the ‘pandemic’ and its corollaries are subjected to the scrutiny of a panel of authorities in the relevant fields (including ‘vaccines’, controlled collapse of the world economy and destruction of food resources by the NWO), are circulated on alternative platforms. They compensate for the fact that the news outlets routinely listed as being ‘trustworthy’(which they are decidedly not) – including the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times and The Washington Post – refuse to inform the public of anything that somehow contradicts or undermines their mainstream narrative.

These alternative media should be celebrated – they actively promote the causes of freedom and democracy.

Bert Olivier

Honorary Professor of Philosophy

University of the Free State

South Africa.


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