Real COVID death rate 0.15%

New study finds global infection fatality rate is 0.15%

All systematic evaluations of seroprevalence data converge that SARS‐CoV‐2 infection is widely spread globally. Acknowledging residual uncertainties, the available evidence suggests average global IFR of ~0.15% and ~1.5‐2.0 billion infections by February 2021 with substantial differences in IFR and in infection spread across continents, countries, and locations.

5 thoughts on “Real COVID death rate 0.15%

  1. This report by John I has been out for sometime.
    It estimates 0.3-0.4% for western european countries.

  2. this is so dumb. why must some leftists always be so easy gulled. no wonder the baddies take your lunch money every frakking day.

  3. Once again I have to say that when you support the Fraud & Scam OPERATION COVIDIUS and spread its PROPAGANDA you can’t call yourselves “Left Lockdown Sceptics”!

    There are 0 (ZERO) “COVID” deaths.

    “COVID” is merely a new word/sound/label use by TPTB (SRF & Billionaires) to replace good old PNEUMONIA

    A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019
    The scoundrels (doctors, experts) falsely claim that this is a “special” pneumonia, BUT, I already tested them by sending many experts in the Pulmonary field an image with 9 CT scans of people with Pneumonia, with one CT being from the alleged “special” one.

    Not ONE can identify the CT scan that depicts the “special” pneumonia.

    OPERATION COVIDIUS is a simple TOOLS that the SRF & Billionaires are using to DEPLOY the TOOLS they need to reach the GOALS of Agenda 2030 and to reach 2050 with Net ZERO Emissions of CO2, cause “CO2 is bad“!

    The tool used to issue “COVID” label is the lab technique PCR.

    And with PCR one can have the final result one wants.

    If I want 1 million “positive” PCRs I can have 1 million “positive” PCRs…

    But if I want 1 million “negative” PCRs I can (using the same 1 million samples of snot) get 1 million “negative” PCRs.

    So… Writing an article with a title like that ONLY PROMOTES THE PROPAGANDA of the SRF & Billionaires and gives Them MORE POWER to keep destroying peoples lives, with many being culled!

    Not a great Socialist/Left display!

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