Avoiding the Issue at our Peril

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Bert Olivier resolves to start choosing truthfulness over keeping the peace at every opportunity. Also published on Real Left’s Substack.

I recently decided that the time is past when, for reasons of avoiding conflict with friends and family, I shall stay mum on the unprecedented, globally destabilising events that are unfolding even as I write.  Instead, I have resolved to spell out, without exception, the ongoing attempt by a bunch of neo-fascist globalists to enslave humanity, and not eschew mentioning this as the obvious interpretive framework for daily occurrences of this nature. In addition, I shall not refrain from informing my interlocutors of the true motivation behind this haphazardly stage-managed, but tellingly resonating, occurrence of far-reaching happenings.

 The reason for this decision, which has already landed me in hot water since implementing it without exception when the opportunity arises is, in a word, urgency. We are at the eleventh hour – no, parallel to the so-called ‘doomsday clock’, we are at about 2 minutes to midnight, and in military terms, we should be at DEFCON (Defence Readiness Condition) 5. And yet, we are not. The perpetrators behind the inhuman drive to establish a one-world government at the cost of all the civil liberties that took centuries to gain, constitutionally, for human beings, are forging ahead with their devilish plan, which requires that humanity be brought to its knees before the final imposition of their totalitarian state.

Russia Today

Don’t expect to be informed about this by the mainstream media – they are as complicit in this as Adam was with Eve when she offered him the forbidden fruit, for the simple reason that they were bought by the Davos-WEF billionaires, which is an open secret. And although a news site such as the Russian RT – which is conveniently inaccessible in Britain and Europe, for obvious reasons – provides one with amazingly accurate news (when measured, comparatively, against independent, alternative news sites such as Redacted, which makes use of on-the-ground-correspondents), I would welcome it if it were to be more explicit when it comes to identifying the globalists as the culprits when reporting on certain events.

For example, in an article titled ‘Western “expertise” on the Ukraine conflict could lead the world to a nuclear disaster,’ Sergey Poletaev points out the easily verifiable fact that:

“…it’s interesting that none of the predictions made by mainstream Western experts regarding the Ukraine conflict have come true – either in military, political, economic, or social terms. However, over the past two years, a trend has developed in the Western media: experts invent ‘previously unconsidered’ circumstances to justify their initial blunders, issue new forecasts, and then explain why their latest predictions haven’t come true either.”

In short, it looks like the Western press is busy creating a fantasy alternative universe. 

All of this would seem amusing, were it not for the fact that the world’s biggest military and economic alliance is basing its policy on this nonsense, that hundreds of thousands of people have paid for it with their lives, and that nuclear war appears to be looming on the horizon. 

Homing in on confident western predictions of Russia’s near-complete economic demise, Poletaev writes:

“‘Sanctions from hell’ and a ‘nuclear trade war’ were just two of the phrases used to describe the economic measures taken by the US and its allies against Russia. Western experts had no doubt that Moscow was on the brink of an economic meltdown and the biggest financial collapse in its history. They argued that Putin had destroyed everything he had achieved during his 15 years in charge, and that the long-term consequences would be even more dire. ‘The Russian economy has been thrown into near-Soviet conditions of almost total isolation from the world economy,’ The Hill proclaimed.

In fact, what happened was the exact opposite – the West has de facto lost the economic war against Russia, and hasn’t even been able to break its own trade ties with the country. As for the Global South, it has retained a friendly, neutral attitude towards Moscow and has benefitted substantially. 

These are states of affairs that western media would rather hide from their local audiences, hence blacking out RT in Europe and the UK. But even in South Africa, where we do have access to the Russian news website, those people who persist in availing themselves of RT’s mendacious western counterparts, seem to be blissfully unaware of the spuriousness of what they get on South African SABC, on CNN, BBC, Sky News, or whatever.

A Recent Conversation

A case in point was a recent conversation I had with a friend about the apocalyptic goings-on globally, and somewhere in our chat, when the Russia-Ukraine conflict came up, he observed that ‘the Russians have suffered tremendous losses lately’, which left me speechless, if only for a moment. This is where my decision, referred to at the outset in this article, asserted itself.

Instead of humouring him, I decided to play open cards, quite ruthlessly, and pointed him in the direction of RT as well as other alternative news and discussion sites – Real Left, Brownstone Institute, Children’s Health Defense, The People’s Voice on Rumble, and Redacted, to mention only some. And I chided him for not realising that western media have been pulling the wool over his, and most other people’s, eyes since at least the advent of the spurious ‘pandemic,’ despite the fact that he and his wife were among our vax-sceptic friends. How could he see through the lies concerning the vax, and still believe that Russia was the true culprit in the big picture, let alone that they were supposedly losing the war?

If he had informed himself about Russia’s (and Putin’s) opposition to the WEF’s bid for world domination, he would probably have seen through the fog that is being dispersed by the mainstream media. There is a reason for Russia being the object of intense hate where the ‘elites’ are concerned, of course – one which goes back centuries, and is discussed by the now slain Janet Ossebaard in the 1st episode of Fall of the Cabal: The Sequel (6 min. 27 sec. into the video). Once one has viewed this video, together with the other episodes in this series, as well as the one preceding it, one’s understanding of the present crisis is enhanced beyond all expectations.  

I had had enough of leaving people in an anaesthetised state; the time was getting too short not to avail oneself of every opportunity to (try to) wake them up, even if there is resistance, which there usually is, and for obvious reasons. In psychoanalytic terms, when there is an inordinate degree of resistance (what Freud called ‘negation’ in the eponymous essay) on someone’s part when confronted with unsettling information – which was not the case with my friend on this occasion; he was already awake about the ‘clot-shot’ – it is a sure sign that one has hit a nerve. But with many other interlocutors, resistance to the suggestion that we are living through an attempted global takeover, elicits a (sometimes) vehement response in the guise of a denial that this is the case, occasionally accompanied by an accusation that one is dabbling in ‘conspiracy theories.’  

Shakespeare already knew this about resistance; recall Gertrude’s comment on the player queen (in Hamlet), ‘The lady doth protest too much, methinks,’ suggesting that the character is insincere, and Gertrude (Hamlet’s mother) inadvertently reflecting this back on herself. In brief, persistent ‘negation’ or denial betrays the unconscious truth, that what is strenuously denied (or alternatively, consigned to silence) is actually the case. Even someone as eminently ‘rational’ as Slavoj Žižek, one of the world’s most famous philosophers, is not exempt from this.

More on Russia

When it comes to the imperative – more urgent than ever – to be mercilessly open about what lurks behind certain events unfurling in global space, I would argue that even a news agency such as RT should identify the culprits engineering these events explicitly. These include looming disasters such as the growing threat of famine, the WEF and WHO-hypothesised ‘disease X’, the massive illegal border-crossings in the United States, the threat of a WHO takeover if their proposed ‘amendments’ are accepted (which are not about health, but about totalitarian power), and the imminent possibility (if not probability) of banks collapsing in the wake of a global cyberattack.

It also includes RT’s reporting on the Ukraine conflict, as in the example from RT cited above. While it is praiseworthy for Poletaev to lift the veil on misleading reporting and commentary by western media, in my humble opinion he does not go far enough. Take the following paragraph near the end of his article:

The bigger problem is that the Western elites who are responsible for making political decisions and a large part of Western society are in the same ideological and information bubble as the experts. Liberal triumphalism is quite strong in the West, and instead of trying to find the cause of the crisis so that it can be solved and the international security system restored, these people want to find simple answers to complex questions. And so, with the help of obsequious experts, Western elites have come to a simple conclusion: to ensure a ‘happy end,’ all they need to do is defeat the evil Putin.  

This elaboration on putative ‘western expertise’, which turns out to be a mixture of ignorance and wilful deception, is fine insofar as alluding to western ‘elites’ goes, but Poletaev should go much further. To begin with, he should openly and explicitly identify these so-called (Davos) ‘elites’ – who deserve the name ‘parasites’ instead – as the probable (if not unquestionable) orchestrators of everything from 9/11 through the 2008 financial crisis, the so-called ‘pandemic,’ the Ukrainian and the Gaza conflicts and the imminent global economic collapse. Stop beating about the bush – name them so that the world’s people know who is responsible for their increasing miseries.

Strikingly, Vladimir Putin is the one who openly challenges the globalist cabal’s goals, including their plan, to collapse the current banking system and replace it with (financially imprisoning) digital currencies, the family-subverting woke infiltration programme, and the depopulation agenda, all of which are clearly identifiable in the following excerpt from a summary of his recent Federal Assembly address:

“Russia, together with friendly states from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America, will continue to build a new global financial architecture free from political interference, while the West discredits its own currencies and banking systems.”

Putin noted that while some Western countries are ‘deliberately destroying moral norms and family institutions’ and pushing their nations towards extinction, Russia chooses life and remains a stronghold of traditional values on which humanity is built. 

Elsewhere a report on RT about a keynote address by Putin makes clear his awareness that the so-called (Davos) ‘elites’ are integral to the sustained – but unsuccessful – attempt to destroy Russia, which stands in their way:

“Moscow has accused the US and its allies of waging a proxy war on Russia, in which the Ukraine conflict is but one element. Western elites, according to the Russian leadership, cannot accept that a new multipolar world is emerging, in which multiple sovereign power centers will decide the fate of humanity. The West is seeking to contain rising powers, including Russia, by all means at its disposal, from economic restrictions to outright use of military force, according to the Kremlin.”  

Someone armed with the conceptual frame of reference explicating the technocratic neo-fascists’ covert agenda of gaining totalitarian control over the remainder of the world’s people, once most of them have been wiped out by various means, can easily discern the pertinent references in these reports on Putin’s public addresses. Nevertheless, personally I believe that RT should make this even more explicit in terms of the interpretive framework which is presupposed by these speeches. There are alternative news and discussion platforms that are quite open about this, but it is probably the case that these are frequented by a comparatively small number of people – if the critical mass necessary to bring about an overwhelming resistance on the part of citizens worldwide is to be achieved, they have to be augmented at ground level by as many people spreading awareness as possible.

Planting Seeds amongst Friends, Family and Acquaintances

In the United Kingdom the undeniable representatives of ‘full disclosure’ as far as the unprecedented power-grab by the so-called ‘elites’ goes, are, in my assessment, Real Left and The Exposé, which do not pull their punches when reporting on the latest manifestations of the globalists’ increasingly desperate shenanigans. Beyond internet-based communications which disclose the true, abject nature of the psychopathic elites as manifested in their unconscionable plans, pronouncements and actions, however, it is still ordinary, on-the-ground communication with friends, family and acquaintances – and sometimes people met by chance, at conferences, for example – which afford one the opportunity to ‘make their day’, or spoil it, for that matter. In either case, though, a seed (or sometimes a whole tree, depending on the response in question) is planted, and although the consequences are unpredictable, conditions sometimes being favourable, it may just germinate.

The point is that, as stated in the beginning of this piece, we are running out of time; it is imperative that we find ways to jerk people into awareness, even if it may jeopardise friendships and family ties. One need not be cruel in doing this; my partner and I make it a principle of our ‘outreach’ not to antagonise people unnecessarily, but instead to make it as clear as circumstances allow that we are all in this together, and we have had several successes with this solidarity-based approach, even with people who took the jab. We cannot allow any opportunity to awaken someone from their mainstream narrative-induced stupor to go to waste. Because in the big picture there will be no second chance.

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  1. As we say in Australia “Good onya Bert”

    ‘When all looks grim we must take the next step’ or, as Rumi said:

    ‘If everything around seems dark, look again, you may be the light.’

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