The Vaccine Reveal Goes On…and on…and on

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Rusere Shoniwa sets out the latest news regarding the medical scandal that is the ‘Covid protective’ MRNA injection rollout and questions whether a ‘sea change in vaccine consciousness’ has occurred amongst the public. Originally published on A Plague On Both Houses.

Many of you will have been following the twists and turns in the New Zealand covid ‘vaccine’ whistleblower story. There’s a good chance that this piece will be out of date when you read it, but hopefully not so obsolete that the key message is wrong.

Is this latest twist in the ‘vaccine’ reveal saga any different to the countless ones that have preceded it? Is this the one that will finally bring down the covid ‘vaccine’ house of cards? Or is the “safe and effective” mantra actually already dead, its corpse rotten, but the funeral yet to be held?

If you’re unfamiliar with the NZ whistleblower story, here’s the topline from a HART article:

“A New Zealand health ministry employee [named Barry Young] was arrested for leaking records on vaccination status and death from the government database. He faces up to seven years in prison. The government admits that there has been no privacy breach as the data was anonymised yet by arresting him they have confirmed the veracity of the data and implied they do not want the public seeing it.”

In HART’s words, they’ve gone “full Assange”, which tells you they have something to hide and are running scared. This step by the NZ health ministry has led to the issue of an injunction that supposedly prevents any publication of the data by anyone in NZ or abroad. The effect of this injunction is not clear to me since some analysts in the US like Steve Kirsch and A Midwestern Doctor continue to have access to and comment on the data. Professor Norman Fenton, Emeritus Professor of Risk at Queen Mary University of London, has also analysed the data and opined on it.

The whistleblower, Barry Young, is out on bail and due to go on trial on 18th December. Here is a link to an interview he did with Reality Check Radio in New Zealand. The interview was done on 8th December and released on 11th December. Young’s position is that he has a strong hunch that the data contains a safety signal that can’t be ignored, and his motivation for releasing it is to allow experts to opine on whether the data calls into question ‘vaccine’ safety, and therefore whether the NZ public was lied to by its government.

Extreme perversion of the truth is the norm in the New Abnormal world into which we were thrust in March 2020. Young, for his bravery and commitment to truth, is being cast as a villain by the government which is the real villain of the piece. He has been charged with “dishonestly accessing vaccination data”, but it was his job to access the data, which he took care to anonymise before releasing it. He is making available data to his fellow citizens that they have every right to see but which their government is suppressing to avoid public scrutiny of its actions. The NZ government does not deny the accuracy and validity of the data.

Young helped build and implement a database to track each vaccination as part of a pay-per-dose scheme for vaccine providers. This meant he had access to the vaccine records of 2.2 million New Zealanders who were injected through the payment systems included in his database. While 4.3 million New Zealanders received injections, not all of them would have gone through the database administered by Young because there were other schemes in operation. So, while the data he leaked accounts for about half of the total vaccinated population and therefore might contain compelling safety signal information, the NZ government may succeed in spinning it as an incomplete and therefore unreliable dataset for the purpose of drawing conclusions about safety.

The New Zealand government does not deny that the country has experienced excess death since the roll-out of the ‘vaccines’, but has reflexively ruled out the possibility that the vaccines are involved. NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science have pointed out that one cannot draw such a conclusion until an investigation into the excess mortality has been conducted, and vaccines ruled out. Like every other government in the world that is presiding over excess deaths following ‘vaccine’ roll-out, the NZ government has not investigated its country’s excess mortality.

Some have analysed the leaked NZ data and believe that it proves a causal relationship between excess death and the covid ‘vaccines’. Steve Kirsch believes the data show the ‘vaccines’ are causing deaths at a rate of 1 per 1000 doses. He says this is consistent with other data analyses conducted for other countries. Here in the UK, Professor Norman Fenton’s somewhat caveated and cagey conclusion is that the data “provides evidence of lack of safety of the vaccine”.

Despite a slew of scientific evidence and qualified professionals exposing the danger of the ‘vaccines’, the clue as to why this latest episode might not be the straw that breaks the camel’s back lies in this article. Not everyone qualified to assess the data is in agreement that it conclusively proves the ‘vaccines’ are unsafe. Statistician William Briggs is of the view that:

“an insurmountable problem in ascribing cause is the lack of data on people who did not get any shots. Their death and age data is missing. There is no comparison group for the people who got shots. …this means there is no natural comparison group and nothing about cause”.

And while Fenton has indicated that there is a safety signal that needs investigating, he has also said that he does not “believe it is the ‘smoking gun’ as some have claimed.”

More hopium?

So how will this latest revelation play out and is it just more hopium to fortify the spirits of the red-pilled? Well, for starters, obviously the NZ Government is going to continue behaving like a fugitive on the run, maintaining its clampdown and refusing to release the rest of the data. Will it succeed? I believe the odds are in its favour at the moment. No matter how many experts outside New Zealand opine on the data, if the NZ public itself does not get to see the data exposed through a process that convincingly shows the ‘vaccines’ are anything but safe and effective, the whole episode will amount to more sound and fury signifying nothing. And given the doubts that already exist about the data’s conclusiveness, the NZ government wins by simply continuing to stonewall and refusing to release more data.

Worse still, Barry Young may go to jail for trying to alert his fellow citizens to the fact that that their government is a harmful-substance pusher. The government has in fact put itself in a position where it must do everything possible to successfully prosecute Young; this will serve as an effective deterrent to any other would-be leakers. Conversely, a not-guilty finding will only increase the pressure on the government to release more data. Young will be hoping that all the members of the jury have listened to his interview in which he stressed how “lovely” he thought New Zealanders are. (He is a Geordie who moved to NZ some years ago.)

Bottom line: unless this event causes a serious rupture in public trust in the government, followed by a proper heads-on-spikes moment, it will be business as usual for another criminal WEF government.

To create a rupture in trust serious enough to trigger real change, it isn’t enough to merely prove that the ‘vaccines’ aren’t safe. Serious government culpability must be added, or we’ll just have another limited hangout in which “mistakes were made” and “lessons will be learned”. Here’s how we could hope that the NZ whistleblower and other cases play out:

·         Young’s leaked data is used in combination with myriad other reliable studies to prove beyond doubt that the vaccines are unsafe and ineffective.

·         The NZ and other governments are forced to release the contracts they signed with Big Pharma. It’s absolutely ludicrous that governments can use billions of taxpayer funds to buy Big Pharma’s crap and then refuse to show us the contracts they signed to do so. This is as absurd as hiring an accountant to administer your finances and then, when you ask him to show you the records – YOUR records – he tells you to bugger off. This is the madness that Joe Public is accepting.

·         The contract that was signed between the South African government and Pfizer, and which has been released in the course of a legal case there, shows that the SA Government was contractually obliged to acknowledge that “the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.” It is inconceivable that the contracts between Pfizer and numerous other governments would be substantially different in this regard.

·         Thus, the “safe and effective” claim made by governments should not have been made because there was no way of knowing anything about safety or effectiveness — as proven by the fact that Pfizer contracted with the SA government explicitly on the basis that they themselves had not and could not give any safety warranties whatsoever. In short, the “safe and effective” claim was baseless and therefore a lie. That introduces the element of culpability. It also explains why governments will not conduct an investigation into excess deaths and why every MP in the UK is instructed to leave the House when Andrew Bridgen calls a debate about vaccine harms.

Will the vaccine reveal end with a bang or a whimper?

The NZ whistleblower case is not the only dose of vaccine-reveal hopium doing the rounds at the moment. The vaccine injury dam has been threatening to burst since the ‘vaccines’ were first rolled out…and it hasn’t.

“Great news!” says Igor Chudov – the Texas Attorney General is suing Pfizer for “unlawfully misrepresenting the effectiveness of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine” and “engag[ing] in false, deceptive, and misleading acts and practices by making unsupported claims regarding…the vaccine”. Professor Homburg, addressing the German parliament recently, asked, to much applause from the same incompetent and amoral parasites who mandated the poison: “why did politicians not only allow an experimental vaccine, but in fact forced people to take the substance through several types of mandates….Why have countless vaccine injuries had no consequences?” [time stamp 9:54]. A ban-the-jab campaign is underway in Florida to pressure lawmakers in that State to ban covid and all mRNA injections. Life insurers in the US know that working-age people are now dying in unprecedented numbers and no-one whose job it is to figure out why is remotely curious. The Italian Minister of Health is being investigated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office. He is accused of having knowledge of the dangers of the covid injections before they were rolled out and therefore exposing the unsuspecting Italian public to risks of which he was aware.

I wrote about the reveal stage of the pandemic over a year ago. (That piece strangely found its way into Lew without my permission, which I would have gladly given, but it shows the presumptuousness of the cowboys in the alt-media.) Back then, we already knew that Pfizer knew all along that they hadn’t tested their ‘vaccine’ for stopping transmission. (We actually knew that two years earlier in October 2020.) Back then, top-flight cardiologists were calling for a halt to the vaccine programme. Back then, Florida’s Surgeon General had advised all males aged 18-39 against having a covid vaccine owing to an associated 84% increase in cardiac-related death. An awful lot was known back then – more than enough to end the ‘vaccine’ charade.

In that essay, I argued that the global pandemic planners – senior and middle-level managers who plan well in advance for pandemics – most definitely exist. Which justifies the term ‘plandemic’ and also suggests that we could coin a name for the pandemic planners: ‘plandemicists’. The position I took at that time was that success for the plandemicists during the reveal stage means everyone accepting “mistakes were made” with concomitant “ lessons learned”, thus paving a smooth path to the next plandemic. On the one hand, the plandemicists’ strategy of suppression, gaslighting and limited hangouts seems to be working. But on the other hand, we’re still in the middle of a long drawn-out reveal stage, and it’s hard to know exactly what people know and what they will do with that knowing. So I’m not yet sure that the position I took then has been vindicated.

The ‘vaccine’ revelation mountain is now higher than Kilimanjaro, with each new discovery heralding the moment of truth. This mountain of revelations tells a story of a thoroughly corrupt science-government-corporate-MSM nexus, and yet oddly we still don’t know enough to put anyone in jail.

So, has the public been to the mountaintop? Are there any surveys that might point to a widespread public knowledge of vaccine harms? Well, a Rasmussen survey in the US published in November 2023 found that 24% of adults said they knew someone who died from covid-19 vaccine side effects. Just think about that from a drug confidence perspective. The government of the nation with the world’s largest economy rolls out a medical treatment to the whole country and, two years later, fully a quarter of the nation is sure someone has been killed by it. 42% say that, if there was a major class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine side effects, they would be likely to join it. That could be interpreted as 42% of people being concerned about vaccine injuries. That’s a whopping percentage. This survey confirms that the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ experiment is the most disastrous episode in modern medical history.

But still we drag on with not even a wrist slapped. Are we living in a strange world in which the guardians of publicly admissible truth – the mainstream media and the government – jointly hold the keys to a door that, when opened, frees the awful truth of what we know? Surely we have reached the point of critical mass awareness of vaccine damage but perhaps it just feels as though we collectively don’t know it because society hasn’t been given permission to acknowledge it by those guardians. Is this how collective societal truth works?

The polls might suggest that enough people at the personal level know that the ‘vaccines’ are a bad hoax, but until we collectively acknowledge it in a formal societal ritual (which used to be mass media revelation and flagellation), societies feel obliged to carry on pretending that nothing bad has happened. Will this weird collective denial or cognitive dissonance continue until some form of authority grants permission to stop denying the truth?

The problem is, the establishment is too corrupt to allow the floodgates to open. So are we now looking at the prospect of parallel societies in which some of us quietly adopt new modes of thinking and behaviour based on what we know to be true while others remain in Plato’s cave, marvelling at the fantastic and frightening shadows flickering on the wall? True, the controllers want us all in the cave but they can’t succeed if enough of us refuse to enter it. I was well on my way out of that cave before 2020, and the pseudo-pandemic turned my brisk jog into a sprint. There is no turning back. We can’t unsee the lies and destruction of the last four years.

Maybe a sea change in vaccine consciousness has occurred but we can’t be quite sure because it hasn’t been accompanied by firecrackers. I don’t think we’re going to find out until the next plandemic. The day you can be absolutely sure ‘vaccines’ are history is when the most obtuse section of the population – the professional managerial class – begin telling you that they’re not getting their 2-in-one winter flu and covid ‘vaccine’. Speaking of which, ongoing confirmation of the death of the vaccine paradigm can be found on the NHS webpage promoting their 2-in-one winter jab. The language of infection prevention is gone. Instead, they’ve now resorted to infantile symptom management language, promising that the covid-flu jab will “stop you getting very poorly”.

The development of mRNA ‘vaccine’ technology can be seen as an extension of transhumanism, which views the body as a machine to be hacked via its DNA ‘software’. The ‘vaccine’ delivers hacking software with instructions to the body’s cells. And just like computer software, this mRNA ‘software’ has bugs. As if instructing the body to make spike protein wasn’t bad enough, a new study finds that there is around a 1 in 10 chance that Pfizer’s ‘vaccine’ will produce proteins that some experts believe may increase cancer and autoimmune risk. Whoops.

There are still people out there who are perfectly happy to subject themselves to experimental gene modification to stop themselves from “getting poorly”. That’s the trade-off they don’t even know they are making from deep inside Plato’s cave. There are still people out there who accept the NHS Teletubbies version of science. Until we know how many, we won’t know whether the plandemicists are winning or losing.

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  1. Until, and only when, there is reconciliation of truth and justice for the global predators that have destroyed lives and livelihoods of millions, can society begin to move forward. Without such, we are destined to sink further into the quagmire of corruption, malfeasance and amoral exploitation of the most vulnerable.

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