Contributions from 18 September, part 4: Robin Monotti

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We’re pleased to publish a sequence of edited transcripts from selected panel contributions given on 18 September. First we published Victor Conti’s Marxist analysis of the lockdown. Next, Emily Garcia’s radical feminist perspective on the freedom movement and Dr. Jenny Goodman’s talk on the politics of immunity. Now we are publishing the searing contribution from Robin Monotti, the Italian architect and film producer who runs a Telegram channel with over 50,000 subscribers.

I almost can’t believe that I am in a room with left lockdown sceptics. Since I started speaking out people have tried to put me into a political niche, but I’ve been very careful not to align with any ‘side’ as this is not a battle that we can win through niches but through unity. My initial strategy was social media. I started on Twitter then I was removed I went on Telegram, where I had a higher reach. One of my most influential followers is Eric Clapton, who launched the video of his song ‘This has got to stop.’ He launched it on my Telegram channel handle at the same time as his own networks and got 2 million views in two weeks. My channel is getting quite close to 50,000 which is a lot, but it’s not 2 milllion.

I remain highly disappointed with the ‘Guardian readers’ and all of its writers – they have ruined the position of what is considered ‘the left’. People think there is no alternative: they will say the Guardian is ‘better than the Times’ but not take that step beyond to a genuine analysis, maybe one published by Left Lockdown Sceptics.

For me it is obvious what’s going on. I am at a loss why people who have, for years, tried to defend minorities now are the first to use hate speech against anyone with a different view. And I’m wondering will we have any legal protection for people who don’t want to go through either the injection or the injection passports? Do we have any legal protection against hate speech?

Because I see it all the time, including in the Guardian. So is this a free-for-all, where everything can be thrown at us? At some stage, I think we need to draw a line, because we can’t just accept everything that is used in the media against us. I did a short video on Vaccine IDs, calling them Trojan passports, that their point is control. If we all have it on our phones it means that we are controlled, what goes into our bodies is controlled regularly, every six months, maybe then every three months, and no one is able to tell what is going into our body because it’s not checked, whether it is what it says, has been maintained at the right level of medical storage. Then we get tied into the financial aspect, our finances controlled through it. If we say something that that they don’t like, we lose Social Credit scores and so on.

Where does it lead? Because this, I think, is only the beginning. Once you achieve the above, what are you going to do with it? We’ve just seen a UK/Australia/US nuclear defence alliance aimed at China. This is being driven by ever expanding markets, which we as Europeans did to the Third World or Global South. At some stage, this was no longer so easy, because people were not very happy anymore with expanding markets through wars. And other countries became strong enough to say no, we’re not going to let you do it. And so what happens is that the market turns inside and says okay, let’s see, we are all a potential market. If we digitalize and financialize each one of us then we are the market we expand into but that doesn’t mean that’s the end.

This could be just the beginning of a totally different level of warfare, which we then cannot protest against. Once we are controlled we cannot protest against even bigger atrocities than the total elimination of human rights within the population with regards to bodily autonomy. There are other stages beyond this. This is a stepping stone.

And I’m worried that what’s after this could be a lot worse. It links in with the whole issue of the New Energy supply chains, which will require militarization (which now has been privatised: you have private military throughout Africa). At some stage they’ll face resistance. So that’s when maybe that the big guns come out. And I think this is why the current situation is happening before the full implementation of the whole new green economy which is being prepared, because I think that that requires a level of militarization and war which the public is not ready for. So first, you need to control the public. And then you can say, okay then, now we need to impose a climate lockdown.

Recently, I was interviewed by some economics experts in Italy and they reminded me of something that I didn’t really remember, being just two years old at the time: during one of the oil crises in the 70s, we already had a form of lockdown, at least in in Italy, justified because we were running out of oil. So: you can’t use your car, travel or leave the country. It was very similar.

They said, ‘you know why they did it? Because of runaway inflation: hyperinflation.’ And now, we may get hyperinflation too. But only when they want it to happen. Because effectively as all of you know, this goes back to financial crisis of 2008, and the amount of money that has been stolen from the public, and given to the financial markets to the banking system. What’s happening now is the result of that, this runaway quantitative easing, that hasn’t been used for hospitals or building roads or schools and has gone straight into the markets. And so the result is inflation, as it’s not processed through the real economy.

Playing these strategic games and seeing where they go, they figured out that we will understand that in time. And then we’ll see who made those decisions, to put all that money back into the banking and pharma sectors, and not in the hospitals or schools. And we’ll go to them and ask for an explanation. They want to avoid that. I don’t understand why this is so complicated; why so many people think there is no such thing as an oligarchy that makes these decisions, or that the World Economic Forum or the Bilderberg meetings are just a conspiracy. How did we get to this stage where such obvious things have become a ‘conspiracy theory?’

Unfortunately, I think it’s partly because we are dealing ultimately with psychopaths. Psychopaths don’t know limits. They don’t understand emotional limits. They don’t they don’t have a pulse for where to stop. So now we’ve got the 12 to 15 year olds at schools getting injected with something that they don’t need, with a totally flawed justification. The JCVI said medically it’s not needed apart from to avoid disruption. But the injections don’t prevent infection or transmission and won’t change results of lateral flow tests. So the disruption story is a total lie.

They’re going to go lower in age and, unless they have created a batch of placebos for children, some will be injured as they do. One child injured probably means a good proportion of the school being awakened to what’s really going on. We’ve tried very hard to wake up as much as many people as possible. I thought we would be more successful than we have. But now I see the psychopaths pushing this to a stage where people who called us conspiracy theorists will start thinking, ‘wait a minute, does this six month, year old baby really need to be injected with a gene modifying mRNA inducing spike protein? Do they really need it?’

I tried to stop them just by talking a lot. But obviously, they’re not stopping. But they will make mistakes and we need to amplify these mistakes. It’s not a pleasant thing to do. But we must draw a line at human rights; the UNESCO Universal Declaration of Bioethics, the Human Rights Act 2005, Article Six on Consent stating that any preventive diagnostic, in all treatment and medical intervention, needs informed consent, which can be withdrawn at any time without disadvantage or prejudice. We need to defend ourselves legally against any form of discrimination. Now for example, with travel subject to discrimination, for people who don’t want to go through the whole process.

We need to keep referring to legal contraventions and highlighting the atrocious things that they’re doing, in which I can see their mistakes. Because if they only had stopped, probably a lot of people would never have woken up. They are getting to a state where they are making people see. They are going to be successful at doing what a lot of us have been trying to do without succeeding. And we need to highlight that.

4 thoughts on “Contributions from 18 September, part 4: Robin Monotti

  1. Absolutely right Robin , Thankyou for explaining this so well . 100% with you on all that you say !

    1. Thank you for that Robin. Backbone significantly stronger now and that little bit more able to continue the fight!

  2. I simply can’t believe that the world establishments have got away with the things they have, it’s not as though people trust their governments, it’s clear they don’t with the level of protests against government measures that have been happening for many years and really peaked world wide around four years ago. I only hope more people see that what they are doing is morally wrong.

  3. The oligarchy seemed bound and determined to push all their chips to the middle of the poker table on their bet against human solidarity and resistance to their psychopathic global-reset games. Historically western oligarchy have been ruthless, amoral, violent and shameless, but never necessarily very “bright.”

    Study of our major revolutions suggest that typically oligarchs don’t really understand their jig is up until they happen to glance to their right and come to the sudden unsettling realization that the fellow that had been standing there next to them a moment ago has just had his head raised on a pike.

    A bit late in the game to change course at that point I’d say. One hopes they realize we will not go gently into their goodnight. Eventually, for example, those police and military in Australia will realize “who” the enemy actually is.

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