Open Letter to Those Not Yet Opposed to Vaccine Passports, Part 1: Totalitarianism here we come!

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Our meeting in London on 13th November is about the Left case against vaccine passports. Find out more and register here.

This is an open letter by Rusere Shoniwa, in three parts (and originally published on his blog), to those not yet opposed to vaccine passports. On the assumption that support for or indifference to vaccine passports is rooted in the official Covid narrative, Rusere will in Part I of this letter try to explain that this narrative is delusionary and that our society, along with most of the world, is in the grip of a mass delusional psychosis. Unless we wake up and see things as they really are, the endpoint of this mass psychosis will be totalitarianism.

Part II tackles the dilemma of how to expose the series of delusions gripping the nation without heavy-handed recourse to science and data, integral as they are in the search for truth. The approach taken here is to point out confessions or blatant criminal action, hidden in plain sight, by the authorities driving the official fear-fuelled narrative. These confessions tell us that they do not believe their own official narrative. The question then is, why should you? 

Part III warns of the consequences of the current attempts to scapegoat the unvaccinated and discusses the immorality of vaccine passports. Ultimately, if there are no moral grounds for a policy, the science is irrelevant. The whole Covid debate has understandably become rooted in medical science, but we should all be saddened by the lack of emphasis on values-based decision making. The ‘following The Science’ paradigm must be turned on its head if we are to emerge from this crisis stronger – science must not supersede our values.

Preaching to the converted is satisfying for obvious reasons but, if you’re trying to change opinions, you ought really to address those with whom you disagree. So, this is an open letter to those who are either indifferent to or in support of vaccine passports.

On Sunday 12 September the government announced that it had ditched plans for vaccine passports, only to announce the very next day that vaccine passports remained a “first-line defence” against a winter wave of Covid. Given the number of times the government has u-turned on this and other Covid issues, the aim seems to be to make u-turns a normal state of affairs rather than something which used to bring shame and embarrassment on a ruling party. There are few things in life of which I am certain, but the imminent return of vaccine passports is one of them.

Putting aside the dizzying u-turns, in a country where more than 80% of people over age 16 are vaccinated, we have to ask why the vaccines themselves are no longer being relied on as the “first-line defence”. If the vaccines themselves are not the defence, how will an app on a phone provide immune protection?

Dissenters from the official narrative have watched with disbelief the mass hysteria over a virus from which 99.85% of the population recover (most suffering only mild symptoms) and for which the average age of the person unfortunate enough to die from is around 82 years old. The violently disproportionate government response to it, the media censorship and propaganda employed to ram home the official narrative and, the proposed introduction of a biometric ID system granting access to society based on medical status, are all signposts to a totalitarian dystopia.

Voluntary informed consent to medical treatment is a fundamental human right that was recognised and codified into law to prevent a repeat of grave abuses committed by the Nazis during World War II. For those who seek to question the safety profile of the Covid vaccines and value their bodily autonomy, it is obvious that this human right is being obliterated. My body, my choice? Not when it concerns injections of Big Pharma’s latest offerings.

The power of totalitarianism to take root and flourish lies in its ability to delude the vast majority of people into thinking it is a necessary, even healthy, state of affairs. It is a cruel seduction, rather than a sudden imposition. It wouldn’t work otherwise. The Covid crisis has paved the way for a series of delusions, fuelled by fear, confusion, panic and anxiety, inducing what can only be termed a mass psychosis in which citizens en masse are prepared to accept a loss of freedom that would never be entertained under normal circumstances. 

So here I am, barely a minute into the piece, getting off on the wrong foot by saying, “You’ve been had. You’re detached from reality.” But how else are we to explain the impending submission of the citizens of a liberal democracy to forced medical treatment (which won’t stop there) in exchange for basic freedoms that only 18 months ago were treated in the same unconscious manner as the air we breathe? 

It’s a stunning coup, and for those professing not to understand what the fuss is all about, let’s be clear – this is a massive rupture in the fabric of the nation. I’d like to suggest that the main reason you can’t see this is that it doesn’t feel like you’re being forced to do anything if having a vaccine is something you intended to do anyway. If so, then with all due respect, I think you’re missing the point. The point being – are we free to choose? The debate about enforced medical treatment to keep your job is not just something on which we can agree to disagree. You’re either on the right or wrong side of history on this. Period.

How we got here

The erosion of individual human rights and removal of basic freedoms is typically predicated on a crisis in which a state of maximum threat is induced to produce a torrent of the negative emotions of fear and anxiety in the population. This prolonged state of heightened fear and anxiety is unsustainable for our mental and physical health, and relief has become imperative even if it means detaching from reality and agreeing to measures that don’t make sense in addressing the perceived threat.

When we are unable to think calmly and rationally, it is all too easy for delusions to take hold in the scramble to make sense of confusing and fast-moving events. After successive waves of fear, people are now only too happy to strike a bargain with the government they have entrusted with managing the crisis, even if the bargain is a sham.

The totalitarian threat, unlike the virus threat, is not vastly exaggerated. We really are in the grip of a collective psychosis in which freedom, reason and common decency are being severely eroded. We are now transitioning from the terror phase in which the media and the government fuelled a pervasive atmosphere of fear, falsely projecting the coronavirus as an apocalyptic threat, into the totalitarian grand bargain phase. A deal is being presented in which freedom must be handed over in return for the false promise of a return to normality.

Having rolled out its miracle cure of the vaccine, the government is hell bent on locking in vaccine passports and yet also indifferent to the fact that the vaccines do not prevent infection and transmission. The clue to understanding this indifference lies in the fact that the vaccine passport in and of itself was always the government’s primary goal. But one group in particular is a barrier to that goal. That group is The Unvaccinated and they are now being maliciously projected onto society as the new threat.

The fly in the ointment of the government’s passport plan is dissent, enough of which would see the deal off. The most cynical (and therefore predictable) way for the government to squash this dissent is to let the crowd do it, with the government playing the role of a Pontius Pilate. It is highly likely that another crisis point will serve as an opportunity to present vaccine passports, our passports to slavery, as the only way out. The public or its proxies will then give the thumbs up or down to the execution of freedom.

Society is in grave danger of turning on itself, urged on by the media and the government. With the government setting its sights on a biomedical security state, it’s hardly surprising that the dissenters are the ones who refuse to shut up and take their medicine – literally. People raising valid questions about the vaccines are being silenced and demonised because their narrative threatens the biomedical security state which depends on maximal and unquestioning take-up of the vaccines.

Whatever delusions have taken hold to provide facile explanations of the crisis and the measures employed to manage it, whatever devices are used to maximise control over the population, they are all underpinned by the control of information through censorship and propaganda. Truth is more powerful than the fictions peddled by our aspiring totalitarian rulers, and their success is contingent on their ability to censor the free flow of information. 

Censorship is in fact now normal and Big Tech is forming censorship alliances across all media. Scientific debate, which is how science moves forward, is being stifled as the censorship is focussed primarily on medical content – controlling medical information is obviously a prerequisite for running a successful biosecurity state. The very people you elected to protect democracy – here in the UK, in the US and in the EU – are dismantling it. Doctors are being muzzled and the mainstream media have been actively supressing the other side of the story. If you think that this will get better in a society which punishes people for making a personal medical choice, then you are only adding to the stock of delusions already constructed.

What we stand to lose

The totalitarianism on the horizon is nothing short of a sick transformation of society that will see a ruling elite deified through the granting of excessive power while we are infantilised into obeying whatever decrees are issued regardless of their intrusiveness or impact on personal liberty. The ultimate delusion is that security and a peaceful life will ensue from the surrender of power and freedom to the government. The linked video sums up the true nature of the totalitarian bargain:

“The order of a totalitarian world is a pathological order. Insisting on strict conformity and blind obedience to the system, totalitarianism rids the world of the spontaneity that produces many of life’s joys and the creativity that drives societies forward. Stagnation, destruction and death on a mass scale are the consequences”. 

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, this is the stark warning from a group of Christian leaders about what we are about to embrace:

“this scheme [vaccine passports] would be the thin end of the wedge leading to a permanent state of affairs in which COVID vaccine status could be expanded to encompass other forms of medical treatment and perhaps even other criteria beyond that. This scheme has the potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it and to create a surveillance state in which the government uses technology to control certain aspects of citizens’ lives. As such, this constitutes one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics.” [bold emphasis added]

 They are right, not because they are Christian leaders (there are plenty of Christian fascists out there), but because they are demonstrating spiritual leadership in recognising and calling out the threat to us all. 

We are at the point now where the government has taken a decisive step towards the biosecurity state. Not only is the promise of a return to a safer world a false one, but it will come with a heavy price tag. We are being asked to relinquish control over the final frontier of human freedom – our own bodies. We are being asked to give up basic freedoms and forego our capacity to be self-reliant individuals responsible for our own lives, bodies and health, in order to become submissive and obedient subjects.

Yet many of those who regard these vaccines as an essential lifesaving intervention are allowing their view to cloud the fact that we are not being given a free choice in the matter. If we cannot freely reject government and Big Pharma supplied medical treatment without fear of punishment, then we are not free. Everything about our democracy and our so-called ‘free society’ is being exposed as a complete sham.

How can I persuade you?

So how should one attempt to puncture a hole in the delusions that are feeding the mass psychosis? Political science, also known as ‘following The Science’, is a major but by no means the only, contributor to the mess we’re in. So, do we start with science? Pursuing truth with uncorrupted science is vital to setting the record straight but I want to approach the debate by exploring two other avenues.  

1. Can you smell a rat?

If the official narrative is starting to crumble, it is because people smell a rat and not because the road to Damascus is paved with 25 peer reviewed science papers. In part II I will try to demonstrate that the people behind the wheel – the senior public health experts and government ministers – don’t believe in any of the pillars of their propaganda. They’ve said as much, and their admissions are hidden in plain sight if you are prepared to inhabit an information universe outside the mainstream media.

2. Moral compass – placing values above science

In Part III, I will outline why vaccine passports deserve only moral revulsion. With no health benefits to offer, they guarantee loss of freedom, medical apartheid and scapegoating with all the horrors that accompany it. Here is a painful glimpse into our future. Societies are being torn up right now in the name of medical discrimination. Ultimately how we choose to live as a society is not about science and data. It’s about values like trust, compassion, freedom, and love. Science must never supersede these values. It must serve them. An assault on these values is an assault on humanity itself. At stake right now are the very morals and values that many of us thought were the bedrock of our free societies and which we had taken for granted. We can fix science if it breaks but who will fix us if we break humanity? 

3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Those Not Yet Opposed to Vaccine Passports, Part 1: Totalitarianism here we come!

  1. You guys are sounding the warning calls that I hope are not too late. While I do not share your political persuasion, I am extremely thankful for what you are doing to raise the alarm.

  2. Thank you for your brilliant articulation. I want to share it far and wide, and yet I see people around me too hypnotized and not at ALL interested in questioning their propaganda-inspired beliefs.

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