Another Right-wing Conspiracy Theory; or, How the Left Was Won Over

10 thoughts on “Another Right-wing Conspiracy Theory; or, How the Left Was Won Over

  1. absolutely brilliant, amazingly intricate and clear analysis of the infested swamp of left/right politics during the last horribleyears.
    Congratulations Simon Elmer for keeping sane amongst the madness and resisting all attempts to force us to collaborate with our own downfall.
    Such an important article and so glad to know not everyone was fooled.

    Jenny James, English, living in Colombia, S.America

  2. Not bad an article to overview the worldwide agenda and situation. From this point of view a great deal of praise for SE:
    Unfortunately, SE does not evince a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of health and disease: There never has been (never will be) any form of a ‘virus’. Contagion (like e.g., with ‘viruses’) does not work in nature like mainstream wants to make us believe and how it is being taught in Medical School. This is essential understanding in order to prevent a repeat of the covid orchestration in the future.
    Another point which would benefit from some more detail is the question of the role of China in this worldwide regime: What exactly motivated China to collaborate with the globalist leaders? What motivated the Chinsese governemt decades ago to work together with criminals like Fauci (in Wuhan)? How is it possilbe that the Chinese equivalent of the US-American CDC is called ‘Chinese CDC’? How is this possible in 2 countires which could hardly differ more on most other aspects of politics and cultrue? (Even in UK we would find it strange if UK-institutions were named after US-ounterpart.) I am afraid I have to point out that not only have facilites in China effectively been taken over by Western ideology (like e.g. with the ‘Wuhan-lab’) but also the Chinese day-to-day medicine provistions have failed the serve the best interest of the Chinese population. Incontrovertible numbers of civilisation diseases and its trajectory show into the wrong direction (e.g. diabetes, obesity, myopia, etc).
    There can be no doubt that the Chinese government has collaborated with Globalists criminals, to what extent it has been tricked, is open to debate.
    Throwing out US-influence in China would sound like a good idea for the Chinese government.But how many infiltrators are there in the Chinese government?

    1. I’m not quite sure that the ‘viruses don’t exist” argument is going “to prevent a repeat of the covid orchestration in the future”. I’m not rejecting the argument by any means but while we face of the most monstrous tyranny the world has ever seen, I wonder how useful it is to hammer it home on every possible platform. It is after all a divisive issue, just like right-left divide in the present context, which has severely weakened us.

      Some vital points you have raised about China. In case you haven’t read this article (a few months old) you may find some answers:

  3. Simon Elmer has been a voice of sanity from the beginning of this campaign of ‘shock and awe’. Unbelievable amounts of people rendered compliant, have become enablers of tyrannical diktats. Those who call themselves ‘anti-capitalists’ listen to the likes of Gates. Greens who insist we inject our bodies with chemicals that they would not put on their gardens. Ecologists who have not spoken out about the stupendous amount of plastic PPE and test kits now in circulation. Anti-poverty campaigners silent about the costs of lockdown. The list is exhaustive…….
    I am thankful for this site and the articulate contributors who have put their heads above the parapet. I continue to forward links to those who are questioning the past in the hope that there are more of us to resist in the future.

  4. This “mostly urban and overwhelmingly middle-class Left” are (and for some time have been) well in control of the only Left-wing print daily, The Morning Star. Never slow to hold up China as the ideal model for the Left in the West, this Metropolitan Commie Elite, in signalling all the expected “virtues” on lockdowns, vaccines, social justice, climate change, trans ideology, etc, reveal the MS to be a purely controlled opposition with little in reality to distance it from the pearl-clutching of the Starmer-ist Labour party (apart from on support for NATO).

    Only last Thursday their contributor John White, in an article on (who else?) Donald Trump, casually trotted out the received wisdom once again that “conspiracy theory” and “right-wing populism” are “interchangeable entities”. Their contempt for the intelligence of the working classes drips from virtually every page even whiile the Communist Party of Britain’s membership hovers resolutely around the 1500 mark!

  5. They aren’t left wing, they aren’t right wing, they are just evil. We are not going to get anywhere I fear if we continue to think of this argument being about left and right wing extremism. Alike with racism, extreme left and extreme right meet, join hands, share the same goals and objectives. We are deaing with the extremes and referring to it as communism, corporatism or whatever is really not helpful.

    We need to join together regardless of our prior political colours because when you are not based on the extremes, essentially you just want to achieve what is best for humans but differ about how to achieve that. Now what we need is cohesion amongst those of us who can see what is happening and an agreed way forward to defeat those pushing these deadly experiments (covid, net zero, digital currencies etc) and whether they are right or left and whether each of us was traditionally right or left is not important. Securing liberty, ensuring a new modern slavery does not emerge etc is what is important even if we don’t agree with the finer details of how. Lets face it, how many of us agreed 100% with all of the policies and soundbites of the political parties we previously followed?

  6. Thank you for this. Plenty to say with regard to the content, but right now just a small technical note – I humbly suggest publishing these worthwhile essays also outside the confines of this site, so that it reaches a wider audience than the small amount who would visit this site. I suggest considering substack and/or Ghost or other such platforms. Thank you for all you do 🙏

  7. Great article from Simon Elmer, as usual.

    “Left” in common media parlance is indistinguishable from wokery, which Elmer has most convincingly argued is fascist in his excellent book The Road to Fascism. To the woke, if you’re not all in with their “theory,” if you don’t believe they have the answer to world peace and every other problem on earth, you’re a bigot in every sense of the word, and, of course, a right-wing fascist.

    Those who’ve been watching the profoundly totalitarian and murderous Covid mandates that this “Left” has embraced realize something very disturbing: most all leftist icons and their followers have lost their grip on reality. Supposed Marxists have ceased to take facts and rationality into account, while right-libertarians and conservatives, to a much larger degree, have not. And why? Elmer is unfortunately correct: most of those who identify as “Left” would rather do anything, even greatly endanger their own children, than to be called a right-wing conspiracy theorist. Those who identify as right don’t have that problem.

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