Another Right-wing Conspiracy Theory; or, How the Left Was Won Over

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I’ll start with a question. Why is it that in the UK, which initially implemented the regulations and programmes of biosecurity under the most right-wing Government in living memory — a cabinet of crooks led by the serial liar, Boris Johnson — the accusation made against anyone who questions the official justifications for our unquestioning obedience to its decrees continues to be that you are a ‘Right-wing conspiracy theorist’? Previously, when a Western government and its media wanted to dismiss or delegitimise criticism of its actions, it did so by calling those who questioned its authority ‘Loony Lefties’ (in the UK) or ‘Commies’ (in the USA). This time, however, the loonies are officially ‘Right-wing’.

It’s equally true, of course, that the Western governments that enforced or voted for mandatory masking, lockdown restrictions and gene therapy with the greatest zealotry and enforced them with the most brutal violence — and are now pushing hardest for the implementation of a system of Digital Identity, the World Economic Forum’s 15-minute cities, the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty and Central Bank Digital Currencies — have identified themselves to their electorates as either Left-wing or on the Left of Social Democratic or Liberal parties. These include the governments of Justin Trudeau in Canada, formerly of Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand, of Pedro Sánchez in Spain, António Costa in Portugal, Sanna Marin in Finland and now Lula in Brazil. But they also include opposition parties, such as the Labour Party of Keir Starmer in the UK, where the Labour-aligned trades unions also supported the lockdown of businesses and enforcement of ‘vaccine’ mandates for the workers whose rights they were elected to defend.

In doing so, the Left didn’t hesitate to align itself with the Right-wing and anti-working-class governments of first Boris Johnson and now the globalist puppet Rishi Sunak in the UK; with the police state of Emmanuel Macron in France; of Giuseppe Conte, the first Western leader to impose lockdown restrictions, and then the former EU banker and architect of austerity, Mario Draghi, in Italy; of Sebastian Kurz and then Karl Nehammer, who made gene therapy compulsory for all adults in Austria; and of Viktor Orbán, who used the ‘pandemic’ to pass a Coronavirus Act which, much like that in the UK, enabled him to rule by decree in Hungary. Perhaps never before in the history of Europe since the division of our parliaments into Left and Right has there been such unanimity of purpose among our governments, such hegemony in our legislatures, and such violent suppression of opposed positions in our judiciaries and media.

All these governments, officially on both the Right and the Left of the almost closed Overton window of Western politics, together with nominally Liberal and Conservative governments in Germany, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece, continue to describe those who oppose the regulations and programmes of biosecurity as ‘Right-wing conspiracy theorists’. And this accusation isn’t limited to governments and media aligned as never before across the political spectrum of the West, but is also made by transnational technocracies aspiring to form a World Government, including the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. Why?

One of the consequences of this political hegemony between the nominally politically differentiated nation states implementing the Global Biosecurity State in the West is that those opposed to its authoritarianism and creeping totalitarianism from a broadly libertarian standpoint have described it as a form of ‘communism’ modelled on, if not actually instigated by, the People’s Republic of China. We know that, in the UK, the lockdown of the population and businesses for the best part of two years, first tested with unexpected compliance in Italy, was explicitly modelled on that imposed in China by the Government of Xi Jinping. However, not only does this commonly repeated accusation of a ‘communist coup’ fail to explain the second Global Financial Crisis that began in September 2019 and is driving this revolution in Western capitalism from behind the cloak of various manufactured ‘crises’, but it also allows its architects and ideologues to dismiss such a description of the Global Biosecurity State — with some accuracy — as a ‘Right-wing conspiracy theory’.

If you believe, as many libertarians appear to, that Bill Gates (the founder of Microsoft, global investor in vaccines and now agricultural land, and the world’s most influential authority on health and climate change), Larry Fink (the CEO of BlackRock, whose $10 trillion of assets gives it something like state authority over the 500 largest companies on the US stock exchange, and which is currently ‘co-ordinating’ the $175 billion the West has invested in the Ukraine), Jerome Powell (Chair of the US Federal Reserve, which since September 2019 has pumped over $11 trillion into the collapsing financial sector), Klaus Schwab (Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum that for years has worked to replace the democratic model of the nation state with a technocratic form of governance founded on ‘stakeholder capitalism’), Augustín Carstens (General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements and the architect of Central Bank Digital Currency programmed with restrictions and limits on expenditure contingent on our biosecurity status, individual carbon footprint and social compliance), Tedros Adhanom (Director General of the World Health Organization responsible for the Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response Treaty that will impose biosecurity restrictions on formerly sovereign states outside of any democratic process), Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission and promoter of mandatory gene therapies and Digital Identity, who threatens economic sanctions against democratically elected governments), and the leaders of the G7 nations are all covert communists in a secret alliance with Xi Jinping — then you probably deserve the accusation of ‘Right-wing conspiracy theorist’.

However, beyond exposing the political naivety of libertarians, a far more important function of this accusation is its effect not only on Left-wing political parties but also on that wide diaspora of political organisations, unions, pressure groups and protesters that now constitute the Left.

We should recall that the Left is a position, taken by parliamentary parties in opposition to rivals in order to further their ambition to form a government. It is not a description of political principles. It began 230 years ago with the French Revolution, which was bourgeois, not socialist. There wasn’t then, and there hasn’t been since, anything inherently socialist in the Left. On the contrary, today the Left is Starmer, Trudeau, Marin, Lula. It is authoritarian, globalist, Zionist, environmentally fundamentalist, woke, trans, pro-capitalist, obedient to the World Economic Forum, to the World Health Organization, to the European Commission, to the United Nations, to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and to the United States of America — any opposition to which it denounces as ‘anti-Americanism’ with the same unquestioning obedience that it denounces any criticism of the apartheid State of Israel as ‘anti-Semitism’. Above all, the Left is at the forefront of enforcing the technologies and programmes of the Global Biosecurity State. That’s the ‘position’ of the Left.

And while it occasionally identifies to varying degrees as ‘socialist’ when it suits it — and particularly when there’s a chance to enact rituals of protest that had political mass in the Nineteenth Century but were already spectacles of democracy in the Twentieth Century — the Left in the Twenty-first Century is far more tightly unified by unquestionable values and ideas that are implicitly and sometimes explicitly opposed to the emancipatory principles of socialism. These include multiculturalism, political correctness, the orthodoxies of woke ideology and now so-called ‘trans-rights’, and above all by the radical conservatism of identity politics.

It is the unquestioned self-identification of large swathes of the Western middle-classes as ‘Left-wing’ that is the target of the cross-party accusation that anyone who questions the veracity of the various crises by which we are threatened — whether that’s the coronavirus crisis, the environmental crisis, the energy crisis, the cost-of-living crisis or the geopolitical crisis — or opposes the regulations and programmes whose enforcement these crises are used to justify, is denounced and dismissed as a ‘Right-wing conspiracy theorist’.

Whoever the architects of these manufactured crises were — and by now we know most of their names and all of their organisations — they accurately judged that those who identify as ‘Left-wing’ would rather inject their children with experimental gene therapies when ordered by their governments to do so, abandon their parents to die alone in hospitals and care homes, allow their jobs, businesses and standard of living to be destroyed by two years of lockdown and unprecedented levels of quantitative easing, watch passively as the social contract of the West built on human rights, democratic accountability and national sovereignty is torn up and discarded by unelected technocrats and bankers, and collaborate willingly in its replacement by the digital infrastructure of the new totalitarianism — than be called ‘Right-wing’. Anything has proven to be preferable to that. Because without that imaginary identity, the multi-cultural, politically-correct, woke-obedient, biosecurity-compliant populations of the West would be forced to confront the bad faith in which they live their increasingly illusory relation to finance capitalism.

As I write this article in March 2023, the UK is experiencing industrial action by the rail transport workers, London Underground workers, postal workers, junior doctors, nurses, ambulance staff, firefighters, civil servants, university staff and teachers. The extent of their demands, however, is better pay and, by some unions, calls for more secure conditions of employment. Since coronavirus-justified restrictions on our human rights and civil liberties were largely revoked in March 2022, more workings days were lost to strike action in 2022 than at any time since 1989. Yet, not one of these unions went on strike in March 2020 when illegal lockdown restrictions were imposed on the mass of UK workers, nor when face masks were made mandatory for those still working or returning to work that summer, nor when gene therapy was made a condition of continued employment first for care workers and then for medical professionals in 2022. The thousands of nurses and junior doctors who joined the street protests against ‘vaccine’ passports and mandatory gene therapy in London in January 2022, as soon as the mandates were suspended for them went back to injecting the experimental gene therapies they had refused into British children as young as 6 months old.

Today, not a single union leader or public figure on the Left has used the strikes and the media attention it has brought them to inform UK workers about the dangers of the UK ‘vaccination’ programme, or of the future uses of the Government’s system of Digital Identity, or of the threat to national sovereignty of the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty, or about the implementation of 15-minute cities in accordance with the United Nation’s Agenda 2030, or about the future threat of the Bank of England’s Central Bank Digital Currency. The implications of these programmes, technologies, treaties and agendas for the UK public have not been discussed in Parliament or reported in the media, and the British public is largely unaware of their implementation or consequences for us.

Even beyond its willing collaboration with the Global Biosecurity State, the Left’s analysis of the power of government and state, like its outmoded model of industrial action and street protest, has absolutely no purchase on the new biopolitical paradigm of our governance. Indeed, the noise the Left generates in the media, like the noise generated by its activists and fellow travellers on its carefully curated demonstrations, serve one purpose: to drown out the imminence of the enforcement of the technologies of our governance by international technocracies whose very existence, let alone influence, the Left dismisses as ‘conspiracy theories’.

This mostly urban and overwhelmingly middle-class Left has emerged from the ‘pandemic’ as the ideal citizen of the Global Biosecurity State: permanently and willingly masked; tracked and told what to do by their own smart phones; ready to pay for and download the next app for their surveillance, monitoring and control; tested regularly and at their own expense to establish their biosecurity status; injected as often and with whatever they’re told to by international pharmaceutical companies; compliant with whatever regulations their national government imposes; happy to have their carbon footprint and record of social compliance uploaded into a system of Digital Identity; eager to open their Central Bank Digital Currency wallet; ready, at the twitch of a thread, to take to the streets to celebrate the Zelenskyy-puppet as a hero of democracy even as he submits the economy, resources and workers of the Ukraine to the Washington Consensus; but snug, too, in their fifteen-minute cities; doing their bit to ‘save the planet’. Obedient. This Woke Left, which is a product of forty years of neoliberalism not only in our economy but in our politics, our media, our education industry and our culture industry, today constitutes a homogeneous force of compliance across the biosecurity states of the West. Its ideologues sit in our Parliaments, direct our media, curate our culture, run our universities, indoctrinate our children.

And it is they that were targeted, made compliant and quickly turned into willing collaborators with the Global Biosecurity State by the simple threat to their imaginary identity represented by the accusation of being a ‘Right-wing conspiracy theorist’. Traditionally — at least in its own perception — it has been from the Left that the defence of human rights, opposition to the privatisation of public services, resistance to corporate capture of government and criticism of corruption by global capital have come. All that has been reversed with the threat of an insult.

As a demonstration on the grandest scale of how identity politics works in practice, the mass compliance of the Left with the implementation of the infrastructure of the Global Biosecurity State will take some beating. With this threat, the globalists who run the United Nations, the European Commission, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization and the Group of Seven nations disarmed, at a single stroke, the political parties, trades unions and civil institutions in which opposition to the Great Reset might have formed in Western nations.

What the three years of cowardice and collaboration since March 2020 have demonstrated, and that more decisively than any event in recent history, is that the residual and increasingly blurred division of our politics into Left and Right no longer has any descriptive purchase on the new paradigm of governance by which we are ruled today — except insofar as it promotes compliance with its implementation and divides opposition to the totalitarian future that is so nearly our present. More importantly, the Left offers neither a critique of the Global Biosecurity State nor a model for overthrowing or even resisting the new totalitarianism with which it is complicit. Any such resistance must begin — already has begun — from a place outside this parliamentary position, which serves only to divide us. But who are we?

Simon Elmer is the author of two new volumes of articles on the UK biosecurity state, Virtue and Terror and The New Normal, which are available in hardback, paperback and as an ebook. Please click on these links for the contents pages, introduction and purchase options.

10 thoughts on “Another Right-wing Conspiracy Theory; or, How the Left Was Won Over

  1. absolutely brilliant, amazingly intricate and clear analysis of the infested swamp of left/right politics during the last horribleyears.
    Congratulations Simon Elmer for keeping sane amongst the madness and resisting all attempts to force us to collaborate with our own downfall.
    Such an important article and so glad to know not everyone was fooled.

    Jenny James, English, living in Colombia, S.America

  2. Not bad an article to overview the worldwide agenda and situation. From this point of view a great deal of praise for SE:
    Unfortunately, SE does not evince a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of health and disease: There never has been (never will be) any form of a ‘virus’. Contagion (like e.g., with ‘viruses’) does not work in nature like mainstream wants to make us believe and how it is being taught in Medical School. This is essential understanding in order to prevent a repeat of the covid orchestration in the future.
    Another point which would benefit from some more detail is the question of the role of China in this worldwide regime: What exactly motivated China to collaborate with the globalist leaders? What motivated the Chinsese governemt decades ago to work together with criminals like Fauci (in Wuhan)? How is it possilbe that the Chinese equivalent of the US-American CDC is called ‘Chinese CDC’? How is this possible in 2 countires which could hardly differ more on most other aspects of politics and cultrue? (Even in UK we would find it strange if UK-institutions were named after US-ounterpart.) I am afraid I have to point out that not only have facilites in China effectively been taken over by Western ideology (like e.g. with the ‘Wuhan-lab’) but also the Chinese day-to-day medicine provistions have failed the serve the best interest of the Chinese population. Incontrovertible numbers of civilisation diseases and its trajectory show into the wrong direction (e.g. diabetes, obesity, myopia, etc).
    There can be no doubt that the Chinese government has collaborated with Globalists criminals, to what extent it has been tricked, is open to debate.
    Throwing out US-influence in China would sound like a good idea for the Chinese government.But how many infiltrators are there in the Chinese government?

    1. I’m not quite sure that the ‘viruses don’t exist” argument is going “to prevent a repeat of the covid orchestration in the future”. I’m not rejecting the argument by any means but while we face of the most monstrous tyranny the world has ever seen, I wonder how useful it is to hammer it home on every possible platform. It is after all a divisive issue, just like right-left divide in the present context, which has severely weakened us.

      Some vital points you have raised about China. In case you haven’t read this article (a few months old) you may find some answers:

  3. Simon Elmer has been a voice of sanity from the beginning of this campaign of ‘shock and awe’. Unbelievable amounts of people rendered compliant, have become enablers of tyrannical diktats. Those who call themselves ‘anti-capitalists’ listen to the likes of Gates. Greens who insist we inject our bodies with chemicals that they would not put on their gardens. Ecologists who have not spoken out about the stupendous amount of plastic PPE and test kits now in circulation. Anti-poverty campaigners silent about the costs of lockdown. The list is exhaustive…….
    I am thankful for this site and the articulate contributors who have put their heads above the parapet. I continue to forward links to those who are questioning the past in the hope that there are more of us to resist in the future.

  4. This “mostly urban and overwhelmingly middle-class Left” are (and for some time have been) well in control of the only Left-wing print daily, The Morning Star. Never slow to hold up China as the ideal model for the Left in the West, this Metropolitan Commie Elite, in signalling all the expected “virtues” on lockdowns, vaccines, social justice, climate change, trans ideology, etc, reveal the MS to be a purely controlled opposition with little in reality to distance it from the pearl-clutching of the Starmer-ist Labour party (apart from on support for NATO).

    Only last Thursday their contributor John White, in an article on (who else?) Donald Trump, casually trotted out the received wisdom once again that “conspiracy theory” and “right-wing populism” are “interchangeable entities”. Their contempt for the intelligence of the working classes drips from virtually every page even whiile the Communist Party of Britain’s membership hovers resolutely around the 1500 mark!

  5. They aren’t left wing, they aren’t right wing, they are just evil. We are not going to get anywhere I fear if we continue to think of this argument being about left and right wing extremism. Alike with racism, extreme left and extreme right meet, join hands, share the same goals and objectives. We are deaing with the extremes and referring to it as communism, corporatism or whatever is really not helpful.

    We need to join together regardless of our prior political colours because when you are not based on the extremes, essentially you just want to achieve what is best for humans but differ about how to achieve that. Now what we need is cohesion amongst those of us who can see what is happening and an agreed way forward to defeat those pushing these deadly experiments (covid, net zero, digital currencies etc) and whether they are right or left and whether each of us was traditionally right or left is not important. Securing liberty, ensuring a new modern slavery does not emerge etc is what is important even if we don’t agree with the finer details of how. Lets face it, how many of us agreed 100% with all of the policies and soundbites of the political parties we previously followed?

  6. Thank you for this. Plenty to say with regard to the content, but right now just a small technical note – I humbly suggest publishing these worthwhile essays also outside the confines of this site, so that it reaches a wider audience than the small amount who would visit this site. I suggest considering substack and/or Ghost or other such platforms. Thank you for all you do 🙏

  7. Great article from Simon Elmer, as usual.

    “Left” in common media parlance is indistinguishable from wokery, which Elmer has most convincingly argued is fascist in his excellent book The Road to Fascism. To the woke, if you’re not all in with their “theory,” if you don’t believe they have the answer to world peace and every other problem on earth, you’re a bigot in every sense of the word, and, of course, a right-wing fascist.

    Those who’ve been watching the profoundly totalitarian and murderous Covid mandates that this “Left” has embraced realize something very disturbing: most all leftist icons and their followers have lost their grip on reality. Supposed Marxists have ceased to take facts and rationality into account, while right-libertarians and conservatives, to a much larger degree, have not. And why? Elmer is unfortunately correct: most of those who identify as “Left” would rather do anything, even greatly endanger their own children, than to be called a right-wing conspiracy theorist. Those who identify as right don’t have that problem.

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